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General Information

  • Age 26 years
  • Date of Birth 2nd July 1994
  • Had previous paid employment within the equine industry? Locked
  • Preferred Countries United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, The EU, Other
  • County/State/Region Anywhere
  • Job Category Full Time, Part Time
  • Earliest start date 7th December 2020
  • Freelance: Business Name Locked
  • Freelance: Hourly Rate Locked
  • Freelance: are you insured? Locked
  • Notice period 1 week
  • Best time to call Locked
  • Working Couples: Partner's profile reference number Locked
  • Live in or out Live in, Live out
  • Co-habiting? Locked
  • Full Postcode if live out (Private) Locked
  • Expected Job Level Part of a Team
  • Animals to bring to a job Locked
  • Describe the animal/s you HAVE to bring to the job (if applicable) Locked
  • Can drive Car
  • Own car? Car
  • Height 5’8” / 172cm
  • Approximate weight 9.5st / 60.3kg / 133lb
  • Total years experience with horses Locked
  • Previous paid/work experience Locked
  • Future disciplines Rehabilitation
  • Riding Role? Locked
  • Nationality British
  • Languages spoken Locked
  • Qualifications Locked
  • Equine Skills Back/Break, Bandage, Equine First Aid, Exercise/Hack Out, Long Rein, Lunging, Maintenance Skills, Management Skills, Muck Out, Ride, School, Supervisory Skills, Work with children
  • Non-Equine Skills Locked
  • Longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • 2nd longest time in one job Locked
  • Position held in this job Locked
  • Upload your CV Locked
  • Current passport? Locked
  • DBS (formerly CRB) or equivalent Locked
  • Smoker? Locked
  • Video URL Locked
  • Image Uploads Locked

Experience with Horses

Outline your experience with horses here/the scope of your freelance services. If you’re looking for a non-equine or non- yard-based job please use this space to describe your experience skills/abilities and adapt the questions to suit your line of work.

In July, I graduated university with a BSc Hons in Equine Sports therapy and rehabilitation.  My studies have enabled me to develop comprehensive knowledge of the equine and has provided me with the skill to utilise this new knowledge into assisting horses. During my degree, I developed a keen interest in biomechanics, behaviour, training and nutrition. I also have extensive and diverse experience in the equine industry which I have gained through years of owning, volunteering and working with various different types of horses acquiring valuable insight into different disciplines and breeds. This has allowed me to work and care for horses with different aliments like total blindness, kissing spines, wobblers, sweet itch and digestive issues as well as behavioural issues such as aggression, anxiety, over excitability and fear. I have a very empathetic, patient and compassionate manner with horses.

Key Skills

What are you particularly good at? For example: working alone, working with others, clipping, plaiting, turning out for shows, handling stallions, handling/riding young horses, non-equine skills etc\

  • Ground work
  • Handling
  • Working alone
  • Effectively working with others as part of a team
  • Trained in human first aid
  • Ability to keep calm under pressure
  • Full, clean UK driving licence
  • Handling/caring for blind horse
  • Good nutrition knowledge for both weight gain and loss
  • Handling in hydrotherapy equipment (Spa, Pool and Aqua treadmill)
  • Good listener
  • Good communicator
  • Can use both Mac and Windows

Strengths and Weaknesses

• What do you most enjoy about working with horses?

I love working with horses because every horse is different and each horse can teach you something new.

• Is there anything you’d like to improve?

My biggest weakness is personal/spotlight pressure like, public speaking, exams and interviews. I could be sitting on the back of an out of control horse and not feel an ounce of fear or anxiety. Yet, put me in front of a crowd, in an exam hall or an interview room and the anxiety levels rise. This is something I have been trying to work very hard on throughout my life, something I’m always committed to continuously improve. Fear is a funny thing and affects us all differently, much like it does with horses. Luckily in the equine industry there isn’t much of these activities in my desired job role. Having lived with and had to deal with this irrational build-up of fear has allowed me to sympathise with horses who experience particularly stressful situations and high amounts of fear. Maybe if I had someone to scratch my shoulder, feed me apples and tell me I’m a good girl during a public speech, then maybe my fears would have diminished many years ago!


• Why should employers consider you above any other job seeker?

I have very easy-going personality which allows me to create relationships quickly. I am also an exceptionally good team player with experience in both team member and managerial roles.  Leading and running a team of up to ten people in a stressful environment effectively and confidently allowed me to develop the skill of staying calm under pressure and enable me to understand the importance of every team member and the role they play in getting the job done. I also love to continuously learn and improve, with horses there’s always something new and every horse can teach you something different.  That’s why I love working with them and want to continue to do so until I’m old and grey.


• What would you like to do or gain in your next job?

I would like to have the opportunity to utilise my knowledge, skill and experience to help horses.

• Do you need accommodation?

Only if the job is to far for me to commute.

• Do you have any special requirements for any animals you wish to bring with you?


• Do you have any ongoing commitments?


• Do you have any holidays booked that an employer needs to know of?



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