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Information and Advice for Equine Jobseekers

Key information and advice for equine jobseekers.

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is here to help you build a sustainable and long-lasting career within the equestrian industry.  Below you will find many articles containing important information and advice to:

*Ensure you have the best possible chance of finding the right role whatever stage you are at in your equine career.

*Ensure you understand some of the nuts and bolts of being an equestrian employee to help you identify the jobs to go for and the ones to more careful about

*Some other stuff which we think you might be interested in! 🙂

We offer unparalleled support so you can identify, secure and become established in a role that suits your current needs, but also often considering your future career and personal needs too!

Do contact Caroline and the team for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Choosing a location to look for a new job

Truly, the matter of job location can be a difficult subject to broach as a recruitment consultant. A huge part of me screams to write an extremely persuasive article urging you to broaden your horizons and keep an open mind to jobs anywhere in the UK, or even abroad. The opportunities this opens up to you are tenfold to those restricted by job location. So, how important is it that your next job is in the 'right' location? Is it worth being flexible for that DREAM job? We take a look at when you should be flexible and when...

The Grooms List Apprentices Zone - How an Apprenticeship can Benefit Your Equine Career

As specialist equine recruitment consultants, we see the good and bad outcomes of unstructured career pathways and the results of the "rooky errors" grooms make without correct guidance. We're passionate about the part we can play in improving the role of an equine groom as a credible career pathway. Many equestrians join the equine industry by making a blind leap into it, accepting the first job available to them. Needless to say, this isn't a constructive foundation for a fruitful career in the equine industry. Many grooms resort to "job-hopping" in search of the training and opportunities they crave, without...

The Grooms List Apprenticeship Zone - Simple Step by Step Guide to Becoming an Apprentice Groom

Everyone likes to keep things simple, and sometimes gathering all the information needed before making decisions and acting on them can be time-consuming. With this in mind, The Grooms List team have put together a simple step-by-step guide to becoming an Apprentice Groom, from finding your Apprentice Groom vacancy to your options once you've gained your qualification.

A Sneak Peak at an equine Employers Wish List

It is surprising how often we come across bewildered job seekers wondering why they are struggling to secure their ideal job. Sometimes the reason is obvious, other times less so. No matter how incredibly experienced/qualified and talented a groom you are there can be many reasons things don't happen as quickly as you might like. Clearly, 3 horses, 4 dogs and a magpie (yes really) won't help, but the more subtle reasons usually take the eyes or ears of a genuine and interested recruitment expert! We often can quite quickly help you to identify what the blocks are. Our...

Eventing Grooms and Eventing Groom Jobs

If you love cross-country and a fast-paced life maybe a career in eventing is for you? What do you know the role of Eventing Grooms and Eventing Groom jobs? Do you have the relevant skills and experience? Do you want to gain them? Becky Parker takes us through the typical duties of a professional Eventing Groom...

Equine Apprenticeship Myths - BUSTED!

This week The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is really excited to announce our partnership with Educ8 Training. There is much more to come, but let's make a start with an article from Linda Hudson, Head of Business Development at Educ8 Training, setting the scene for us at launch by busting some common myths that often stop employers, would-be apprentices, and even parents from considering an equine apprenticeship.

Become a Professional Rider - The Grooms List

We regularly see young job seekers registering with us alight with dreams of finding the opportunity to become a professional rider. They think being paid to ride other people's horses full time, minimal to no mucking out... the PERFECT job!!! BUT  is that truly realistic and attainable for everyone just because they want it, and is it always all it's cracked up to be? Take a look at this week's insight into the ups and downs of this much sought after dream job and let us show you how you might achieve it, either fully or to varying degrees...

Have you got what it takes to become a horse riding instructor - The Grooms List

The qualities required to be an excellent Horse Riding Instructor are both obvious and subtle. The truly gifted ones seem to remain etched in our memories forever - I could reel off a shortish list right now in a heartbeat. They weren't all perfect, some far from it, but the ones that really influenced me all had one thing in common, insight; they changed me and my relationship with my horse and as a consequence my riding forever. This week Becky Parker looks at the traditional Horse Riding Instructor role and gives you an opportunity to see if it is...

Understanding Holiday Entitlement in the Equine Industry

We all know horses don't look after themselves, and it appears that this may lead to some confusion at times regarding holiday entitlement in the equine industry. I have been sent a lot of employment contracts from equestrian employers and employees over the years and sometimes they seem on point but occasionally are varying degrees of well, wide of the mark. Whether you're an employer or an employee, don't make assumptions about holiday entitlement, make sure you know the law!

What are Dressage Grooms and Dressage Groom Jobs

For most of us, certain horse sports are of particular interest whether we have competed ourselves or merely enjoy following the sport at shows and on TV, but for career grooms it often provides a career pathway in which the groom can become specialised. But in order to become a successful, professional groom you must genuinely appreciate, if not love the discipline you are devoting your working life to. In this article we take a look at the role of the dressage groom...

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