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Information and Advice for Equine Jobseekers

Key information and advice for equine jobseekers.

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is here to help you build a sustainable and long-lasting career within the equestrian industry.  Below you will find many articles containing important information and advice to:

*Ensure you have the best possible chance of finding the right role whatever stage you are at in your equine career.

*Ensure you understand some of the nuts and bolts of being an equestrian employee to help you identify the jobs to go for and the ones to more careful about

*Some other stuff which we think you might be interested in! 🙂

We offer unparalleled support so you can identify, secure and become established in a role that suits your current needs, but also often considering your future career and personal needs too!

Do contact Caroline and the team for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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The fine art of owning AND working with horses

Incredibly, there are a remarkable number of admirable people who find working with horses all day, every day, isn’t quite enough. It is a truly a measure of a person’s dedication to an animal that, on top of what is widely considered a very demanding job, so many Grooms still choose to have their own horse(s) too. What does it take to successfully balance owning AND working with horses? How do Grooms do it?

The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage from April 2018

In April every year, at the end of one Tax Year and the start of the next, the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage increases. This is important for everyone in the equine industry - employers and employees alike. Equestrianism is a notoriously low-pay industry in terms of hourly salary, and salaries are frequently, if not always, topped up with extras, bonuses and tidbits. But in reality, how lawful are we in doing this without the advice and guidance of accountants and tax specialists? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong? The UK Government has strict laws...

The Ultimate Equestrian Apprentice Startup Kit

My name is Olivia Alstad. I’m a Canadian rider who moved to the UK to train and learn more about the sport of eventing. With no plan or education on the apprenticeship scheme, I made all the rookie errors! I've written an article to help you in your pursuit of a suitable apprenticeship, avoiding all the major mistakes that I made!

5 reasons why Apprentice Grooms are always winning - The Grooms List

You may not realise it, but Apprentice Grooms are always winning! Whether you're a school-leaver looking to forge a successful career in the equine industry or an established groom who would like formal recognition of your abilities with qualifications, an equine apprenticeship will be an almost surefire way of achieving your goals...

5 reasons why the equine industry needs Apprentice Grooms!

It’s National Apprentice Week 4th March – 8th March 2019 – a perfect time for grooms to explore the possibilities of gaining nationally recognised qualifications without having to take time out from work, and employers to consider expanding their team by taking on an apprentice groom! Why is this so important to the equine industry? Because the equine industry NEEDS you to! Before dismissing the idea of becoming or employing an apprentice, read our 5 reasons why the equine industry needs Apprentice Grooms...

Why The Grooms List is THE GO-TO place for Equine Apprenticeships

It’s National Apprentice Week 4th March – 8th March 2019 – a perfect time for grooms to explore the possibilities of gaining nationally recognised qualifications without having to take time out from work, and employers to consider expanding their team by taking on an apprentice groom! Whether you’re an employer or a learner/would be apprentice The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment is THE GO-TO place to go for Equine Apprenticeships! Everything both employers and learners need is here, in one place, from choosing a Training Provider to finding your next groom or job and everything in between!

What's it like to work on a Pre-Training Yard

Every horse has the potential to become a success and just like athletes, it all comes down to training. One of the many great things about working with horses is the huge variety of jobs available to us. This week we look at the world of Pre-Training and what exactly a job on a yard like this involves. 

Brexit information for employers and Grooms in the Equine Industry

As we fast approach 29th March 2019 when the UK leaves the European Union, "Brexit" dominates our news headlines daily but it can be extremely hard to keep up with, let alone understand what is happening and what to expect. As an international recruitment agency, we place many British Grooms in jobs within the EU, and many EU citizens into jobs within the UK, so... what about information for Employers and Grooms in the equine industry?

A Basic Guide to Payslips

Understanding payslips is easier than you might think. From the 6th April 2019, it is an employee's statutory right to receive a payslip, so it's important that everyone understands them! Unless you are genned up on the ins and outs of gross salary, income tax, allowances, Workplace Pensions and National Insurance it may look like a confusing bunch of numbers, especially if you're a worker receiving payslips for the first time. In this article we give you a basic guide to payslips, from who should be given payslips and why, through to understanding the various codes and figures.

What is a Workplace Pension - all about workplace pensions

Since April 2017, it's compulsory that all eligible employees receive a Workplace Pension as part of their employment contract, and this applies to grooms working in the equine industry. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding Workplace Pensions, who is eligible for one and who should be paying into one. So, what is a workplace pension? What does this mean? Who should expect to receive one? We have put together a simple guide to answer 10 common questions regarding Workplace Pensions in the equine industry

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