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Information and advice for equine employers

Key information and advice for equine employers.

Caroline Carter Recruitment is here to help you find your next equine groom. Here you will find articles containing important information and advice to give you the most productive recruitment drive and quickly secure the best candidates for your job vacancy. If you have any questions or need further advice please do contact us for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Yesterday evening the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new, tighter restrictions on the movement and activities of individuals in Britain. As the no.1 equestrian recruitment agency, we're keen that everyone understands how coronavirus affects equine recruitment, in order that disruption may be kept to a minimum while keeping everyone safe. This morning we have taken advice directly from the Government on how yards can cope with their staffing needs throughout this surreal and unprecedented time.

What is a Workplace Pension - all about workplace pensions

Since April 2017, it's compulsory that all eligible employees receive a Workplace Pension as part of their employment contract, and this applies to grooms working in the equine industry. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding Workplace Pensions, who is eligible for one and who should be paying into one. So, what is a workplace pension? What does this mean? Who should expect to receive one? We have put together a simple guide to answer 10 common questions regarding Workplace Pensions in the equine industry

The 1st April 2020 sees what the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has called the “the biggest ever cash boost” to those earning the National Living Wage: 6.2% - four times the rate of inflation. This is inevitably going to receive a mixed response, with workers looking forward to a boost to their income and some employers struggling to meet these new legal requirements. In this article, we outline the changes and how they affect workers and employers in the equine industry.

The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage from April 2018

In April every year, at the end of one Tax Year and the start of the next, the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage increases. This is important for everyone in the equine industry - employers and employees alike. Equestrianism is a notoriously low-pay industry in terms of hourly salary, and salaries are frequently, if not always, topped up with extras, bonuses and tidbits. But in reality, how lawful are we in doing this without the advice and guidance of accountants and tax specialists? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong? The UK Government has strict laws...

Equine Jobs with Accommodation - myths, facts and the law

The provision of accommodation with an equine job can be a grey area for both employers and employees, with so many varying arrangements from yard to yard and job role to job role. Get it wrong and at the very least an employer struggles to find and keep staff, the employee loses out on their salary entitlement and, worst case scenario, the employer and employee find themselves in very hot water. Here we attempt to put a complex matter into as simple terms as possible, regarding the provision of accommodation with a job, based on situations regularly seen within...

The early part of the year can be one of the busiest times in equine recruitment. The blank canvass of the new year stretches ahead, full of potential, promise but let's face it, sometimes dread to as finding good staff these days can be somewhat...er...challenging, to say the very, very least! Having the right team around you to fulfil that potential is paramount to any person's (or business's) success.  As equine workers resolve to move on at the start of the year, January is a prime time to assemble that team. To help you make the most of this...

Christmas gift ideas for horse lovers - The Grooms List

The run-up to Christmas should be a time of excitement and anticipation.  Bonus boxes of chocolates in the tack room and singing along to cheesy Christmas carols on the yard. The problems arise when you find yourself stuck for Christmas gift ideas. How to find something that is the right mix of thoughtful, useful, appealing to that person and within budget. Well never fear, we are here to help. We have pulled together a list of our 15 favourite gift ideas specifically for people working in the equine industry, suitable for your employer, employee or college (or even yourself!).

Never before has society been more aware of discrimination and the negative impact it has on all aspects of life. Quite rightly, the law takes acts of discrimination very seriously and, as with all matters pertaining to employment law, ignorance is no defence when it comes to the crunch! If upheld, a claim can result in a hefty fine! This blog is aimed to raise awareness and avoid not uncommon pitfalls.

There is more to managing job applications than you might think. The whole point in advertising a job vacancy is to receive applications from job seekers yet, once they start to come in, many employers lose out on their ideal candidate by making simple, easy to make errors when managing them. As seasoned recruiters, we regularly see or receive feedback from employers on the way they approach their job applications and, in turn, we see what works for them and what doesn't. Here, we put together the do's and don'ts of managing job applications.

Sometimes your recruitment drive gets stuck in a rut and needs a shove in the right direction to get things moving and pick up the momentum needed to fill an equine job vacancy. This is where The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment can help. The Grooms List seems to be the 'go to' equestrian recruitment agency these days for the majority of savvy employers and little wonder with over 20 years experience in FILLING EQUINE JOBS which is at your disposal when you subscribe to one of our recruitment packages, either our DIY website package or our bespoke...

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