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Eventing Grooms and Eventing Groom Jobs

If you love cross-country and a fast-paced life maybe a career in eventing is for you? What do you know the role of Eventing Grooms and Eventing Groom jobs? Do you have the relevant skills and experience? Do you want to gain them? Becky Parker takes us through the typical duties of a professional Eventing Groom...

Equine Apprenticeship Myths - BUSTED!

This week The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is really excited to announce our partnership with Educ8 Training. There is much more to come, but let's make a start with an article from Linda Hudson, Head of Business Development at Educ8 Training, setting the scene for us at launch by busting some common myths that often stop employers, would-be apprentices, and even parents from considering an equine apprenticeship.

The Grooms List teams up with Educ8 Training

The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is proud to join forces with Educ8 Equine to blend decades of solid recruitment experience with world-class apprenticeship schemes to facilitate and deliver excellence in equestrian workplace training. Via this trailblazing venture, we will be able to make a truly positive impact on the future of equestrian employment nationwide. We will jointly empower and inspire the GROOMS OF THE FUTURE via Apprenticeships, to achieve their true potential across a wide range of equestrian career options; thus safeguarding our industry for the future.

Become a Professional Rider - The Grooms List

We regularly see young job seekers registering with us alight with dreams of finding the opportunity to become a professional rider. They think being paid to ride other people's horses full time, minimal to no mucking out... the PERFECT job!!! BUT  is that truly realistic and attainable for everyone just because they want it, and is it always all it's cracked up to be? Take a look at this week's insight into the ups and downs of this much sought after dream job and let us show you how you might achieve it, either fully or to varying degrees...

Have you got what it takes to become a horse riding instructor - The Grooms List

The qualities required to be an excellent Horse Riding Instructor are both obvious and subtle. The truly gifted ones seem to remain etched in our memories forever - I could reel off a shortish list right now in a heartbeat. They weren't all perfect, some far from it, but the ones that really influenced me all had one thing in common, insight; they changed me and my relationship with my horse and as a consequence my riding forever. This week Becky Parker looks at the traditional Horse Riding Instructor role and gives you an opportunity to see if it is...

County Shows

County shows are an integral part of rural life and a real opportunity for the wider agricultural community to come together and showcase their talents, produce and passion for what they do. For the equine world, county shows provide something for all levels and a huge variety of disciplines. For the amateur rider, just qualifying for a county show is a big deal and something they will work towards and see as a highlight of the season. For professional/competitive riders county shows are the all-important qualifiers for their bigger classes at HOYS/RI (Horse Of The Year Show/Royal International) and an equally...

Understanding Holiday Entitlement in the Equine Industry

We all know horses don't look after themselves, and it appears that this may lead to some confusion at times regarding holiday entitlement in the equine industry. I have been sent a lot of employment contracts from equestrian employers and employees over the years and sometimes they seem on point but occasionally are varying degrees of well, wide of the mark. Whether you're an employer or an employee, don't make assumptions about holiday entitlement, make sure you know the law!

What are Dressage Grooms and Dressage Groom Jobs

For most of us, certain horse sports are of particular interest whether we have competed ourselves or merely enjoy following the sport at shows and on TV, but for career grooms it often provides a career pathway in which the groom can become specialised. But in order to become a successful, professional groom you must genuinely appreciate, if not love the discipline you are devoting your working life to. In this article we take a look at the role of the dressage groom...

Are you ready to be a Sole Charge Groom

Sole charge groom positions can be sole charge for just some of the time when other team members are away, or the job can be fully sole charge 100% of the time, but both scenarios require specific skills and qualities to perform to expectation and the satisfaction of all involved. This can be a hugely rewarding, career-enhancing experience, but it can also challenging. It’s important when applying for such a position that you are suitably equipped in all respects to fulfil the obligations that go with the territory which are sometimes apparent but, in my experience, often are not and can...

5 rules of successful equestrian recruitment client-agency relationships - get the results you want

In my experience, most employers want to find an equestrian recruitment agency with whom they can form an enduring relationship to weather the storm we all find ourselves in currently. But this isn’t always that straightforward. Following are five tips to building a strong relationship from the moment you have decided to entrust your job vacancy with Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd and our services, including The Grooms List.


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