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General Information

  • Age 20 years
  • Date of Birth 3rd November 2000
  • Had previous paid employment within the equine industry? Locked
  • Preferred Countries United Kingdom
  • County/State/Region Cheshire, UK, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Job Category Full Time, Part Time, Permanent
  • Earliest start date 5th January 2021
  • Freelance: Business Name Locked
  • Freelance: Hourly Rate Locked
  • Freelance: are you insured? Locked
  • Notice period None
  • Best time to call Locked
  • Working Couples: Partner's profile reference number Locked
  • Live in or out Live in, Live out
  • Co-habiting? Locked
  • Full Postcode if live out (Private) Locked
  • Expected Job Level Apprentice, Trainee, Groom, Groom/Rider, Rider, Part of a Team, Home Groom
  • Animals to bring to a job Locked
  • Describe the animal/s you HAVE to bring to the job (if applicable) Locked
  • Can drive Car
  • Own car? Car
  • Height 5’0” / 152cm
  • Approximate weight 8st / 50.8kg / 112lb
  • Total years experience with horses Locked
  • Previous paid/work experience Locked
  • Future disciplines Dressage, Eventing, Family Yard, Foaling, Hunting, Livery, Polo, Racing Flat, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Riding School, Sales, Show Jumping
  • Riding Role? Locked
  • Nationality British
  • Languages spoken Locked
  • Qualifications Locked
  • Equine Skills Bandage, Exercise/Hack Out, Long Rein, Lunging, Muck Out, Pull Mane/Tail, Ride, Sales Preparation, School, Stallion Handling, Trim, Work with children, Young Stock Handler
  • Non-Equine Skills Locked
  • Longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • 2nd longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • Upload your CV Locked
  • Current passport? Locked
  • DBS (formerly CRB) or equivalent Locked
  • Smoker? Locked
  • Video URL Locked
  • Image Uploads Locked

Experience with Horses

 Gained invaluable experience working in equestrian, especially with such a highly respected company.

 Working with riders allowed me to master excellent communication skills and by working in the lessons I spent a lot of time one on one with students which meant being incredibly understanding and building an instant rapport with the student.

 I learnt how to deal with difficult situations and how to solve problems by thinking fast on my feet.

 I was often put in charge of helping the lessons run smoothly during the time I have worked there, and this taught me leadership and rationality as running a team successfully ensuring everybody is in order is never an easy job in pressured environments.

 Through training to work with riders in the lessons, I know many different types of people and the way different people can act in different or challenging situations. I find this training was important as it taught me how to connect with customers and how to ensure there time was well spent with me, leaving the riders satisfied with not only their lessons but also the service they experienced.

 I also spent a lot of time with the horses and that taught me how to be a responsible person and how it felt to be relied on, how to get done what needed doing, and how to ensure the animals had everything they needed in a very short time. This would include feeding the horses and mucking out and even grooming the horses. Customers complimented my service in the lessons and with the horses as I kept my bubbly personality noticeable.

 In conclusion working at John Shaw’s increased my confidence and made my problem solving abilities much more efficient in difficult and different situations and taught me how to be a people person, giving me skills I will use in the future.



Key Skills

I am usually praised for my speed while mucking out, although i am quick i am always sure that the horse has a presentable, comfortable bed. I can pull manes and tails if they need a tidy up i wouldn’t exactly say i am capable of a ‘restyle’. I can work efficiently on my own or as part of a team. I have also recently started handling my friends foal and I’m used to riding young and forward horses confidently in the school and out hacking. I am also confident bringing in and turning out horses in the field. I am also a friendly and sociable person who is  approachable so will get on with other staff and liveries easily.



Strengths and Weaknesses

  • What do you most enjoy about working with horses? I enjoy working with horses because it is a rewarding job that is full of love and team work, especially seeing youngsters improve and become their own character.


  • Is there anything you’d like to improve? i would like to improve my grooming skills so i could one day groom for show jumpers as well as being a stable hand.


  • Why should employers consider you above any other job seeker? I think they should consider me over others because i am a hard and confident worker. i am also a fast learner and go above and beyond to impress. Horses are my true passion and therefore i will always be willing and exciting to work.



  • What would you like to do or gain in your next job? In my next job i would like to gain even more knowledge than i already have to take me higher in the horse world and a possibility of loaning my own horse while there would be a bonus.


  • Do you need accommodation? Accommodation would depend on the location of the job.


  • Do you have any special requirements for any animals you wish to bring with you? I will not be bringing any animals with me as i would not like to unsettle my cat.


  • Do you have any ongoing commitments? no


  • Do you have any holidays booked that an employer needs to know of? No



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