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What is a Workplace Pension?

What is a Workplace Pension?

Since April 2017, it’s compulsory that all eligible employees receive a Workplace Pension as part of their employment contract, and this applies to grooms working in the equine industry. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding Workplace Pensions ie:

  • who is eligible for one?
  • who should be paying into one?

We have put together a simple guide researched to answer 10 common questions regarding Workplace Pensions in the equine industry. Our sources are reliable authorities on these matters and they provide much more detailed and official detail for you. They are listed at the bottom of this article. We have summarised some of their instructions for ease and convenience but you must satisfy yourself that you remain compliant with the exact details of what they instruct and advise – obviously we are not pension experts.

In this article we cover:

  1. what is a Workplace Pension?
  2. what does this mean?
  3. who should expect to receive one?


1. What is a Workplace Pension Scheme?

A Workplace Pension scheme helps employees save for their retirement through contributions deducted directly from their wages. The majority of schemes will also provide other benefits, for example, support for the recipients partner in the event of death. If an employee is eligible for automatic enrolment, their employer has to enrol them into the scheme.

In the past, employees had to set up their own personal pension scheme. Now, with the compulsory Workplace Pension most employees are signed up straight away and have to arrange to opt out if they no longer want to pay into the pension scheme. The money paid into the Workplace Pension scheme comes straight out of the employees wages, so it’s already been deducted when salary goes into the bank, just like tax, National Insurance or a student loan repayment.


What is a Workplace Pension - employees who are eligible

2. Who is eligible to receive a Workplace Pension?

Employers must enrol all eligible employees into their Workplace Pension. This is referred to as “automatic enrolment”. Employees will be eligible if:

  • they work on an employed basis, notself-employed or freelance groom
  • they are aged 22 or over
  • they are under State Pension age
  • they earn more than £10,000 a year (£192.30 or more gross weekly)
  • they usually work in the UK



3. Who pays into the Workplace pension? The employer, or the employee?

What is a Workplace Pension - employer contributionsUsually both! Unlike other ways of saving, a Workplace Pension means the employee isn’t the only one paying money in. The employer has to contribute too, as long as the employee earns over £6,032 a year (£116 gross weekly). Both the employee and the employer must pay a percentage of the employees earnings into the Workplace Pension scheme.

Employees also get a contribution from the government in the form of tax relief. This means some of the salary that the government would have taken as income tax is paid directly into the Workplace Pension instead.

When an employer automatically enrols an employee into their Workplace Pension scheme, they must write to the employee to inform them of:

  • the date they’ve added the employee to the pension scheme
  • the type of pension scheme and who runs it
  • how much they will contribute and how much the employee will have to pay in
  • how the employee can leave the scheme should they want to

An employer can delay the date they must enrol a new employee into a pension scheme by up to 3 months, but they must:

  • tell the employee about the delay in writing
  • let the employee join the Workplace Pension scheme in the meantime if they ask to

If an employee works part time and earns less than £10,000 employees can still ask to join, in which case the employer can’t refuse the request and must make contributions, but employers are not expected to enrol them automatically.


4. How much is paid into a Workplace Pension?

There is a minimum total amount that has to be contributed by both the employee and the employer, based on your total earnings between £6,032 (£116 gross weekly) and £45,000 a year before tax (£865.38 gross weekly). This is known as “qualifying earnings”. Qualifying earnings include:

  • salary or wages
  • bonuses and commission
  • overtime
  • statutory sick pay
  • statutory maternity, paternity or adoption pay

What is a Workplace Pension - plan for your retirementSo, for example, if a Groom earns £350 gross weekly (£18,200 a year), the contribution would be a percentage of £12,168 (the difference between £6,032 and £18,200).

As of April 2018 the minimum amount required to pay in has been 3% from the Groom and 2% from the employer. From April 2019 the minimum increases again to 5% from the groom and 3% from the employer.

Some employers apply the minimum pension contribution to the whole of the employee’s earnings, not just to qualifying earnings. This depends on how the Workplace Pension scheme is set up.

To offer a very basic example, each payday:

  • the employee puts in £40
  • the employer puts in £30
  • the employee gets £10 “tax relief” – £10 is deducted from income tax and paid into the Workplace Pension instead

A total of £80 goes into the employees pension.

In simpler terms, for a groom aged 25 or over who earns the National Living Wage of £8.21 and works a 40-hour week, their employer will contribute £9.90 per week to the Workplace Pension scheme.


Pension contributions are an allowable business expense, so you will also receive tax relief on the contributions you make to your employees Workplace Pension. You can read more on this by clicking here.


If you are not sure whether you pay Workplace Pension contributions on qualifying earnings or on full earnings, talk to your employer. Your employer will let you know how much of your earnings you need to contribute. They might tell you this as a sum of money or as a percentage. If they give you a percentage, you can find out what it means in pounds and pence using the Workplace Pension Contribution Calculator provided by The Money Advice Service by clicking here.


What is a Workplace Pension - an easy way to save for your retirement5. When and how are the Workplace Pension contributions paid?

Once an employee is automatically enrolled, contributions to the Workplace Pension will start straight away. Employer’s deduct the employees contribution directly from the employees pay, whether the salary period is weekly, monthly, or four weekly. This means that the employee doesn’t have to budget for the contribution out of their “take-home” salary, as when they receive their wages the pension contribution has already been paid.



6. How does the Workplace Pension work when an employee has more than one job?

If an employee has more than one job, each job is treated separately for automatic enrolment purposes. This means an employee might be enrolled on more than one Workplace Pension scheme, and this is fine.

Each employer will check whether the employee is eligible to join their pension scheme and will automatically enrol the employee into their Workplace Pension scheme.

If you work any of your part time jobs on a self-employed or freelance basis you will not be eligible for a Workplace Pension for that particular workplace. You can read more about pensions for self-employed and freelance workers below.


If you don’t want to be a member of more than one scheme you can choose to opt out of one of them, but you don’t have to. You can pay into more than one pension scheme if you want to.

Important info:

What is a Workplace Pension - plan to retireIf you earn more than £6,032 (£116 gross weekly) but less than £10,000 (£192.30 gross weekly) in any of your jobs you won’t be automatically enrolled in that employer’s pension scheme, but you can ask to join and your employer cannot refuse you.

Bear in mind that if you earn less than £6,032 a year (£116 gross weekly) in ALL of your part time jobs you won’t be automatically enrolled on any pension scheme, and you may not have sufficient pension to live on when you reach retirement age – it pays to think and do some calculations ahead! You want to be able to enjoy your retirement with your horses, not still be having to work to make ends meet! NB: In this situation, you can still ask to join your employers’ pension schemes and they cannot refuse you, but your employer doesn’t have to contribute.

Use the Workplace Pension Contribution Calculator provided by The Money Advice Service to check what the pension situation is for each of your part time jobs. Remember, information for each job must be put into the calculator separately – don’t add your salaries together or you’ll get the wrong result! Go to the calculator by clicking here.


7. What happens to the Workplace Pension when an employee changes jobs?

It’s important to know what happens to a Workplace Pension when the employee leaves a job and starts a new one. This is largely the employee’s responsibility as the employer’s obligations have ended with the termination of the employment contract.


What you do about your pension when you change jobs depends on what types of Workplace Pension schemes you’ve been enrolled on.

It’s very important to keep records of the pension providers your employers have enrolled you through. The pension belongs to you, not your employers, so you need to be in the know! Always ask each of your employers for the details of their Workplace Pension scheme and keep it safe, even after you’ve left your job with them!

When you leave a job you may choose to:

  • leave your pension in your old employer’s scheme to be paid to you when you retire
  • transfer your pension to a new Workplace Pension scheme with your new employer
  • transfer your pension to a personal pension that you manage yourself

What is a Workplace Pension - Moving your pension to a new job

If you worked at your job for less than 2 years before leaving, you may be able to get a refund on what you’ve contributed. Check with your employer or the pension scheme provider.

Always speak to the Workplace Pension provider (the pension company, not your employer/former employer) about your options when leaving a job – the options available to you will differ depending on the particular pension provider your employer has used. If necessary, you can also get independent advice on your options. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau provide information on gaining independent financial advice here.

The Money Advice Service website has guidance on what to do if you are thinking about transferring a pension at

Don’t forget to let your old pension provider know where you are if you change address later on. It’s easy to lose touch and this can make things more difficult when you retire and need your pension!


What is a Workplace Pension - Having more than one pension scheme

8. How do self-employed workers receive a Workplace Pension?

If a worker is self-employed, or works for someone else on a self-employed/freelance basis, the client (who would otherwise be the employer) has no Workplace Pension responsibilities, and it is entirely the worker’s responsibility to set up their own pension. Saving for your retirement is very important, so don’t overlook this critical part of ‘future proofing’. It’s important  that self-employed and freelance workers find out about paying into a personal pension scheme. You can read more on this from The Money Advice Service here.


9. What if an employee has already got a pension?

An employee can have more than one pension scheme, so enrolling on a Workplace Pension scheme is not affected by any other pensions already held.


10. What if I don’t want to pay into a Workplace Pension?


All employers have to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a Workplace Pension, this isn’t something you can opt out of.

As an employer you cannot:

  • unfairly dismiss or discriminate against an employee for being in a Workplace Pension scheme
  • encourage or force an employee to opt out of the Workplace Pension

It is well worth noting failure to automatically enrol eligible employees for a Workplace Pension can incur fines, plus you will have to pay backdated payments into your employees’ Workplace Pension schemes which, over time, can run into thousands of pounds. Your employees will also have to make backdated contributions. We can all agree, this is not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in!

If your employee asks to opt out of your Workplace Pension scheme it’s advisable that you don’t simply act upon the outcome of a casual chat – get everything in writing.

NB: If an employee works part time and earns less than £10,000 they can still ask to join your Workplace Pension scheme, and you can’t refuse them.

If an employee has opted out of the Workplace Pension scheme you are required to automatically re-enrol them into the scheme every 3 years (from the date you first enrolled them) if they’re still eligible for it. This is a legal requirement. You must write to the employee when you do this, and the employee can leave the scheme again, but only after you’ve re-enrolled them, not before.

The Pensions Regulator website (part of has some very useful tools that will help you to find the information you need, with simple Question and Answer forms that will walk you through to the relevant information that is specific to you. You can find these tools by clicking here.



You can opt out of your employer’s Workplace Pension scheme after you’ve been enrolled, but if you do, you’ll lose out on your employer’s contribution to your pension, as well as the government’s contribution in the form of tax relief. You may also find yourself without an adequate pension to live on when you reach retirement age!

For most people, staying in a Workplace Pension is a good idea, especially as your employer must contribute to it as well. The contribution your employer makes to your pension is part of your overall salary package – so opting out is a bit like turning down pay!

There are circumstances in which it might make sense to opt out, for example, if you’re dealing with unmanageable debt. It’s not a good idea to opt out purely so you have more disposable income each week/month!

What is a Workplace Pension - Keep paying into a pension fund


How can an employee leave (or “opt out”) of the Workplace Pension?

Your employer will have sent you a letter telling you that you’ve been added to the scheme and you can opt out at any time, if you want to:

  • ask the company that provides your employer’s Workplace Pension scheme for an opt-out form. Ask your employer for the details you need.
  • You must then return your completed form to your employer, not to the people who run the scheme.
  • If you opt out within a month of being added to the scheme, you’ll get back any money you’ve already paid in.
  • You may not be able to get your payments refunded if you opt out later – they’ll usually stay in your pension until you retire.
  • You can opt out by contacting the pension provider. Your employer must tell you how to do this.

NB: Your employer is required to automatically re-enrol you in the scheme every 3 years (from the date you were first enrolled) if you’re still eligible for the Workplace Pension scheme. This is a legal requirement and they’ll write to you when they do this. You can leave the scheme again, but only after you’ve been re-enrolled.


Can I reduce my payments into the Workplace Pension?

You may be able to reduce the amount you contribute to your Workplace Pension for a short time. Check with both your employer and your pension provider to see if you can do this and how long you can do it for.


Can I opt back into a Workplace Pension?

You can do this at any time by writing to your employer. They are not legally obliged to accept you back into their workplace scheme if you’ve opted in and then opted out in the past 12 months, so make sure you really want to opt out before making any bold moves.


Sources and further reading

The Government website gives more detail on Workplace Pensions here.

The Money Advice Service gives more detail on Workplace Pensions here.

The Citizens Advice Bureau gives more details on Workplace Pensions here.

Self-employed and freelance workers can find out more on the Government website about the different types of private pension here.

For employers, Pru Adviser gives further information about business tax relief on pension contributions here.

Both employers and employees can contact ACAS for information and advice on any matter regarding employment. You can find contact details for ACAS here.

All information is correct at the time of publishing this article (February 2019). This article offers basic guidelines, and we always advise you to consult financial and pension experts before acting.

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Apprentice groom sought for busy professional eventing & jumping yard. 10-16 boxes, with a mixture of competing horses up to 4* & 1.30, rehabilitation liveries, spa services, competition liveries and young horses being produced. We are looking for an enthusiastic person, keen to gain experience in all aspects of our business.  You should have a calm professional outlook, an eye for detail and take pride in your work.  You will develop strong groundwork skills with all levels of horses, from foal to 4* eventers. You will also work alongside us with spa and rehabilitation horses. You must have a sound basic knowledge of handling horses and all yard duties, and be over 16. We are committed to ensuring that you will gain excellent all-round training to equip you for a career in any equestrian field. Own horse welcome. Superb American barn yard with indoor, outdoor and gallops on site.  Regular coaching offered. Driving licence / own transport needed as we are located 1 mile from the nearest village. Lovely single accommodation available. See our website for more information about us.
Job Description *Own horse welcomed *Dog welcomed *100 Swiss franks a day for temporary .cover. Salary neg for permanent position. small private yard in Switzerland seeks a horse loving groom  ( couple considered) to help care for four horses. Duties include grooming turnout occasional lunging and hacking . No mucking out during the week. We are looking for someone who can provide holiday cover for July and August. The opportunity exists for the position to  be long term . Minimum Requirements Turnout mucking out grooming experience more important than qualification trainee grooms considered   Accommodation details Top floor of beautiful Swiss Manor House. Bedroom with en-suite large sitting room and small kitchen   Benefits Food accommodation and use of a car all included. Very competitive salary. Opportunity to explore Switzerland and perhaps learn a new language. Flexible work environment.  
*Up to £500pw depending on experience *5/5.5/6 day week negotiable *Accommodation available *Pets considered We are looking for someone who enjoys working with top class performance horses and enjoys running a yard to 3* level. You would be required to look after and help with the riding of  6 top class performance horses who regularly compete at a high level and partake in varied disciplines all year round on a private yard. There could be opportunities to hunt/compete yourself if you have the ability and interest to do so. Working alongside the owners and other yard staff (but you will often be in charge of things and expected to organise, so experience of sole charge essential) you ideally will be someone who is used to working to 3* level. Turnout ability should be excellent and you should be able to plait both manes and tails. Some of these horses compete to HOYS level so someone who actually enjoys the ‘spic and span’ approach would thrive in this role! The yard has all the mod cons you would wish for to make your life easy! Walker/ Hot wash/Washing machine/ Tumble dryer/ infra Red. Someone who can drive a lorry/tow a trailer would be ideal but not essential. 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 Great pay on this one. This job is one where the employer operates at top level in her disciplines and expects a Groom to match her standards so you need to actually enjoy turnout and always be striving for perfection. Lots of sole charge but when about the employer will ‘quality control’ if required so you need to be someone who sees that as a good thing . If you are a good rider, there will be opportunities but obviously those will be secondary to the grooming/yard manangement role Please contact Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
Partner welcomed*Dog welcomed *Live in or out *Standard stud hours, with alternate weekends being worked *Four weeks holiday plus bank holidays *Negotiable,competitive salary & discretionary bonus scheme. Beautiful yard adjoining the Cotswold area of outstanding natural beauty on the Gloucestershire Wiltshire border  is seeking a full time thoroughbred Stud Hand. You would be required to work alongside an experienced stud manager at a small family owned commercial stud farm foaling at home and prepping foals for sale. 🙂 Less experienced candidates who are keen to learn or experienced people who can slot into the role would be considered 🙂 Stud has around ten permanent broodmares, their foals, a couple of yearlings etc. also have some resting racehorses which come for their holidays once or twice a year. The family also have two ponies that they may need occasional assistance with. Helpful if you are qualified and able to drive a small box but not essential, training can be arranged. 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 This role would suit someone who understands life on a small TB stud – ie very busy times with foal prep etc and very quiet times when all the horses are turned out and staff have to be handy with a strimmer/mower instead!  Best of facilities and a very professional but relaxed family environment. Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email      
  Family PC/Eventing/Hunting family looking for a senior Groom/Rider for a small family hunting yard within an estate. 8 horses kept. * £25K neg *Lovely cottage accommodation*Partner welcomed *Pets welcomed * Own horse welcomed *FOC council tax/water rates paid/horse if applicable *Vehicle available for company business.   The successful applicant should have longevity in past roles please as we are replacing someone who has been in situ for 6 years. You must be happy to work sole charge in a rural location but with help/support when required. The role includes: ordering and organising feed, bedding and hay, keeping the yard immaculate, maintaining the highest standard of turnout of horses. A thorough understanding of the day to day care of the hunting /event horse is essential including the ability to bring 2nd horses. Candidates must be able to do all fitness and basic schooling of all horses to a high level plus be able to hunt or ride around a hunter trial,further training available if interested. You must be able to lunge and school young horses. Communication and people skills essential as liasing with other Estate staff to run this lovely small yard in an estate environment is essential. Also there will be a necessity to manage other PT staff. Hours Oct-March are full on but halved April-Sept with pay and all Terms remaining the same year round! Caroline’s comments 🙂 This is a really super job for someone who works in a very professional manner but in a super friendly environment. If that describes you and you are looking for the long term then this would be a great opportunity for you. Very generous and somewhat negotiable remuneration if you are a really decent rider too!  Please contact Caroline& the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email                  
Job Description Work riders with previous experience of working in a racing yard.   Minimum Requirements Experienced Work Riders   Accommodation details This is a full time position and we have single accommodation available – sorry no pets allowed. We offer a Full Pension with Royal London. Benefits Pool Money (Stable Percentage) and regular opportunities to go racing. As per NTF Scales – age related  
*IRO £19- £20K pa *Live out (GL56A) *Riding available with good hacking and indooor and outdoor facilities if you are interested.   Groom/Rider required for a small family yard close to the GL56 postcode. The family enjoy a variety of disciplines and the family children and grandchildren ride too so a happy, fun environment with lots going on.    The ideal applicant will be a team-player & ideally but not essentially, light enough to ride slightly smaller horses/ponies 🙂   🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 A good wage, for a groom with some experience who is looking for a fun live out role with some flexibility on days and hours if required.  Please call Caroline and the  Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Job Description To provide care for the horses at home and assist with competition preparation to ensure the smooth running of the yard and facilities.   Minimum Requirements ABLE TO: Follow feeding, cleaning and water schedules set by Head/Competition Groom. Cleaning and maintenance of tack/leatherwork and other items including rugs, boots, bandages, etc. Other day to day tasks such as mucking out, feeding, turning out/in, lunging and preparing horses for exercise including knowledge of tack requirements for each horse. Communicate with vet, farrier, dentist, physio in absence of Head/Competition Groom or Owner. Assist in preparation for competitions, training and events. To cover specific tasks agreed when other staff absent. Ensure all tack and consumable repairs and requirements are noted and reported to Head/Competition Groom including bedding, feed, veterinary supplies. Report any maintenance issues to Head/Competition Groom/Owner. Assist in horse care and yard maintenance as required for all BOS horses. Ensure all fields are kept clear of droppings and poisonous plants and facing safe and effective. Lunging and Horse Walker familiarity for all horses. Act professionally, with discretion, courteously and effectively at all times To maintain effective and positive working relationships with staff, consultants, partner organisations, external organisations, sponsors and clients   DESIRABLE: Experience of handling youngstock and broodmares Experience of managing (unwell) horses and rehabilitation techniques and programmes   PERSONAL QUALITIES: Good communication skills Team Player who is also able to work in isolation on occasions Willing to undertake relevant additional training as required An eye for attention to detail Flexible and responds positively to new challenges   Accommodation details Shared Flat   Benefits 5 1/2 days per week Salary £18/20k per annum (dependant on experience) NEST Pension 28 days holiday per annum Sickness cover in line with Statutory Requirements Great Location Superb Facilities Fantastic Horses      
Live out, part time (IRO 3 hours a day) Family Groom required for a Yard with some fabulous horses who are produced in a slow and consistent fashion so they can achieve their potential, remaining with the same owner throughout their career and probably beyond 🙂 AFTERNOON SHIFT PLEASE 🙂 Maybe more hours in winter to suit both parties. This is an opportunity for a freelance Groom to fit in some work with other’assignments’  but will need to be  an experienced Groom rather than someone at the beginnning of their career. Small and friendly Team for 7 horses. 2 well bred yearlings (with a future in Dressage) 1 ridden horse, (11 years old mare ) hacking and basic schooling & confidence giver) 3 year old very well behaved and well bred stallion (His future direction tbc) welsh x pony companion 4 years old Mare 4 years old who may be an eventer/show jumper depending on how she develops. If you were a decent exercise rider/able to lunge minimum and if you are capable of more that would be fabulous! Employer has a busy life with 5 children and 4 still at home (15 year old son / 17 year old daughter/11 year old daughter/7 year old son). Owner does a bit of most things and enjoys being an owner and the fun that will come with that. Daughter (11 yo) enjoys showing and general riding. 7 year old son may or may not ride.  You must be capable of all aspects of stable work/horse management etc and sole charge when necessary, but also relaxed and happy to work with others. Please do call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Preparations for a very exclusive horse auction in the south of the Netherlands are in full swing. 2019 is the sixteenth edition and it promises to be a great equestrian spectacle again! The entire week prior to the auction is all about glitter, glamour, luxury and entertainment but the week of the auction itself is fast paced, hard work and an amazing opportunity to gain an invaluable insight.   We are looking for grooms to join our happy and motivated team from 1st October until the end of November 2o19. We specialize in horses at all levels ranging from unbroken up to Grand Prix. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and become part of this iconic event. Succesful applicants will receive comfortable accommodation on site and a competitive salary.       
Full Job Description can be downloaded (below under application form) Minimum Requirements We are looking for someone who is dedicated and enthusiastic!  Qualifications are not important to us, we are a small team and the candidate should be motivated, able to work alone or in a team and have a desire to ‘own it’! Ideally, candidates should be able to drive and have good general knowledge of basic equipment maintenance & repairs. The ability to self-manage and organise your daily work programme would be an advantage. Accommodation details Live out but accommodation might be available if necessary Benefits The opportunity to work in a beautiful environment & you will never be bored!  All the usual apply, good rates of pay, holiday pay, pension and all staff are issued with corporate uniform.
**We are adding to our Team!** This is an excellent opportunity to join our team!  We are looking for a confident, experienced rider for racehorses undergoing remedial programmes, competition horses from the private sector and pre-training for our own horses! Duties will include riding horses in our indoor round pen, trotting ring, gallops and around the village.  From time to time additional duties will include assisting our grooms during morning & evening stables, dressing horses over, putting horses on and off the horse walker, turning horses in and out, tacking up and various other duties. Full details available on request. As well as riding horses at our Stables, there are times when we take our jockeys to trainers yards, to racecourses and other external locations so this is an great opportunity to join a busy team – you will not be bored! Minimum Requirements We are looking for experienced, confident riders.  We take safety very seriously and have excellent facilities but experience is essential!  It’s not all about crazy horses – some are just young and very green so need a good rider to teach them and give them confidence!  We have other riders for lead horses and offer full support and training. We are able to offer a part time position if preferred, mornings only from 07.30hrs. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from candidates needing to bring dogs to the yard. Subsidised grass livery for own horses is available. Benefits Salary according to age & experience, 6 day week with 28 days holiday.  Corporate clothing provided and assistance with NVQ training with our Learning Provider.
We are looking for a Rider & a Groom to strengthen our existing team at our stables in the South of Holland. The succesful applicant(s) will receive a salary & their own appartment located on our property. We are looking for hard working people with a sense of humour and who enjoy working as part of a well organised team. Experience is not the most vital ingredient – motivation and a love of horses is.  Our yard comprises 45 stables with indoor and outdoor arenas. We have 7 members of staff most of whom live on site so it is important that the succesful applicant(s) can work as part of a team.    
*Career opportunity – Could consider someone in a trainee yard management capacity. * Salary IRO £21K neg. *Live out or live in   Full Time/ Part Time Yard Manager/Assistant Manager (trainee) required by a very successful Hanoverian dressage stud which breeds & produces quality British-bred dressage horses using top German bloodlines, is now looking for a hands on team player to be the owner’s right-hand person running the yard on a daily basis. You will work closely within a Team and alongside vets, physios, farrier etc. and manage the work of the team. Would consider someone in a trainee yard management capacity and training will be provided.     Ideally you will have experience of yard management, competition horses mares and young stock and you will be able to lunge/clip/turnout/handle young stock/muck out. Great opportunity for an existing Yard Manager or Grooms with basic performance horse or stud experience & who wish to have the best skills development training. Must be bright, have initiative and possess a good work ethic. Ideally interested in the world of breeding/performance horse training & development.   Whilst exercise riding could be available if you would like and are competent to do, this is primarily a non riding role with the focus being on Yard/Team/Horse management. 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 Now this is a position which is an outstanding career opportunity for someone who loves Dressage and wants to ‘step up’ and be involved in the management of a yard. Whilst you will be expected to roll up your sleeves and help with the day to day, you will work closely with the yard owner as her right hand person to keep things running as they should whilst she there and when she is away. At the top of their game, the standards are high and you will have to reach those in reasonable time, but there isn’t often an opportunity like this for advancement. If you are already doing the job at this level, then there is an opportunity to do this PT or to bring your skills to the table and add to this Team who are already enormously successful but poised for even greater things in the future!  Please contact Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email      
*Accommodation available *5 day week *Sensible hours *Dog a possibility *Live in or out Dressage Groom (mostly home and occasional competition grooming required) for Intermediate 1 level rider aiming for Grand Prix. 5/6 liveries also on site  Cheerful happy team to work alongside. This yard breeds performance horses too, so young stock handling experience useful . The position entails usual yard duties plus must be able to communicate well within the team and with the liveries. Training provided but must have some experience of handling and grooming performance horses of all ages & levels Caroline’s Comments 🙂 Interesting role, recommended by those who know it! Chance to work within a happy and motivated Team  would suit someone who loves all things Dressage and with some experience. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Salary IRO 1800 euros *All accommodation and food provided *Seasonal position with far reaching CV improving benefits! This world class service station and stud is looking for experienced stud hands for the forthcoming season to be based in Muhlen, Germany. Some prior experience important as some serious unmatched warmblood breeding stock is involved in this operation names such as  Balou du Rouet, whose offspring’s prize money makes millions plus Sandro Hit plus stallions Fürstenball, Vivaldi, Bordeaux, Foundation, Vitalis, Sir Donnerhall I and Diarado were amongst the leading group of all German stallions according to the German FN’s 2016 predicted breeding value statistics. Last year stallions from Mühlen once again dominated the Oldenburg Elite Mare show and of the twelve mares presented, seven of them were daughters of this yard’s stallions, including the winner Candy OLD by Sir Donnerhall I. The list goes on and on and on! 🙂 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 This is a commercial environment where the opportunity to learn is awesome but not for anyone who gets homesick or doesn’t feel comfortable in the commercial end of the horse world. The horses you will encounter are world class and it will certainly add to the breadth and depth of anyone’s experience. Fast paced and exciting in so many ways. A real ‘one off experience’ to add to the CV!    Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730 or email  
Salary 8.5 Euros/negotiable dependent on experience with no food/accommodation or utilities to pay. You will need some experience grooming competition horses One of the Most Professional SJ yards in the world – Learn your trade with the best and secure your Grooming future with a hands on job. All you need is a passport and an adventurous spirit! Enthusiasm and dedication to work along side the best horses, riders and horse people.This opportunity would be GREAT FUN and a second to none experience which would guarantee your career anywhere you chose in the future both home and abroad. A rare insight into world class horses, world class facilities and a truly remarkable experience for any groom seriously interested in getting to the top of their game. Whilst there are considerable opportunities for advancement and promotion possibilities if you wish to remain in Germany. 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 This is a commercial environment where the opportunity to learn is awesome but not for anyone who gets homesick or doesn’t feel comfortable in the commercial end of the horse world. The horses you will encounter are world class and it will certainly add to the breadth and depth of anyone’s experience. Fast paced and exciting in so many ways. A real ‘one off experience’ to add to the CV!    Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Small dog welcome *Very fair wage negotiable Enthusiastic and experienced live out groom/rider sought for lovely family hunting yard in a beautiful part of the country. All usual groom and yard duties to work alongside two other cheerful members of staff who recommend the yard and themselves! Regular hunting in the season, and low level competing in the summer. Good rider essential to cope with large, fit horses, happy to take instruction, and able to turn horses out to the highest standard. Experience required in cleaning tack, plaiting, clipping. Friendly team but should be able to work on own initiative when required. Please call Caroline Carter & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
*Stunning Cotswold location *IRO £350pw *Flat with no bills! *5 day week Our client events her horses at all levels (BE90 – 4*)and has some fabulous advanced horses as well as some “up and coming” youngsters.This role is suitable for an experienced Groom who enjoys the competition environment but prefers mostly home grooming. Relevant experience ideal including yard/stable/performance horse management. Young stock experience also as a few young horses brought in from time to time to bring on. Must be able to turnout to a good basic level. Must be passionate about horses and their care. 🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 This is a nice job for a real Team player who enjoys the world of eventing. High standards and busy event yard where everyone pulls together and enjoys themselves. Considerate employer who looks after her staff. Would consider someone slightly more junior and train up but should have eventing/performance horse experience. Please call Caroline & the Team  on 0203 006 5730 or email  
*2 bed flat *5 day week *Dog considered *IRO £375 pw per role + accommodation (neg). Working couple Required ( Groom/Rider + general maintenance/Person Friday duties). Lovely lifestyle role for a suitable couple to help manage a private home and yard for a large family who split their week between London and the country and sometimes are abroad for a few weeks at a time. Must be experienced and have good people and communication skills. Would suit a friendly, relaxed but very responsible couple. Working couple Role(s) involves working with another and PT help : General Groom/rider duties to a high standard. Sole charge and working with others Help with horse and the other animals (5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 chickens, 2 geese, 3 ducks) Looking after and walking and feeding the dogs when the family are away (usually 2-3 nights in London weekly, plus longer holidays) Maintenance for the yard, the house and the garden:  fence mending, taking care of the pool, helping keep vehicles maintained and clean, etc Keen gardener to do mowing, weeding, raking, hedge trimming, and minor tree surgery, planning and planting the borders and walled vegetable garden· Housekeeper/cleaning duties including organising & cooking healthy interesting meals mostly at the weekend.  🙂 Caroline’s comments 🙂 Nice opportunity for a couple who enjoy taking charge of a family home, yard and the animals and all facilities therein.  Pls call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email    

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