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Information and advice for equine employers

Key information and advice for equine employers.

Caroline Carter Recruitment is here to help you find your next equine groom. Here you will find articles containing important information and advice to give you the most productive recruitment drive and quickly secure the best candidates for your job vacancy. If you have any questions or need further advice please do contact us for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Help - Why cant I fill my equine job vacancy

Sometimes your recruitment drive gets stuck in a rut and needs a shove in the right direction to get things moving and pick up the momentum needed to fill an equine job vacancy. This is where The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment can help. The Grooms List seems to be the 'go to' equestrian recruitment agency these days for the majority of savvy employers and little wonder with over 20 years experience in FILLING EQUINE JOBS which is at your disposal when you subscribe to one of our recruitment packages, either our DIY website package or our bespoke...

Pre-employment checks - understanding a driving licence

Many employers need their prospective employee to drive a car, tow a trailer, drive a tractor, a horse box or HGV lorry and, rather like reference checks, don’t always bother checking an individual’s licence for what they are legally able to drive, or even if they have any points or disqualifications. You need to know who is going to be doing the odd school run for you, transporting your horses, driving your tractor etc. Do yourself a favour, grab a strong coffee, take the phone off the hook for 10 minutes and have a read of this!

Pre-Employment Checks - References - Verify what you've been told

As we all know, recruitment is an inexact science and pre-employment checks such as securing valid and recent references gives us important information that helps us to decide if a candidate is suitable for a particular role. Over the years I have taken references on behalf of thousands of employers and prospective employees as part of delivering bespoke recruitment services. This has lead me to have many positive, long-term placements and via the same established processes of due diligence, I have also diverted my clients away from certain disaster on more than one occasion! Interestingly these days many grooms, having known...

The Grooms List Apprenticeship Zone - Simple Step by Step Guide to Employing an Apprentice Groom

Everyone likes to keep things simple, and sometimes gathering all the information needed before making decisions and acting on them can be time-consuming. With this in mind, The Grooms List team have put together a simple step-by-step guide to employing an Apprentice Groom, from writing your advert to retaining your fully trained Apprentice Groom beyond their final qualification.

The Grooms List Apprenticeships Zone - How an Apprentice can Benefit Your Yard

In so many of the blogs and articles we write for equine employers, we find ourselves referring to common difficulties when sourcing, securing and retaining good equine career grooms. It’s reasonable to conclude the pool of experienced grooms wanting to remain working with horses and available to yards is diminishing as the years pass. Trainee grooms, including apprentices, are a lifeblood of the equine industry and the ins and outs of employing them need much more consideration than they currently get. Taking anyone on as an employee is a big responsibility with plenty of legislation to adhere to along associated pitfalls, so it's...

4 common pitfalls of employing staff and how to avoid them

This week's blog is for all those interested in knowing more about the facts concerning employee wages, accommodation charges, holiday entitlements and finally sick pay, income tax, national insurance and pensions. Linda Hudson, Head of Business Development at Educ8 Training, (our Apprenticeship provider partners), has in the last 10 years worked in both college and private training organisations and rather usefully, has also studied employment law. Linda now kindly offers us all a short review with some handy hints, tips and links for good measure!

A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List

Last week we took a sneaky peek at an equine employers 'wish list', this week we thought we would do the same (only fair!) to give those employers who might need it, a gentle nudge towards a better understanding of what grooms are looking for when they make a job move. It is surprising how often we come across bewildered employers wondering why they are still groom-less months down the line. Apart from the fact that the reality is that good grooms are in really short supply, often on further investigation into the job vacancy details the reasons can be...

Equine Apprenticeship Myths - BUSTED!

This week The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is really excited to announce our partnership with Educ8 Training. There is much more to come, but let's make a start with an article from Linda Hudson, Head of Business Development at Educ8 Training, setting the scene for us at launch by busting some common myths that often stop employers, would-be apprentices, and even parents from considering an equine apprenticeship.

Understanding Holiday Entitlement in the Equine Industry

We all know horses don't look after themselves, and it appears that this may lead to some confusion at times regarding holiday entitlement in the equine industry. I have been sent a lot of employment contracts from equestrian employers and employees over the years and sometimes they seem on point but occasionally are varying degrees of well, wide of the mark. Whether you're an employer or an employee, don't make assumptions about holiday entitlement, make sure you know the law!

5 rules of successful equestrian recruitment client-agency relationships - get the results you want

In my experience, most employers want to find an equestrian recruitment agency with whom they can form an enduring relationship to weather the storm we all find ourselves in currently. But this isn’t always that straightforward. Following are five tips to building a strong relationship from the moment you have decided to entrust your job vacancy with Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd and our services, including The Grooms List.

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