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Information and Advice for Equine Jobseekers

Key information and advice for equine jobseekers.

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is here to help you build a sustainable and long-lasting career within the equestrian industry.  Below you will find many articles containing important information and advice to:

*Ensure you have the best possible chance of finding the right role whatever stage you are at in your equine career.

*Ensure you understand some of the nuts and bolts of being an equestrian employee to help you identify the jobs to go for and the ones to more careful about

*Some other stuff which we think you might be interested in! 🙂

We offer unparalleled support so you can identify, secure and become established in a role that suits your current needs, but also often considering your future career and personal needs too!

Do contact Caroline and the team for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Traditionally, New Year is THE key time to commit to making positive changes in your life. One New Years Resolution might be to get a better-paid job, achieve a better work-life balance, acquire new skills, or generally get more job satisfaction. Looking at the New Year ahead, a blank canvas ready for you to make those changes, what can you do to achieve those career goals?

Tips for Grooms Working with Horses at Christmas - have a kool yule at work

For the vast majority of ‘normal’ people, Christmas means a nice relaxing few days off, spending time with family and lounging around over a long boozy lunch. For the vast majority of employers and grooms working with horses at Christmas, it just means business as usual. In hunting and racing yards Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, as boxing day meets are one of the most popular days out for owners. Though it may be hard to fully convince yourself that shovelling poo is the first most ideal thing you would like to do on...

Christmas gift ideas for horse lovers - The Grooms List

The run-up to Christmas should be a time of excitement and anticipation.  Bonus boxes of chocolates in the tack room and singing along to cheesy Christmas carols on the yard. The problems arise when you find yourself stuck for Christmas gift ideas. How to find something that is the right mix of thoughtful, useful, appealing to that person and within budget. Well never fear, we are here to help. We have pulled together a list of our 15 favourite gift ideas specifically for people working in the equine industry, suitable for your employer, employee or college (or even yourself!).

Salaries in the Horse Racing Industry

Not a lot of people realise that salaries in the horse racing industry are different to those of any other equine sector. Certain Minimum Wage and employment standards are agreed between the National Trainers Federation and the National Association of Racing Staff (Also known as "NARS"), and these set the horse racing industry apart from any other equine industry sector. Read on to find out more about working in the horse racing industry.

Employment Contracts in the Equine Industry

There is often much confusion about employment contracts in the equine industry, and it's very easy for both employers and grooms to make mistakes that, in the worst case scenario, can be devastating further on in time. Read our simple guide and make sure you're in the know and on the right side of the law when it comes to employment contracts.

Making and accepting a job offer

Sometimes, making and accepting a job offer can be somewhat rushed and not treated with the formality it really does require. Whilst it's a huge relief to have reached this stage, it is by no means the end of the process! There is still time for things to unravel and go wrong, and sometimes badly wrong, which it's why it's so important for both employers and job seekers to approach this stage with care and to put aside a little quality time to get it spot-on! Read our guidance on making and accepting a formal job offer...

Withdrawing a Job Offer

Offering and accepting a job offer can be a time of mixed emotions - happiness, relief, anxiety, and even confusion in some circumstances. But occasionally things go wrong when they've barely begun and the job offer is withdrawn. Where do employers and job seekers stand when a job offer/acceptance is withdrawn?

The Written Statement of Employment Particulars Explained

A "Written Statement of Employment Particulars" is the part of an employment contract that has to be given in writing within two months of an employee starting work, and both employers and employees need to know what it must contain and what it can contain. Make sure you know where you stand!

The fine art of owning AND working with horses

Incredibly, there are a remarkable number of admirable people who find working with horses all day, every day, isn’t quite enough. It is a truly a measure of a person’s dedication to an animal that, on top of what is widely considered a very demanding job, so many Grooms still choose to have their own horse(s) too. What does it take to successfully balance owning AND working with horses? How do Grooms do it?

The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage from April 2018

In April every year, at the end of one Tax Year and the start of the next, the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage increases. This is important for everyone in the equine industry - employers and employees alike. Equestrianism is a notoriously low-pay industry in terms of hourly salary, and salaries are frequently, if not always, topped up with extras, bonuses and tidbits. But in reality, how lawful are we in doing this without the advice and guidance of accountants and tax specialists? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong? The UK Government has strict laws...

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