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Equine Employers Frequently Asked Questions

Equine Employers:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment can work with you in a variety of ways to fill your job vacancy as quickly as possible, with options available for all time frames and budgets. Through years of experience in equine recruitment, the team are highly knowledgeable of the challenges employers face when finding suitable candidates for their job vacancy. Our services, including The Grooms List website, are built with the intention of easing these challenges. We have structured our website to give employers and job seekers a simple yet effective D.I.Y. online facility, and we have internal services structured to ensure we maintain quality.

I think it is fair to say, The Grooms List provides the most current database of equine job seekers in the UK right now, and we ensure measures are in place to keep it that way going forward. It is very tough out there these days and unlike many other sectors it is the Job Seekers market for well qualified, proven Equine job seekers. With the benefit of hindsite and having worked in this sector for many years, we are really trying to do things differently compared to other Equine Recruitment Agencies, with excellent feedback and testimonials to date suggesting we are absolutely a step forward.

Help is at hand to ensure you write an effective job vacancy advert. The form you use to place your advert on The Grooms List helps you to structure your job advert and prompts you to provide all relevant information to attract the best, most qualified job seekers.  We have put together some guidelines for you in our article How to Write an Effective Equine Job Vacancy Advert,  but if you are uncertain about ANY aspect of your job advert we are here to advise and help you get the best out of your recruitment drive with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like advice on advertising your job vacancy.

Your success is everything to us and what we do for you, always has that clearly in mind.

Once you have registered and purchased a subscription via our website you will have immediate access to all job seekers registered with us. The Grooms List contains job seekers looking for permanent and temporary positions, contract work, freelance work, and apprenticeships. We have a user-friendly and comprehensive search facility that actually works, allowing you to isolate potential, available candidates, and to contact them directly.

  • Please note references can be requested by a prospective employer at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • Prospective Employers must only seek a reference from a job applicant’s current employer with their permission.
  • There is usually no legal obligation for Employers to provide a reference for a current or past employee, (only certain industries such as those regulated by the Financial Services Authority are required to give a reference by law).
  • A referee can choose if they want to provide a reference or not and just how much information they want to provide
  • Employers who ask for references must handle them fairly and consistently.
  • Some candidates may already have written references that can be emailed to you, but you should validate these for yourself to ensure the suitability of the individual candidate you are considering employing.
  • We also offer an Assisted Recruitment and a Bespoke Recruitment Service for employers who do not have the time to devote to the recruitment process themselves. Caroline Carter Recruitment will collect references on the employer’s behalf if required if you wish to use or Bespoke Services.
  • Read our advice on pre-employment reference checks here.

We are governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and deal with personal information provided to us accordingly. If you sign up to The Grooms List your information is only on the website if you have put it there. You also have the option to remain completely confidential by not posting your jobs and only searching the job seeker database yourself. You can contact only those you choose to. For more information, see our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Business.

We are happy to review this with you and talking with us can make all the difference in securing a good jobseeker over other employers – please contact us. The equine industry provides a very competitive job market, and it is inevitable you will be competing with other yards to secure good candidates for your job vacancy. With this in mind, you really do need to give thought to the salary package and job benefits you are offering. We strongly advise you to research and comply with legal requirements with regards to;

Please do refer to our Useful Links when researching the latest legislation regarding these issues.

When you add your job vacancy advert to The Grooms List your advert is held for review by the team at Caroline Carter Recruitment before it is made publicly visible on the website.

Once approved, your job details will be publicly visible to everyone, and will appear in search results on The Grooms List website, Google Search and other internet search engines, and social media. Your personal and contact details are not publicly visible, and can only be viewed by approved job seekers.

Registered job seekers can apply for your job vacancy via our website, or contact you directly to discuss your vacancy and apply for it.

Your advert will be shared to our unrivalled social media accounts giving your advert an audience of over 70,000 potential job seekers (March 2019) and also on other relevant websites.

If you have opted to feature your job it will appear on the homepage of our and other featured spots throughout The Grooms List.

When a job seeker applies for your vacancy through our website you will receive an email alerting you that you have received an application, and you can log into your account on The Grooms List to review the Jobseekers Profile. You can review applications for your jobs here.

You can choose to liaise with candidates via private messaging on The Grooms List, or you can contact them directly using the contact details displayed on their Jobseekers Profile. You can see all your private messages here.

Once you have filled your job vacancy you can “hide” your job vacancy advert from the search results. Your job vacancy advert will remain in your account area unless you delete it, and you can always duplicate or reuse it again in future.

When you register and buy a subscription to The Grooms List website you will receive emails confirming your account and transaction details, and offering advice on how to get the best out of the services and facilities available to you. If you have not received these emails please check your Spam/Junk folder, and add to your address book. If you still cannot find these emails from us please contact us and we will look into this for you.

If you employ staff, you need to ensure they have a contract of employment. An agreement which governs the employment relationship between an employer and employee. Although there is no legal requirement to issue a written contract of employment, there is apparently, a legal requirement to issue a “written statement of particulars of employment” within the first two months of employment. The “written statement of particulars of employment” covers a number of issues which are also included in a contract of employment. Therefore, you can satisfy this legal requirement by issuing an up to date contract of employment within the first two months of employment. A Written Statement is often referred to as a ‘Written Contract’.

Whether you are a private family yard, a large riding school or an Olympic medallist there is information regarding employment contracts that you need to be very familiar with. Having a contract with your new employee will give you the peace of mind that you are complying with legislation and it is important that your contracts contain the most up to date legal details, and also are relevant to an equestrian employment scenario. It has to be said, they can also be a useful tool between an employer and employee to facilitate discussions on roles/responsibilities/obligations and such.

Everyone in an employment scenario should know what is expected of them, it’s good practice and really can go a long way to prevent misunderstandings which lead to mistakes, frustrations, problems and even a total breakdown in the working arrangement.

Find useful information about employing equine staff in our catalogue of articles here.

You can read more about a Written Contract here, or you can contact us to discuss employing your next equine staff member.

Caroline Carter Recruitment/The Grooms List doesn’t issue a generic contract which employers could use, primarily because this is a legal document and we are not lawyers, so we are very careful not to venture into areas requiring specialist advice. That being said, we have lots of experience and with that comes great specialist contacts. We will always try to steer you in the right direction to get information we are not qualified to give. Our advice is to consult the Equestrian Employers Association (EEA), who provide an online Contract Creator to help you put a “Work Contract” in place.

We are always happy to help and advise you. Our contact details are:

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