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General Information

  • Age 23 years
  • Date of Birth 27th May 1997
  • Had previous paid employment within the equine industry? Locked
  • Preferred Countries United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland
  • County/State/Region Anywhere
  • Job Category Flexible Hours, Freelance, Full Time, Part Time, Permanent, Seasonal, Working Couple
  • Earliest start date 3rd August 2020
  • Availability if Freelance/Short Term Contact me to discuss, please
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  • Notice period None
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  • Live in or out Live in, Live out
  • Co-habiting? Locked
  • Full Postcode if live out (Private) Locked
  • Expected Job Level Groom, Groom/Rider, Rider, Part of a Team, Sole Charge, Assistant Head Person, Home Groom, Competition Groom, Stud Groom, Stud Hand
  • Animals to bring to a job Locked
  • Describe the animal/s you HAVE to bring to the job (if applicable) Locked
  • Can drive Car, 3.5t
  • Own car? Car
  • Height 5’4” / 162cm
  • Approximate weight 10.5st / 66.7kg / 147lb
  • Total years experience with horses Locked
  • Previous paid/work experience Locked
  • Future disciplines Artificial Insemination (AI), Foaling, Riding for the Disabled (RDA), Rehabilitation, Show Jumping, Therapeutic Riding
  • Riding Role? Locked
  • Nationality British
  • Languages spoken Locked
  • Qualifications Locked
  • Equine Skills Bandage, Clip, Exercise/Hack Out, Long Rein, Lunging, Maintenance Skills, Management Skills, Muck Out, Pull Mane/Tail, Ride, Sales Preparation, School, Show Turnout, Sole charge, Supervisory Skills, Young Stock Handler
  • Non-Equine Skills Locked
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Isabelle Florence Baker

62 London Road, Stapleford, Cambridge, CB22 5DH

Phone: 01223 514518                                       Mobile: 07905657895

Email: issyb4@outlook.com          Date of birth: 27.05.97


I finished studying at Hills Road Sixth Form College in summer 2015 and continued onto University where I completed three years studying Animal Therapy at Writtle University College. I lived at the Writtle University College campus for my first year and I really enjoyed learning a new area and meeting new people. For the following two years I appreciated the chance to get to know two other areas of Chelmsford with my friends in different shared houses. Although the initial plan was to complete an Integrated Masters at Writtle University College, I decided to complete my post-graduate Veterinary Physiotherapy qualification part-time. I chose to do it this way so that I can continue developing handling and observation skills whilst studying for this qualification. I feel that this is a very good combination as the work and studying support each other in what I am experiencing.

After completing my degree in May of 2018, I bought my first horse, an 8 year old ex-carriage horse, and as our partnership develops, I am developing his ridden work and furthering his work over fences, we are both very much enjoying this. My horse had never jumped a fence before I had purchased him and now we are happily jumping round courses and are affiliated with the BSJA. I take pride in watching his physique and abilities change as I train him and as I am trained. I am very excited for our future together and hope to begin competing more frequently for pleasure very soon!

In September of 2018 I began my part-time Masters course in Veterinary Physiotherapy. I chose to complete this as a part-time course so that I could work alongside my study. In January of 2019 I started work as a freelance worker which has been fantastic for improving all of my equestrian skills, my time management and my knowledge of different equestrian disciplines. I am a hard-working, enthusiastic individual and I love interacting with people and engaging in new experiences. I have proven to be reliable when under pressure and I can take responsibility, adapting to new challenges and always putting in my all. I like to be part of a team, but am able to confidently work alone as well.


Springhill Stables, Dry Drayton (2008 – 2011)

Saturday morning job. I worked alongside my sister helping out with both the care and welfare of the horses, dealing with customers and general exercising, and training horses. Although physically challenging, this was wonderfully rewarding and enjoyable. Being part of a team created a fantastic environment that I felt I thrived in.


Babysitting (2011 – Current)

Occasional babysitting duties with several different families.


Clarks Shoes, Grafton Centre (2012)

2 weeks work experience as a Sales Assistant. I thoroughly enjoyed working in retail.


Whittlesford Veterinary Practice (2013)

Work experience. For a few afternoons each week I shadowed the veterinary nurses and vets – helping where possible. It was very interesting to observe the way the team worked and it helped me decide my future career choice.


Stable Hand, Scutches Yard, Whittlesford (2014)

A friend of ours ran a livery business at a yard, and when required I would complete the evening responsibilities for the horses.


The Rose, Stapleford (2013 – 2015)

Waitressing and bartending in a local Pub/Restaurant means working with regular customers in a close environment. I thoroughly enjoy working with all customers and engaging with each individual as well as working with the team.


Rayment Recruitment (October 2015 – September 2016)

Waitressing for a recruitment agency meant I have worked at big event, such as large balls and at evening events at the racecourse. I enjoyed working at different locations and with a variety of staff members, as well as helping to be a part of the staff behind the smart events.


The Ale House (January 2016 – May 2016)

At The Ale House, I was a member of the bar staff during the evenings over the weekend. This was a very busy and fast paced environment, especially during the beer festivals and when we had live music playing. This job has greatly helped me develop faster reactions and greater communicative skills as there was often a large variety of people present at different stages in the night.


The Navigator (June 2016 – June 2018)

The Navigator is a Thai restaurant in a small local pub that I worked at a lot over summer. Here I worked behind the bar as well as waitressing. I found the intimacy here very inviting and comfortable to work in and the busy summer holidays kept me working hard, which I liked.


This Little Piggy (June 2016 – June 2018)

This is a privately run catering company that most often serves hog roast at events varying from weddings to work parties. I worked both as a barmaid and a waitress as well as helping prepare the food and serve it. I greatly enjoyed being a part of the whole catering process and serving at a wide variety of locations.


The Grange (September 2016 – April 2017)

As a part time job whilst studying at university, I worked at a pub/restaurant a few times a week. The Grange is part of a Chef and Brewer’s chain and is on the same site as a Premier Inn, meaning I experienced a great variety of customers as well as working on breakfast shifts, which worked in a very different way to all other hours. I found working in this structured establishment allowed me to focus on one particular area at a time and allowed me to learn to work in a larger establishment with a larger team.


Rutters (Summer 2017)

At this commercial printing company, I did some work as a receptionist in the office. This job involved me covering for people on holiday over the summer. This job allowed me to become more computer literate.


Cambridge University Polo Club (May 2017 – Current)

During the summer I helped exercise the polo horses at one of the Cambridge University polo yards. On a few occasions I helped as a groom at the matches. I really enjoyed learning a new way of riding and developing my skills with horses in a different discipline than I am used to. I am very excited to return here next summer!


Team Phoenix (Summer 2017 – Current)

Over the summer of 2017, I met my boyfriend who is a professional showjumper. I very quickly become a very involved member of the team and since working here full time in the summer of 2019, I have developed firm relationships with our cliental and been working in close proximity with our imported youngstock. I am very frequently lending a hand with general yard duties and attending shows playing the role of a groom. This has regularly meant being a travelling-groom and helping with warming up clients at both local and staying away shows as well as helping and watching many lessons. Team Phoenix has a vast array of horses, including pregnant mares, young stock and foals, which I handle regularly. I also help exercise the showjumpers, with simultaneous training alongside on my own horse.


Newmarket Equine Hospital (June 2018 – August 2018)

Once I left University I began working at NEH. This allowed me to jump straight out of university and into a full time job with horses. My responsibilities include mucking out, feeding and watering, grooming, maintaining clean stables and work environment and assisting vets in restraining a variety of horses so that they can carry out their necessary tasks. This job also involved a presentation of horses during the vets’ morning rounds.


Morgan-Evans Equestrian (August 2018 – December 2018)

This company was a large equestrian yard, responsible for the prehabilitation and rehabilitation of racehorses. My role was a yard staff member and groom, meaning I was handling many racehorses daily. The horses here ranged from yearlings that had little handling up to slightly older thoroughbreds that had sustained injuries or were being prepared for sales. Alongside general yard duties, my job included taking horses to and from the walkers, leading horses out, bathing, grooming, bandaging, treating for skin conditions and holding for the vets and dentists. I spend a small amount of time riding out some of the horses. I enjoyed beginning to explore the racing aspect of the equine industry and observing the changes in the horses over time. This role was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my handling skills and further train my eye to small details.


Tim and Tessa Vestey (January 2019 – April 2019)

At the Vestey’s private yard, I covered some maternity leave and filled in as temporary staff until a full time member of staff was found and the hunt season finished. Here I played the role of groom, the job including all general yard duties for 6 hunters, 2 yearlings, 5 broodmares and 2 homebred horses, exercising the horses, preparing for hunts and checking on all the horses daily. This role required sole charge of the yard on some days and running a small team on others.


Baker Animal Therapy and Equine Bodywork (Began in January 2019)

Beginning in January of 2019, I began my own business as an animal therapist and equine bodyworker. My services have varied to meet the requirements of my clients and this has allowed me to build up a strong and consistent client base. I work closely with my clients and their four legged friends in order to provide the best and most appropriate services. These include but are not limited to; exercising, groom work, clipping and mane and tail tidy ups, house and pet sitting and equine massage. I am excited to continue to grow my business with my MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy and be able to offer a larger range of services for my clients. I am currently in training to complete my Stage 2 BHS exam and am looking to start teaching once I am qualified.


The Three Horseshoes (May 2019 – August 2019)

In order to support my freelance business, I am currently working as a barmaid at a local pub. Not only has this allowed to improve on the speed and fluency of my communicative skills, I have found myself with a greater independence in this role and often take sole charge of the bar. This job has also allowed me to further network in my local area.



Stapleford Primary School      (2002-2008)


Sawston Village College           (2008-2013)               10 GCSEs. (Including Maths and English)


Hills Road Sixth Form College (2013-2015)               4 AS-Levels and 3 A-Levels. (Psychology, Chemistry & Biology)


Writtle University College (2015-2018)                    Bsc Degree in Animal Therapy (2:1)

                                                                                    MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (Currently being completed)


Equinenergy Ltd. (Summer 2017)                             EQ100: Equinology Equine Body Worker (Completed in November 2018)


MSc/PgDip Veterinary Pysiotherapy (2018-2021)   Part time Masters/ Post-graduate diploma


BHS Ride Safe                                                             July 2019


BHS Stage 1                                                                July 2019


Since studying at Writtle University College, both my theoretical skills and practical abilities around both the dogs and the horses have improved greatly. My knowledge on anatomy and handling skills have continued to progress and I find myself observing animals with an analytical eye. I have found that my particular interest lies in the prehabilitative and rehabilitative training of horses and I am growing more and more excited at the prospect of this as I further my career in the equine industry. I am confident with animals with an eye for detail and am keen to participate in the improvement of an animal’s way of going and to help them reach or regain their full potential. I am just as happy to do this from the floor or on top of the horse.



I am a very passionate horse lover and animal enthusiast. I have been horse riding for 10 years and have been working with them for 9 years. My sister and have shared horses, and exchanged yard duties and horses responsibilities for riding with a handful of different horses and owners for approximately 8 years. In October 2014 I took on a loan horse for a year which I financed independently. When I moved to Chelmsford, I found a horse that I shared for the three years I was at university for and I rode regularly. With this horse, I went out to many clinics, both flatwork and jumping and took part in many low level dressage classes. I look forward to my visits to see him when possible. I learnt a lot with this horse and it was necessary that I pushed myself further to reach new goals. The new skills I have learnt and the ones I have developed have greatly expanded my abilities. Over summer 2016 I re-backed a horse for a friend and continued to ride it when I returned home over the summers. I was lucky enough to also be able to help to ride and work with youngsters around that yard and continue to do so at my current yard. I have begun to help other people from the ground with their horses, often when the riders are nervous or the horses challenging. I am proud of our achievements so far (mine and the horse’s as a team) and I am excited to continue and improve in these areas. I have developed a further drive that has developed in my working and studying life as well and I am highly motivated to reach the best of my potential. Now I own my own horse, I can put all I have learnt into practice and I have full responsibility for his work regime. I really enjoy this as I can see the effects of my choices and I can continue to work on my own skills and ideas.

I take pride in earning my own money to spend on my passion (my dogs and horses!) and I have been managing my own account since I was 12, which gives me a strong sense of responsibility. I passed my driving test in November 2014 and have my own car, which I keep as organised as possible; the boot being my own boot cupboard and tack room!

I enjoy music – listening, playing and singing. I continued with singing lessons outside of college for a short while and would like to do some more in the future.

Since starting my course at Writtle College, I found myself thriving with new challenges and experiences. I enjoy working hard, be it at university or at a job to build up funds and experience. The experience of living in shared housing has proven that I can live comfortably in small or big groups and work in the most effective way in each scenario.



Name: Katrin Thomas

Occupation: Tutor


Telephone number: 01223-247251

Fax: 01223-416979

Email address: KThomas@hillsroad.ac.uk



Name: Chris Beard

Occupation: Restaurant manager

Address: Main Road, Boreham, Chelmsford, Essex

Telephone number: 01245 398495



Name: Richard Morgan-Evans

Occupation: Business owner at Morgan-Evans Equestrian

Address: Great Bradley Oak Stud, East Green, Great Bradley, Newmarket

Telephone number: +44 (0)7990 930187


Name: Tessa Vestey

Occupation: Private yard owner

Address: Steventon End, Ashdon, Saffron Walden

Telephone number: 07774 126999


I can provide further references if required.


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