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General Information

  • Age 22 years
  • Date of Birth 22nd September 1998
  • Had previous paid employment within the equine industry? Locked
  • Preferred Countries United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland
  • County/State/Region Anywhere
  • Job Category Full Time, Permanent
  • Earliest start date 1st August 2020
  • Freelance: Business Name Locked
  • Freelance: Hourly Rate Locked
  • Freelance: are you insured? Locked
  • Notice period 1 weeks
  • Best time to call Locked
  • Working Couples: Partner's profile reference number Locked
  • Live in or out Live in, Live out
  • Co-habiting? Locked
  • Full Postcode if live out (Private) Locked
  • Expected Job Level Groom, Groom/Rider, Part of a Team, Sole Charge, Assistant Head Person, Head Person, Stud Groom, Stud Hand, Other
  • Animals to bring to a job Locked
  • Describe the animal/s you HAVE to bring to the job (if applicable) Locked
  • Can drive Car, Tractor
  • Own car? Car
  • Height 5’4” / 162cm
  • Approximate weight 11st / 69.9kg / 154lb
  • Total years experience with horses Locked
  • Previous paid/work experience Locked
  • Future disciplines Classical, College, Dressage, Family Yard, Foaling, Hunting, Livery, Reining, Rescue, Rehabilitation, Sales, Stud
  • Riding Role? Locked
  • Nationality British
  • Languages spoken Locked
  • Qualifications Locked
  • Equine Skills Back/Break, Bandage, Broodmares, Equine First Aid, Exercise/Hack Out, Foaling/Foal Watch, Long Rein, Lunging, Maintenance Skills, Muck Out, Plait, Pull Mane/Tail, Ride, Sales Preparation, School, Show Turnout, Sole charge, Stallion Handling, Supervisory Skills, Teach, Trim, Work with children, Young Stock Handler
  • Non-Equine Skills Locked
  • Longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
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  • Upload your CV Locked
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  • DBS (formerly CRB) or equivalent Locked
  • Smoker? Locked
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Experience with Horses

I have worked in various parts of the industry, beginning with my 3 years at Duchy College. During my 3 years I did the level technical certificate in horse care, then i did the level 3 extended diploma in equine managment and care for 2 years, here we learnt under the BHS standard and have a depth in knowledge in different areas of Equine.

I have done work experience with the Dartmoor Hunt for 2 weeks. I’ve also done 2 weeks at the Mare and Foal sanctuary in Devon where they cared for and rehabilitated rescue horses, so they can find new homes. I decided in my second year at college to persue a career in stud work and I really love racing so I did 2 weeks at  thoroughbred stud in Newmarket called Barton Stud which I  ended up with a job offer as a stud hand.

I worked at Barton stud for a year and a half working with young stock, broodmares and horses out of training, I had done a full season with breeding, yearling and foal prep and the broodmare sales. I have shown horses at Tattersals for most of my time at Barton, i also did alot of the vet work and medications. I also lived on site so I  did alot of foal watching and assisted (I did  few of my own) in most of the foalings.

In the start of the 2020 breeding season I joined Tweenhills for their breeding season and the start of their yearling prep, I have been there for almost 5 months now.

I have also worked at Bicton Arena, pole assisting and building the course route with the course builder’s, I did most of the affiliated Show jumping there during my 3 years at Duchy ( alot of the show where during holiday time)

I’ve done a bit of freelancing whilst i was living in Devon, I have taken sole charge of yards whilst owners where on holiday or if the owners couldn’t make it that day, they where mostly private yards.



Key Skills

Im very good at working alone and if I’m working in a group, I am a team player, working in Stud ends up working within a family like community  especially in a small groups I’ve worked in and it makes a lovely atmosphere where people can rely on each other.

In combination of working at Duchy with the BHS and stud, I’m very competent in basic care and needs of various horses and age groups, working with the vet I’m very good and spotting anything wrong and what treatment is needed, for example: cut, hematoma, abscesses, colic and foalings.

Im also very good in pre training young stock, working with young thorughbred colts and fillies, I find has helped me become very switched on and i enjoy the challenge of starting horses on the grounds. I love establishing ground manner i work yard in doing this so when it comes to breaking they have had a great amount of work put into them, I’ve brought on a few horses of my own, i have also rebroken horses that have been out of work for years. I am currently breaking my own horse in and 3 others that are all thoroughbreds.

I am very good at retaining large amount of tasks being spoken to me and I can get them done within the time frame needed.


Strengths and Weaknesses

• I love working mainly younger horses, when they start learning their independence during their young stages of life, and finding their personalities.

I love working on the behavioural side, when the horses start learning human body langauge, and teaching them ques and the amazing feeling when they listen to everything you ask for the first time (for example leading on their own once weaned)

• If anything I’d like to branch out a try other parts of the equine industry, i’ve worked in stud for 2 years now and I’d like to try something new.

• I absolutely love learning! And I’m alsways there, out of my comforts zone, doing new things all the time. And you will never here me say no, I will do anything asked of me.

I’m also fully qualified to use a knap sack sprayer so any weeds that need spraying i am able to do so by law. I ud the course in September 2019.




• I do love working in Stud, but i wouldn’t mind doing something different. I will work sole charge or in a team but I wouldn’t to work with a smaller team again. And somewhere where I can progress with my career.

I have had previous experience grooming and a capable riding, i was trained for my BHS stage 3, I would love to try and ride in different displines again.

I would love to try my hand in eventing or rehabilitation. I’ve been following the eventing world for a long time and would love to groom for shows. I would really like to persue a rehabilitation career and treat horses for injury, the veterinary side has been a huge intrest to me and id love to lesrn to techniques to use for therapy to bring a hoese back from injury.


• If the job was Gloucestershire or Devon i wouldn’t need accomadation however I live with my partner so if accomadation was available that would be fantastic, but we are also happy to find our own accomadation if it was a permanent position.

• I do have 2 horses and a dog, if there was the offer of livery it would be fantastic, but I’m happy to find somewhere for them if it was a permanent position.


• I have no other commitments other then doing my horses outside of work.

I also have no holidays upcoming



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