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Information and advice for equine employers

Key information and advice for equine employers.

Caroline Carter Recruitment is here to help you find your next equine groom. Here you will find articles containing important information and advice to give you the most productive recruitment drive and quickly secure the best candidates for your job vacancy. If you have any questions or need further advice please do contact us for free, friendly, no-obligation advice.

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Equine Apprenticeship Myths - BUSTED!

This week The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is really excited to announce our partnership with Educ8 Training. There is much more to come, but let's make a start with an article from Linda Hudson, Head of Business Development at Educ8 Training, setting the scene for us at launch by busting some common myths that often stop employers, would-be apprentices, and even parents from considering an equine apprenticeship.

Understanding Holiday Entitlement in the Equine Industry

We all know horses don't look after themselves, and it appears that this may lead to some confusion at times regarding holiday entitlement in the equine industry. I have been sent a lot of employment contracts from equestrian employers and employees over the years and sometimes they seem on point but occasionally are varying degrees of well, wide of the mark. Whether you're an employer or an employee, don't make assumptions about holiday entitlement, make sure you know the law!

5 rules of successful equestrian recruitment client-agency relationships - get the results you want

In my experience, most employers want to find an equestrian recruitment agency with whom they can form an enduring relationship to weather the storm we all find ourselves in currently. But this isn’t always that straightforward. Following are five tips to building a strong relationship from the moment you have decided to entrust your job vacancy with Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd and our services, including The Grooms List.

Equine Apprenticeships - Course Options - Grooms of the Future Part 2

Anyone who keeps up to date our blogs and articles or follows our various social media posts will know, here at The Grooms list by Caroline Carter Recruitment, we believe that equine apprenticeships are a GOOD thing for employers, grooms and the industry. In this article, we explore the course options available to equine grooms who want a structured training program and formal qualifications in the equine industry.

Mental Health in the Equine Industry

The Mental Health Foundation is a UK charity that campaigns for good mental health for all.  As you may have noticed (!) this week (14th-20th May) is Mental Health Awareness Week so naturally, we turn our attention to the matter of mental health in the equine industry. Taking the opportunity to reinforce our partnership with the BGA we are happy to support their initiatives where we can and as ever, to advise on issues which can arise within the yard environment, relating this directly to the employer : groom dynamic with which we are so familiar...

Employing an Apprentice Groom - Grooms of the Future

Trainee grooms, including apprentices, are a lifeblood of our industry and the ins and outs of employing them needs much more consideration than they currently get – the yard junior, the trainee and of course the official and safeguarded version of the working pupil, the apprentice groom, are the future. What we all invest today could reverse the sometimes depressing current trends in the industry for tomorrow. If you are sitting comfortably with a large glass/cup of whatever keeps you awake and concentrating, please do read on. We hope you will be glad you did and that you will...

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses

It’s an occupational hazard that when you work with horses, sooner or later you will succumb to ailments and injuries of some sort which may have short, medium or even long-term consequences and are specific to our industry. Working with horses + age = creaking gate syndrome, hard to avoid...or is it? Me, I am off to a Pilates class, just have to muck out the horses first... Ooh, ouch – I’m fine...! 

5 Top Tips for Finding a Good Groom

Finding decent equine staff in this very tough equestrian recruitment market is not easy, it can be very time-consuming, costly and not least of all incredibly frustrating. Trust me, after 15 years as a professional equine recruitment specialist, I know! Follow my 5 simple tips to get the best out of your equestrian recruitment drive - save yourself time, a considerable amount of money, and an awful lot of headaches!

The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage from April 2018

It's that time of year again, as we approach the end of one Tax Year and the start of the next, the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage is increasing. This is important for everyone in the equine industry - employers and employees alike. Equestrianism is a notoriously low-pay industry in terms of hourly salary, and salaries are frequently, if not always, topped up with extras, bonuses and tidbits. But in reality, how lawful are we in doing this without the advice and guidance of accountants and tax specialists? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong? The...

How to recruit an everyday Super Groom in 2018

This article is designed to share just a few useful hints and tips if you are about to embark on filling an equine job vacancy, or for those who have been looking for a time and don’t feel they are making the progress they should be. I have recently fulfilled a long-held ambition to sponsor the British Grooms Association in all they do on behalf of the grooms. We work closely with the BGA but independently we have published a lot of very supportive articles/blogs which are being shared far and wide and which promote change with well-researched advice...

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