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Equine Jobseekers Frequently Asked Questions

Equine Jobseekers:

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell the more info we have about you and your work history the better chance you have of being contacted by potential employers and getting a job. You can only apply for one of our job vacancies if you are registered, and it’s a legal requirement for us to “partner” with you in your job searching endeavours.

As you go through the registration process the website prompts you to create a “Jobseekers Profile”, containing all the relevant information required by employers looking for equine employees.  You can then:

  1.  Search, save and apply for any equine job vacancies
  2.  Add your own “job alerts”, so you are alerted by email as suitable jobs are added to the website
  3. We can quickly match you with suitable equine job vacancies

Please see our jobseekers user guide for guidance on finding your way around The Grooms List website.

Absolutely nothing! 😊 Registration for job seekers is completely free of charge, and all services offered to job seekers by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd and on The Grooms List website are completely free of charge.

In order for us and potential employers to assess your suitability for an equine job we need to know about your previous experience and the type of job you are looking for.

Employers search and select candidates to contact if they like the look of the information in your job seekers profile. The more detailed, relevant information you add, the quicker your applications will move and the more likely you are to be contacted by an Employer and ultimately stand a better chance of landing your dream job!

We also use the information contained in your Jobseekers Profile to match candidates with suitable jobs, so it is very important that you don’t leave any information out. Don’t forget to add some photos, and also a video of you riding, if you are looking for a job with riding.

Your CV provides useful, chronological information about your job start and finish dates – all vital info to a potential employer. To speed up your job applications and give yourself the best possible chance of being shortlisted and selected for a job interview you need to take the time to complete your Jobseekers Profile and your CV. Making a CV and keeping it up to date is time well spent. You can read guidance on writing an equine CV here. Download our CV template here, and you can find more information on the importance of your CV here.

You can, but you must be registered with a complete and up to date Jobseekers Profile in order to apply for a job vacancy that is advertised on The Grooms List. In order to progress your job applications you must agree to our Terms of Business and formally provide your job application details in advance (i.e. your Jobseekers Profile). You can read more about this in our Terms of Business and our Privacy Policy.

Most employers will ask for references, so you need to add these to your Jobseekers Profile (name/telephone number/email address). These can only be viewed by our team and will never be passed to an employer without your express permission. Don’t forget to ask your past employers for a permission to give their number to future employers. You can find more information on reference checks here.

That is up to you. Job seekers can easily hide their details from the search results on The Grooms List, so only the team at Caroline Carter Recruitment knows you are registered with us. If you are keen to explore all possibilities of finding work you can make your Jobseekers Profile visible in the search results. This way employers can find your details and approach you with an offer of work.

Only employers who have a current subscription to The Grooms List have access to your contact details. Employers can send you a private message on The Grooms List, or they can phone or email you using the information in your Jobseekers Profile. Your personal and contact details are not publicly visible on The Grooms List job board, and all registered employers have agreed to our Terms of Business, too.

There are links and search boxes throughout The Grooms List website, enabling you to preview all current job vacancies. You can filter the job vacancies using the search options (to the right of the results list on a computer, underneath if you’re using a mobile phone). There are plenty of options to use to filter relevant jobs, and you can use any combination of options to find the right job for you. You can start searching for jobs vacancies here.

There is an “Apply” button at the bottom of every job advert on The Grooms List website. You need to have a Jobseekers Profile in order to apply for jobs advertised on The Grooms List website. You can add your Jobseekers Profile here.

If you have recently added or updated your Jobseekers Profile your profile will be pending approval by a member of our team. To safeguard you, we “approve” all applications to join the website. To check where your registration is in progress, visit Manage My Profile and see if your Jobseekers Profile is marked as pending. Profile changes are usually approved within a few hours. If you are waiting for your profile changes to be approved so you can apply for a job, please contact us to alert us that you are waiting.

We will never send your personal information to anyone else without your express permission, or unless you have applied for their job vacancy. From time to time, if we think you might be suitable for a specific job, we may contact you to discuss a particular vacancy in order to ascertain your interest.

If  the Caroline Carter Recruitment team is handling the applications for a specific job we will usually get back to you within 1/2 working days. If the employer is handling their own job applications it will depend on the individual employer. If you would like us to follow up your application to a particular employer please contact us. You can help speed up your application process by ensuring you follow our guidelines for getting your job application accepted quickly.

The team at The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd are keen to deliver the best service to both job seekers and employer alike. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance in this regard. You can read our advice on negotiating a salary package here.

Caroline Carter Recruitment Ltd is a registered Recruitment Agency with an online Job Board called The Grooms List. If you accept employment with an employer via The Grooms List website you are employed by that person/yard/business directly. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand your terms of employment, have an appropriate employment contract, insurance and any relevant paperwork you need. We would be happy to advise so do contact us if assistance is required, we can help generally but if more specialist advise is required, we can put you in touch with the relevant individuals/association. You can read useful information and advice on employment matters in our articles and blogs here.

You must understand the terms of employment that will influence your salary package. Things like minimum wage, working time directives, sickness, maternity and holiday entitlements. Then there will be other considerations, such as accommodation, household bills, horse keep, training, use of car, etc. If working abroad you must establish what entry visas and work permits are necessary. You can read useful information and advice on employment matters in our articles and blogs here, and find further information via our list of useful links. You may also benefit from becoming a member of the British Grooms Association.

We are always happy to help and advise you. Our contact details are:

0203 006 5730 / 07747 686118


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