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How Coronavirus Affects Equine Recruitment

Yesterday evening the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new, tighter restrictions on the movement and activities of individuals in Britain. As the no.1 equestrian recruitment agency, we're keen that everyone understands how coronavirus affects equine recruitment, in order that disruption may be kept to a minimum while keeping everyone safe. This morning we have taken advice directly from the Government on how yards can cope with their staffing needs throughout this surreal and unprecedented time.

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Spring Forward in the Equine Industry

Is it just me or has this been an especially long winter this year? Anyway enough of all that, Spring is about to be sprung and we couldn’t be happier at the prospect of tiptoeing through the tulips in 2020! In amongst all the horsey loveliness of Spring, a real highlight for me is the arrival of our beloved Swallows with their “let’s get the party started” vibe. The uplift they provide as they arrive tired but jubilant never fails to lift my spirits. Guest Blogger Kelly Wallace Horne has seen many a horse through many a Winter:Spring season transitions both as a horse owner and professional Show Jumping groom. Following are just some of the seasonal ups and downs those of us who work with horses will know!

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Coronavirus – useful information

Given the huge coverage of Coronavirus (COVID-19)  in the UK news, unless you have been on a completely different planet, it's highly unlikely that you've never heard of it or have no idea what it is. 🙂 At this point we really don't know is how it might affect the equine industry, and in particular, those working in the equine industry. Here, we gather together some basic information on Coronavirus, along with links to further useful information.

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What is a Workplace Pension?

Since April 2017, it's compulsory that all eligible employees receive a Workplace Pension as part of their employment contract, and this applies to grooms working in the equine industry. There is still a lot of confusion surrounding Workplace Pensions, who is eligible for one and who should be paying into one. So, what is a workplace pension? What does this mean? Who should expect to receive one? We have put together a simple guide to answer 10 common questions regarding Workplace Pensions in the equine industry

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The National Living Wage increase in 2020

The 1st April 2020 sees what the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has called the “the biggest ever cash boost” to those earning the National Living Wage: 6.2% - four times the rate of inflation. This is inevitably going to receive a mixed response, with workers looking forward to a boost to their income and some employers struggling to meet these new legal requirements. In this article, we outline the changes and how they affect workers and employers in the equine industry.

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Equestrian Employers Association Employer Conference 2020

Caroline Carter Recruitment is delighted to support the Equestrian Employers Association Employer Conference, on 25th February 2020. Caroline Carter is a guest speaker at the conference, answering your questions on the staffing challenges with the equine workplace in the session, How to attract, recruit and retain excellent staff. Caroline says, "I am really looking forward to this conference. It represents a groundbreaking opportunity to eyeball the ‘issues of the day’ surrounding attracting, recruiting and retaining staff. With a recruitment industry ‘in crisis,’ we must all grasp these opportunities to look at strategies which could positively impact change." Read on to find out more about this interesting event and its aims...

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Brexit – Information for Employers and Grooms in the Equine Industry

As Great Britain leaves the European Union at 11pm on 31st January 2020 and "Brexit" dominates our news headlines, what can we expect within the equine industry? As an international recruitment agency, we place many British Grooms in jobs within the EU, and many EU citizens into jobs within Great Britain, so... what about information for Employers and Grooms in the equine industry?

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The National Minimum Wage and Living Wage

In April every year, at the end of one Tax Year and the start of the next, the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage increases. This is important for everyone in the equine industry - employers and employees alike. Equestrianism is a notoriously low-pay industry in terms of hourly salary, and salaries are frequently, if not always, topped up with extras, bonuses and tidbits. But in reality, how lawful are we in doing this without the advice and guidance of accountants and tax specialists? And what are the consequences of getting it wrong? The UK Government has strict laws regarding the minimum sum of money any individual can receive in return for work done and it can be confusing at least, a minefield at worst, when remunerating staff not just fairly, but legally too.  In this article, I asked guest blogger Kelly Wallace Horne to take a timely look, and research answers to basic questions for both employers and employees regarding the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage and to highlight common misconceptions within the equine industry regarding wages, remuneration packages and the law.

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Equine Jobs with Accommodation

The provision of accommodation with an equine job can be a grey area for both employers and employees, with so many varying arrangements from yard to yard and job role to job role. Get it wrong and at the very least an employer struggles to find and keep staff, the employee loses out on their salary entitlement and, worst case scenario, the employer and employee find themselves in very hot water. Here we attempt to put a complex matter into as simple terms as possible, regarding the provision of accommodation with a job, based on situations regularly seen within the equine industry.

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New Year, New Career!

Traditionally, New Year is THE key time to commit to making positive changes in your life. One New Years Resolution might be to get a better-paid job, achieve a better work-life balance, acquire new skills, or generally get more job satisfaction. Looking at the New Year ahead, a blank canvas ready for you to make those changes, what can you do to achieve those career goals?

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