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General Information

  • Age 26 years
  • Date of Birth 17th August 1994
  • Had previous paid employment within the equine industry? Locked
  • Preferred Countries United Kingdom
  • County/State/Region Anywhere
  • Job Category Full Time
  • Earliest start date 8th February 2020
  • Freelance: Business Name Locked
  • Freelance: Hourly Rate Locked
  • Freelance: are you insured? Locked
  • Notice period 1 week
  • Best time to call Locked
  • Working Couples: Partner's profile reference number Locked
  • Live in or out Live in
  • Co-habiting? Locked
  • Full Postcode if live out (Private) Locked
  • Expected Job Level Groom, Groom/Rider, Rider, Competition Groom, Stud Groom
  • Animals to bring to a job Locked
  • Describe the animal/s you HAVE to bring to the job (if applicable) Locked
  • Can drive Car
  • Own car? Car
  • Height 5’9” / 175cm
  • Approximate weight 10st / 63.5kg / 140lb
  • Total years experience with horses Locked
  • Previous paid/work experience Locked
  • Future disciplines Dressage, Eventing, Family Yard, Hunting, Livery, P2P, Riding for the Disabled (RDA), Rehabilitation, Sales, Showing, Show Jumping, Therapeutic Riding, Training Yard/Positions, Working Hunter
  • Riding Role? Locked
  • Nationality British
  • Languages spoken Locked
  • Qualifications Locked
  • Equine Skills Back/Break, Bandage, Clip, Compete, Exercise/Hack Out, Long Rein, Lunging, Management Skills, Muck Out, Plait, Pull Mane/Tail, Ride, Rider/Trainer, Sales Preparation, School, Show Turnout, Sole charge, Stallion Handling, Supervisory Skills, Trim, Work Rider, Young Stock Handler, Young Stock Rider
  • Non-Equine Skills Locked
  • Longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • 2nd longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • Upload your CV Locked
  • Current passport? Locked
  • DBS (formerly CRB) or equivalent Locked
  • Smoker? Locked
  • Video URL Locked
  • Image Uploads Locked

Experience with Horses

Outline your experience with horses here/the scope of your freelance services.

I have a been involved with horses for 17+ years from a very young age. I began in a small riding school where my parents helped me progress and train in both riding and stable management classes. Having outgrown my lessons I went on to do voluntary work from the age of 15 until employment. During this time I worked in: riding schools assisting lessons, stable dubties and turnout; eventing yards, Trotter yards and showing yards. At the age of 18 I bought my own mare having previously had loan horses and wanting to bring on my own to eventually event. We are currently working and competing at BE80/90 having previously been successful in showing and dressage. During university I worked in customer service in order to fund my own horse so had a small break from working in the equine industry. Recently I have worked freelance doing schooling and livery services in order to bring myself back into working with horses.

I then moved onto working in the racing industry. My position as a rider allowed me to balance my work between riding (working up to full gallops) youngsters and rehabilitation groups, as well as managing specific feeds, medication, etc. We were fully trained in a huge amount of therapeutic techniques, including medical bandaging, water treadmills, electro therapies, etc. In this position I worked with stallions, youngsters, mares.

After that employment I moved onto groom work with a 4* eventer. This required sole charge of their small yard and handling fit sports horses.

Alongside these positions I also manage busy bars in the town centre. This position has made me incredibly confident in managing teams under high pressure situations.

I have overall gained two degrees in Sports Therapy and Sports and Exercise sciences with my main study being in Biomechanics. My final project worked on the Biomechanical difference between an experienced and novice dressage rider. Developing the theory on at which point a rider becomes ‘experienced’. This paper is currently in publishing. With my interests and knowledge I believe I would be a great candidate to work within rehabilitation. However, I am more than adaptable to work in any discipline.


Key Skills

What are you particularly good at? For example: working alone, working with others, clipping, plaiting, turning out for shows, handling stallions, handling/riding young horses, non-equine skills etc

I work well in either a group or alone. I’m confident and friendly so find I can work in either situations. I am a great team player but can also lead and step up when needed. I am quick thinking and intuitive with a calm head on my shoulders so find I can work well with anyone.

Around horses I am extremely confident with any no matter how big or small. I have experience handling a huge variety of horses from draught horses to sports horses and hunters. I am not phased or disheartened by youngsters, stallions etc and have experienced working with them on a regular bases both in groundwork and riding. I am fully capable of clipping, plaiting and overall turnout to a very high standard. This is the same for all stable and yard jobs. I have trained numerous horses to load consistently (including my own mare), having dealt with some of the most difficult horses to get onto trailers and boxes.


Strengths and Weaknesses

  • What do you most enjoy about working with horses?

What I enjoy the most is seeing the progress throughout a horses work. Although I have had problems in the past with my mare nothing makes me prouder than knowing all my hard work and dedication has got us both to the point where I can affiliate and still feel in a competitive position. There is no job I dislike when it comes to this industry.

  • Is there anything you’d like to improve?

I am always looking to improve myself in any way. There is always someone more experienced and I am happy to take on board any criticism and feedback in my work.

  • Why should employers consider you above any other job seeker?

I am a dedicated and hard working individual. I’m extremely proud of my work so far and would love to take it further.


  • What would you like to do or gain in your next job?

In future employment I would like to gain experience in a more professional capacity. Working in a more demanding and fast paced environment.

  • Do you need accommodation?

Not necessarily.

  • Do you have any special requirements for any animals you wish to bring with you?

I would prefer my horse to come with me so I could continue to work with her along side the job.

  • Do you have any ongoing commitments?


  • Do you have any holidays booked that an employer needs to know of?



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