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Information and Advice for Equine Jobseekers

Key information and advice for equine jobseekers.

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is here to help you build a sustainable and long-lasting career within the equestrian industry.  Below you will find many articles containing important information and advice to:

*Ensure you have the best possible chance of finding the right role whatever stage you are at in your equine career.

*Ensure you understand some of the nuts and bolts of being an equestrian employee to help you identify the jobs to go for and the ones to more careful about

*Some other stuff which we think you might be interested in! 🙂

We offer unparalleled support so you can identify, secure and become established in a role that suits your current needs, but also often considering your future career and personal needs too!

Do contact Caroline and the team for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Brexit information for employers and Grooms in the Equine Industry

As we fast approach 29th March 2019 when the UK leaves the European Union, "Brexit" dominates our news headlines daily but it can be extremely hard to keep up with, let alone understand what is happening and what to expect. As an international recruitment agency, we place many British Grooms in jobs within the EU, and many EU citizens into jobs within the UK, so... what about information for Employers and Grooms in the equine industry?

A Basic Guide to Payslips

Understanding payslips is easier than you might think. From the 6th April 2019, it is an employee's statutory right to receive a payslip, so it's important that everyone understands them! Unless you are genned up on the ins and outs of gross salary, income tax, allowances, Workplace Pensions and National Insurance it may look like a confusing bunch of numbers, especially if you're a worker receiving payslips for the first time. In this article we give you a basic guide to payslips, from who should be given payslips and why, through to understanding the various codes and figures.

What is a Workplace Pension - all about workplace pensions

Since April 2017, it's compulsory that all eligible employees receive a Workplace Pension as part of their employment contract, and this applies to grooms working in the equine industry. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding Workplace Pensions, who is eligible for one and who should be paying into one. So, what is a workplace pension? What does this mean? Who should expect to receive one? We have put together a simple guide to answer 10 common questions regarding Workplace Pensions in the equine industry

Equine Career Planning - The Grooms List

Most young people entering the equine industry as a career pathway dream of grooming at the Olympia Horse Show or exercise riding international sport horses or something similar, but due to lack of any real structured planning and implementation of said plan, many give up on their dreams or leave on the reality sooner or later. Equine career planning is the key to achieving dreams, trust us! What gets written down, reviewed and even measured, gets done! Here's how it couldn't be simpler in 4 simple steps...

New Year seems like a natural time to press the “refresh” button on our personal and professional lives, or even just a chance to take stock and stay as and where we are, but in a better way. We have all heard the cliché (which is a cliché for good reason), "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". I read with interest that about 70% of us make New Year’s resolutions, but less than 8% will be kept beyond February/March! It’s not surprising to learn that the top resolutions will include things like losing weight,...

Tips for Grooms Working with Horses at Christmas - have a kool yule at work

For the vast majority of ‘normal’ people, Christmas means a nice relaxing few days off, spending time with family and lounging around over a long boozy lunch. For the vast majority of employers and grooms working with horses at Christmas, it just means business as usual. In hunting and racing yards Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, as boxing day meets are one of the most popular days out for owners. Though it may be hard to fully convince yourself that shovelling poo is the first most ideal thing you would like to do on...

Christmas gift ideas for horse lovers - The Grooms List

The run-up to Christmas should be a time of excitement and anticipation.  Bonus boxes of chocolates in the tack room and singing along to cheesy Christmas carols on the yard. The problems arise when you find yourself stuck for Christmas gift ideas. How to find something that is the right mix of thoughtful, useful, appealing to that person and within budget. Well never fear, we are here to help. We have pulled together a list of our 15 favourite gift ideas specifically for people working in the equine industry, suitable for your employer, employee or college (or even yourself!).

A Job Seekers Guide to Reference Checks

When applying for a new job it's easy to assume that reference checks are the responsibility of the prospective employer, or the recruitment agency if applicable. But you want that job, right? Then help to secure it for yourself by being savvy when it comes to employment references and associated checks! Reference checks are not incidental to an employer selecting YOU as their new recruit, they are critical! Read on to find out how neglecting  employment references can kill any chance of you getting a new job.

Yard Dog Etiquette - taking a dog to work

It is a fair assumption to say the majority of those who choose to dedicate their career to caring for horses will have also succumbed to the charm of four legged canine companions too. When it comes down to taking a dog to work with you, many employers are very open to this idea providing the dog is well trained and fit in with the resident yard dog/s. Sounds a simple request but, just like a proud mother, we can all be more than a little blind to our own child’s faults. This week we ask the question –...

What are Work Riders and Work Rider Jobs

Many young equestrian enthusiasts dream of a job riding horses - no mucking out, just days in the saddle of various horses, then being paid for it! In this article, we turn our attention to the role of a Work Rider. Becky Parker gives us the lowdown of life as a Work Rider, the pay, how to train and become one and details what it REALLY takes to make a successful career as a Work Rider.

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