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A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wishlist…

What an equine Groom wants!

Last week we took a sneaky peek at an equine employers ‘wish list’, this week we thought we would do the same (only fair!) to give those employers who might need it, a gentle nudge towards a better understanding of what grooms are looking for when they make a job move. New Years Resolutions for Equestrian Jobseekers - caravan

It is surprising how often we come across bewildered employers wondering why they are still groom-less months down the line. Apart from the fact that the reality is that good grooms are in really short supply, often on further investigation into the job vacancy details the reasons can be somewhat closer to home.

Most employers these days understand that no matter how beautiful your yard is and lovely the horses are, if your accommodation is a shoe-boxed sized mice infested caravan with no central heating (dramatic emphasis!) you are unlikely to attract the kind of groom you are looking for, or indeed any groom, with or without 3 horses, 4 dogs and a magpie (yes, really) in tow!

Our team compilation of an equine grooms ‘wishlist’ is not designed to be an exhaustive list by any means, but it does pretty much cover the spectrum of what myself and my experienced team have heard over the years, I hope it helps.




A Sneaky Peek at an equine Grooms Wishlist…

by The Grooms List team


A Sneak Peak at an equine Grooms Wish List - A Positive Work EnvironmentA positive work environment…

Any experienced groom knows that the make or break of a dream job is how well they are likely to get on with their boss and the team they are working with.  At an interview, a potential new employee should be keen to chat to any existing staff you have to learn the most about how the day works, the horses and what you are like as an employer etc. Amongst other deal-making or deal-breaking points, they should want to see that this is a happy yard, with smiley people who enjoy working together and chat easily and openly with each other, with no tense undercurrent or atmosphere.

They will also want to spend time with you so, if possible, don’t delegate the interview process – please do try your level best to meet any potential new employee and ideally spend time with them before you offer them a job. We always advise job seekers not to accept a job without this opportunity, otherwise, in our experience, it rarely ends well. Of course, if you are a larger organisation this is less practical but as much meet and greet time, and time spent getting to know everyone, is never time badly spent.


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Work Life BalanceWork : Life balance

‘Reasonable’ working hours, accommodating requests with regards to time off within statutory holiday entitlement, at least and enough staff for the number of horses on the yard can make a real difference to the appeal of a job.

These days, the  obvious preference will always be for a 5 day week. This is especially the case if the job seeker has responsibilities outside of work or, understandably, just wants to take life a little easier. 5 day weeks and as regular as possible hours are hugely desirable and can really make a difference to the number of applicants you will receive for your vacancy. A 5.5  day week is a compromise for sure and not uncommon, but a real ‘job filling attribute’ is always the 5 day week!

Now don’t shoot the messenger but, it has to be said, many employers still insist on a 6 day week and some, not infrequently, expect their staff to work every weekend, and every Bank Holiday including Christmas and New Year ad infinitum! In the days of Downton Abbey, this was generally accepted but not so much these days. Job seekers will often ‘swerve’ such an all-consuming commitment in favour of a position which offers time away, to keep fresh and healthy, and to be free at least sometimes at the same time as friends and relatives.  Now, we know in certain disciplines eg: hunting and some of the more full-on competitive yards, 6 day weeks are ‘de rigueur’ during the season. However, there is often flexibility and downtime out of season and that needs to be highlighted to applicants in your job vacabcy adverts, discussions and borne out when they speak to other employees on your yard.

Some employers still want all-year-round 6 day, full-on weeks, which will inevitably take a toll on employees and will make a lot of grooms reluctant to get involved, in favour of jobs offering some respite and flexibility.  ‘All work and no play’  seems to result, all too often, in physically and mentally exhausted individuals who cannot always give their best in the medium and longer term.  We see time and time again the consequences of this arrangement, which negatively affects the Groom, the employer and their family, the horses, visiting farriers, vets, liveries etc.

Some employers tell me they have no choice other than to offer a 6 day week as getting day off cover can be difficult. We have a good selection of Freelance Grooms only too happy to step in and help their fellow grooms under such circumstances!  When you buy a subscription to The Grooms List don’t forget you can add up to 3 vacancies at once – why not advertise for both at the same time? Why not also take a look at our comprehensive list of Freelance Grooms that could bridge that critical gap for days off/holidays etc.

Cautionary note: Increasing numbers of grooms seem to come out of permanent employment in favour of working as a Freelance Groom citing one of the main reasons being to be able to dictate their days/hours. The writing might be on the wall if we don’t, as an industry, address this sooner rather than later.


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - A fair wageA fair wage, a legal employment contract, pension and payroll.

It’s important for employers to be mindful of the difference between a legal wage and a FAIR wage, i.e. a wage that reflects the groom’s skill and experience.  For example, an experienced groom going into a Head Groom’s role these days can command a wage of £400 per week including accommodation and bills. Anything less than that and you could find your job vacancy details are non-competitive for the top grooms, who rightly know their worth these days. That being said there are a lot of less experienced, not so good job seekers trying to earn the same! Clearly, you need to be mindful of that in your interviewing processes. Most employers these days are well aware of the obligation to pay a legal wage but if you need a quick refresher please click here.

A contract of employment is an agreement which governs the employment relationship between an employer and employee and is a must these days. Although there is no legal requirement to issue a written contract of employment, there is a legal requirement to issue a “written statement of particulars of employment” within the first two months of employment. This non-negotiable document provides a legal framework so all parties understand and agree to their obligations. It provides security and peace of mind to all involved, and who doesn’t want that? Do check out these useful links:

As an employer, it pays in all the obvious ways to be on top of your obligations as an employer in all regards, and the regulation of this is becoming tighter each year. All employees these days are buoyed by an employer who is on board with this and increasingly swerve and highlight those who are not. If you need to know more or want a refresher do check out requirements concerning pensions and on payroll processes.

A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Somewhere nice to liveAppropriate accommodation…

Most Head Grooms would be looking for 1 or 2 bed private cottage/house/flat with some form of garden space. Many want their own space away from, but near to the yard. Shared accommodation can work but it depends on who you are trying to attract to your vacancy. Some younger grooms seem to prefer to share accommodation but experience tells us you can’t always generalise. Not many grooms these days seem to want to live in the employers home or with shared facilities, it can be a real ‘turn off’ when it comes to maximising applications for a job vacancy.

If you are looking for a groom with some proper paid experience under his/her belt it is inevitable that your ideal candidate is not going to be a school leaver or college graduate, and that your candidate is going to come with additions, be they in the form of a partner, pets and sometimes, (shock, horror!) even children 😉. It cannot be expected that grooms remain “lone rangers” travelling light all their lives. Therefore, if you are looking for an established, experienced groom, if it’s at all possible it’s a very good idea to at least consider providing some flexibility with accommodation. We know it can be easier said than done in many, many instances but it really does help to give you the pick of the best available grooms. Providing a groom is in a stable long-term relationship and their partner will be able to find full-time work in the area, childcare covered etc., allowing them to live in your accommodation can, in fact, be a positive thing. It most likely suggests they are in a mature, secure place in their life where they are likely to want to settle long term. Some employers unexpectedly end up employing the partner too, and it can be a very useful and happy arrangement!



A Sneak Peak at an equine Grooms Wish List - to be able to bring their own horse and pets

Pets welcome!

At the end of the day, the reason most young people become grooms is because they are animal lovers. As the years go by it is inevitable they will begin to collect a few of their own, (yes we know some do go to extremes!) Many grooms like to make their new role their home and taking their fur-family with them is essential for security and/or companionship. Some job seekers travel a long way from friends and family, and we all need them to be happy; with ground rules and boundaries in place, it can work really well.

For many ambitious grooms, owning their own horse is also the only way they can fulfil their own competition aspirations and even have the opportunity to receive training on the job. Allowing an employee to keep their own pets and/or horse can really increase stickability in your job role and improve your relationship no end. We hear many employers reluctant to take a horse because they have experience of previous grooms neglecting the employer’s horses in favour of the groom’s own, or just skimping on the job generally for the same reason. However, we know lots of prospective grooms who absolutely do not do this and have a proven track record of getting that balance right. Again, ground rules need to be agreed up front so expectations are clear, and so this issue need not arise at all.

In our experience, with the right individual, it is a case of “if you give a little, you get a lot back in return”. The grooms who seem to do the least amount of clock watching are those with employers who do not turn a blind eye to their groom’s needs and are empathic enough to structure legal win:win employment arrangements that pay back in spades. If you do find issues arising despite clear communication and instruction then you have the wrong groom and it is probably time to have a rethink!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Perks of the jobJob perks…

This is a very individual thing for each groom but it is essentially just the opportunity to do whichever part of the job they enjoy the most with some frequency. It can be a number of things, but most commonly this is riding, which could be a little exercise riding, schooling, lessons or often just hacking out, even if it is only a few times a week. It might also be Competition grooming, be it in the UK or abroad. This gives variation to the job and the chance to see what all the hard work at home is for, and a real sense of satisfaction when the horse and rider do well. The odd day out hunting for hunt grooms is also a major bonus and sure to keep team morale high.

When managing people and motivating them it is vital to find out what each individual values in terms of job perks up front and to provide just that; if you can’t provide it, well, you have to ask yourself if is this is a sustainable and positive long-term arrangement for everyone. If not, it may be that you need a rethink to ensure a sustainable, long-term, positive working relationship. Job satisfaction is everything for the majority of grooms as, let’s face it, if they were a groom for the sake of just having a job and the money there are much easier options available. Also, it’s no fun having a dissatisfied, disgruntled employee knocking around the place, for you or your horses, team etc.!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Career GrowthOpportunity to progress…

Linking to our last point, to motivate employees our job is to find out what each individual hopes to achieve, and provide just that. It isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all or indeed just offering what we feel they need to develop although, of course, that has to come into the equation.

For younger grooms, providing some opportunity to gain qualifications/move up the ranks within the team/receive riding tuition/space on the lorry to take their own horse to shows can really encourage them to stay with the team long term. If you are sure of their loyalty putting them through their HGV can benefit all parties. For all grooms, ensuring they stay on a competitive wage as the cost of living rises and/or considering yearly, seasonal and/or sales related bonuses can give your job role that added appeal.

Regular communication to ascertain what opportunities an individual will value, and checking in over time that everything is on the right lines avoids us making sweeping generalisations, which are dangerous because it allows us to think we’re doing the right things, when, in fact, we’re not. Look out for easy-to-spot signs of ‘disgruntlement’ for clues you might not be on the right lines!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Feeling ValuedFeeling valued…

While money and perks are all well and good, the day to day bread and butter that will entice grooms towards you and then keep them with you is the feeling of being a valued member of the team. Small things like remembering to say please and thank you, even when you are stressed, acknowledging birthdays and Christmas, or just a job well done if the yard is looking particularly smart, a horse is turned out immaculately or a horse a groom rides regularly is feeling extra well. Noticing and acknowledging hard work, even in just the smallest of ways, is always appreciated by all of us. That being said, again the one size fits all approach isn’t always appropriate! It  has to be said, some people enjoy public praise, others cringe when made the centre of attention and might appreciate just a quiet word of thanks. When you are managing others your job is to find out what makes the greatest impact for each individual, and provide just that.

Communication is key – we all like to feel special once in a while. Do schedule in some quality time to give and receive feedback and to just, well – er – bond!


Before setting out on your search for a new groom, be clear in your mind what the most important points are for you. Know what you are willing to compromise on, by how much and at what point in proceedings. Be clear on what points are non-negotiable from the start but give that some really serious thought. We would always strongly recommend that potential employees go for, at minimum, a two day trial before anything is set in stone as this gives both parties a chance to see if the arrangement is likely to work out for them. For more information, see our article What is a job trial and why should I attend one?  

Final word: There is much bad press out there about the working relationship between grooms and employers and we don’t buy into the “them and us” approach as if we are from two different planets. We hear the good and the bad and there is still a great deal to be positive about! Quite often, the whole recruitment process could be simpler and quicker if both parties just took a step back and looked at things from the other sides point of view, and The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment do a lot on a day to day basis to facilitate that. Have a look at our article 5 Tips for a Successful Employer:Agency Relationship to see how we can work together for a successful recruitment drive.

With the right groom:employer mix you will be working alongside your team, sometimes quite literally, towards shared common goals.  The world we live in is constantly changing and so too is the equine industry. We should all do what we can to go with these changes and embrace them so we can all get what need to fully enjoy our lives with our horses in this modern age… if only job seekers would answer their phones to prospective employers, (that’s providing you are trying to call them outside of working hours of course!)😉

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Job Description We are seeking to hire a freelance groom to help with the running of our busy eventing yard. Newly refurbished accommodation is available on-site, if required. Must be experienced working with fit competition horses as well as being able to do all routine tasks i.e. clipping, plaiting etc to a high standard Minimum Requirements Ideally a minimum of 2 years competition grooming.   Accommodation details Newly refurbished shared accommodation is available on the yard.   Benefits For the right candidate, there is the possibility to bring your own horse  
Job Description We are a fun family run 8 horse team with horses ranging from 3yos to 3 star. This is a brilliant opportunity to join a team with some exciting expansion plans in the next year along with working with some wonderful horses in a professional environment. The position will be ▪️6 day week ▪️Include all yard duties expected on a competition yard. ▪️Some hacking and lunging, also possible to help take horses up the gallops for the right candidate. ▪️It is a live in position with your own private accommodation. ▪️Best suited to someone who who has ambitions to further their training and education in the Eventing world and has high standards of turnout and takes pride in their work. Minimum Requirements The successful candidate should be 🔸Kind, quiet and caring 🔸Conscientious, work to very high standards, good time keeping skills and be willing to learn 🔸Be observant with good communication skills 🔸Self motivated and happy to work by themselves and as part of a team 🔸Trustworthy and dedicated to be entrusted with sole charge 🔸Competent to lunge and to hack fit competition horses 🔸Have an understanding of the sport and the attention to detail it takes to look after high level competition horses. 🔸Be enthusiastic, have a love for the job and most importantly LOVE horses Accommodation details Private and modern onsite accommodation. All bills included. Benefits Rider is a UKCC Level 2 coach and has passed her Pony Club A Test. You can receive regular training and mentoring with your horse. Support can also be given to those who are wanting to take their Pony Club or BHS tests.  We will provide as much training and support as possible to the successful candidate to help them further their education and career in the Eventing world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the position.
Job Description This is an exciting opportunity for a person who is interested in combining a trainee Equine Groom’s role with developing their teaching skills.  Opportunity to ride and develop your own riding.   The successful candidate will enjoy working with children and ideally will have some basic horse care skills already but this is not essential.   You will be a great team player who is willing undertake all yard duties in all weathers whilst learning and developing your own skills and knowledge. There are other apprentices at the yard and the employer is committed to great training and staff development.  You’ll also have help and guidance from your Educ8 Training Apprenticeship Trainer Coach and there is the opportunity to progress to Level 3 on successful completion of your Level 2 Apprenticeship. This large and well run equestrian centre, with fantastic facilities, is a BHS Approved Centre and listed in the BHS Where To Train.  It is also an Approved Pony Club Centre and a Registered Riding for the Disabled Group so there’s always lots going on including Pony Club Camps and rallies, competitions etc!  Offering a full range of livery, schooling and competition facilities including indoor school, fully lit outdoor manege, horse walker, cross country course and spa.  Based on a large National Trust Estate, between Highworth and Coleshill on the Wiltshire / Oxfordshire border, with off road riding and river crossings through beautiful Wiltshire countryside. 4 day week with regular shifts and three consecutive days off.   Minimum Requirements Applicants will ideally have GCSE maths and English at A-C/9-4 although strong candidates with lower grades will also be considered so long as there is a clear commitment to studying  Level 2 Functional Skills in maths and English as part of the apprenticeship. NB own transport or 100% reliable lift are essential as this location is not on a bus route     Accommodation details N/A    
Job Description This is an exciting opportunity for a person who is interested in combining a trainee Senior Groom’s role with developing their teaching skills.  Opportunity to ride and develop your own riding.   The successful candidate will have already achieved their Level 2 Apprenticeship or have at least one year’s experience working full time in the industry and be ready to step up to Level 3 with increased responsibilities.  You will be a great team player who is willing undertake all yard duties in all weathers whilst learning and developing your own skills and knowledge.  You’ll benefit from the guidance of the Yard Manager and Assistant Yard Manager and as well as your Educ8 Training Apprenticeship Trainer Coach. This large and well run equestrian centre, with fantastic facilities, is a BHS Approved Centre and listed in the BHS Where To Train.  It is also an Approved Pony Club Centre and a Registered Riding for the Disabled Group so there’s always lots going on!  Offering a full range of livery, schooling and competition facilities including indoor school, fully lit outdoor manege, horse walker, cross country course and spa.  Based on a large National Trust Estate, between Highworth and Coleshill on the Wiltshire / Oxfordshire border, with off road riding and river crossings through beautiful Wiltshire countryside. 5 day week with regular shifts and two consecutive days off. Minimum Requirements At least one year’s prior experience working full time in the equine industry. Applicants should ideally have GCSE English and Maths grades A – C/9-4 although strong applicants with slightly lower grades will be considered providing they are committed to achieving Level 2 Functional Skills in English and Maths as part of this apprenticeship. NB own transport essential unless you have access to 100%reliable lifts as the location is not on a bus route.   Accommodation details N/A   Benefits Wage according to age, experience and qualifications  
Job Description At this Polo Club the passion for horses and polo drives all that we do and it’s been the home of high quality coaching and polo in the South West since 2004. The Club trains a wide range of polo players from complete beginners to international players.  We also work closely with schools and university polo teams who train here and there are matches running throughout the year as we run both summer and winter polo. We look after over 120 horses at either work, rest or play. This includes school ponies, ponies playing professional polo at all levels, hirelings, full and part liveries, horses on holiday, broodmares, foals, a stallion and youngsters in training. We offer: – Full livery – Schooling & Training – Holiday/ Grass Livery – Individual Horse Clinics/ Problem Solving – Polo Pony Hire Each groom takes care of 5-6 polo ponies under the guidance and support of the yard manager and senior staff.  It’s a busy yet and fun environment with a great team and a fantastic team spirit. Your daily routine will mainly be mucking out, exercising, tacking up, preparing for lessons and matches, etc and you’ll need to be fit and willing to undertake physical work outdoors in all weathers. This position could be for a Level 2 Apprentice starting out in their equine career.  Equally we will consider someone who has achieved their Level 2 or has at least 1 year’s experience working in the equine industry full time (not necessarily polo) who seeks the chance to step up to increased responsibility and develop knowledge as a Level 3 Senior Groom.  There is great opportunity for a successful candidate to progress – this is a full time, permanent role. Although no prior experience of polo is needed (we will teach you all there is to know about polo!) you should have some basic horse care skills and be confident handling and riding fit competition horses.    Minimum Requirements GCSE English and maths grades A-C/9-4 (strong candidates with lower grades will be considered but must be committed to working towards Functional Skills Level 2 maths and English as part of the apprenticeship)     Accommodation details Free on site accommodation (own room) with all bills and WIFI included   Benefits Free accommodation Lots of riding opportunity  
*Live out position *Professional but fun environment *Absolutely beautiful yard  with fab hacking Due to maternity leave and an increased number of horses, an Apprentice or trainee Groom/Rider with horse experience (on the ground and ridden) is now required to take on a rare opportunity to work with a very experienced horse person and multi discipline mentor on a lovely family yard.   You would be part of a happy,motivated team on this very private yard who work to the highest of standards. permanent employment at the end of the Apprenticeship is a real option too! The ideal applicant will be a team-player and light enough to ride the smaller horses/ponies . The family enjoy Eventing, Hunting, Show Jumping, and Riding/Pony Club activities. The ideal applicant will be a team-player with previous experience working as a Groom/Rider, be light enough to ride the smaller horses/ponies . Lots of ‘fun and frollicks’ to be had alongside real professionalism! Please call Caroline Carter and The Grooms List Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Job Description Experienced Groom wanted for dressage yard. We have a range of horses from young stock to Grand Prix horses. You will be responsible for the day to day running of the yard, care and well being of the horses. Successful candidate will have a good work ethic, ability to work of own initiative, sense of humour and experience working in a competition yard. Great fun and opportunities for the right candidate. Minimum Requirements Bandage Clipping Trimming First Aid Care High level yard work Grooming     Accommodation details Accommodation is potentially available   Benefits Great fun working team, opportunity to travel to some great shows and a lovely bunch of horses to work with  
Job Description Main Functions ·       Ensuring all horses are cared for to the highest standards, working closely with the Owner/Rider and Yard Manager as to what each individual horse requires to ensure optimum performance ·       All normal yard duties including cleaning stables, providing forage, feed, supplements and water ·       Daily hacking of fit competition horses ·       Grooming, saddling, unsaddling and bathing horses ·       Clipping, plaiting, pulling manes and tails etc all to a high standard ·       When appropriate, administer First Aid to horses including bandaging, icing, cold hosing etc ·       Clean all tack and other horse equipment and also ensure all buckets and feed tubs are kept scrupulously clean ·       Lungeing and hand walking horses ·       Turning horses out and keeping paddocks tidy ·       Maintain the yard area – including sweeping, washing and general cleaning ·       Assisting in preparing horses for competitions ·       Packing equipment for horse shows and unpacking the lorry on its return from competitions ·       Play and active role in keeping the laundry up to date Principal Accountabilities ·       To be totally committed to the health and welfare of each and every horse in your care, ensuring that all horses have exactly the care and support prescribed by the Owner/Rider and Yard Manager ·       Following instructions and directions from the Owner/Rider, Yard Manager, farrier, veterinarian or other equine care provider ·       Ensure that the grooms’ accommodation is kept clean and tidy at all times. ·       To be polite and courteous to all Owners, Trainers, Paraprofessionals and other members of the support team that visit the yard ·       Be part of high level, high achieving eventing team to help to “make things happen” to ensure the continued success Minimum Requirements Education A minimum of 5 O-Levels/GCSEs, at grade C and above. NVQ/BHS Stage 2 would be advantageous Experience and skills Ideally a minimum of 2 years’ experience in a grooming role. A high level of horse knowledge is essential including competency in basic First Aid for horses. Good communication and organisational skills. HGV Licence would be a distinct advantage   Accommodation details On site shared accommodation is available. Benefits Opportunity to bring own horse.
Job Description Equestrian Centre at top, prestigious school requires a Casual Instructor to assist with the day to day exercise and training of the horses, along with the training of staff and pupils of the Equestrian Centre at the School. Hours: Flexible (Term time only – 34 weeks per year; required for Saturday afternoons, other shifts available) The Equestrian Centre acts as a livery yard and riding school exclusively for the use of Stowe School pupils and has twenty stables, an outdoor ménage, cross country course and 26 acres of grazing.   An application form and job description can be downloaded from our website.   Closing date:  To start ASAP  
Job Description Looking for part time groom to work Monday – Friday from 1pm – 5.30pm You will be expected to be professional at all times, maintain high standards that we have worked hard to achieve. You will also need to be reliable, hardworking, flexible, punctual, friendly and happy to work in a team. You will be expected to cover all daily yard duties: Mucking out, turning out and bringing in, changing rugs, filling haynets, preparing feeds as well as assisting farriers, vets, dentist and other professionals on behalf of our owners.   Minimum Requirements Reliable, hardworking, flexible, punctual, friendly and happy to work in a team.   Accommodation details No accommodation available   Benefits Salary depending on experience.  
Job Description Looking  for weekend groom to work Saturday and Sunday from 7.30am – 5.30pm. You will be expected to be professional at all times, maintain high standards that we have worked hard to achieve. You will also need to be reliable, hardworking, flexible, punctual, friendly and happy to work in a team. You will be expected to cover all daily yard duties: Mucking out, turning out and bringing in, changing rugs, filling haynets, preparing feeds as well as assisting farriers, vets, dentist and other professionals on behalf of our owners. Minimum Requirements Reliable, hardworking, flexible, punctual, friendly and happy to work in a team.   Accommodation details No accommodation available   Benefits Salary depending on experience.  
Job Description A full-time job on a fun professional show jumping yard in West Sussex. We also breed a couple of foals each year with our own mares and stallions so being able to handle young stock and stallions is essential. There are currently 9 horses on the yard, 2 brood mares, 2 youngstock, 1 companion and 4 showjumpers. All general yard duties will be expected plus  travelling to day shows and stay away shows for upto a week at a time. Must have high standards of turn out both at home and away and be very organised. Being a competent rider would be a bonus but being able to lunge is a necessity. The yard and the horses are kept to the highest of standards so attention to detail is a must. Training can be given to a candidate that is not as experienced but that is willing to learn! For more information and to apply for this role please email a CV. We are looking to fill the position with immediate start. Minimum Requirements Reliable Tidy Initiative Fun! Accommodation details No accommodation is available immediately so would need to be in travelling distance. Accommodation may become available at some point. Benefits A very competitive salary for the right person and a lovely happy place to work with some top quality horses.  
Job Description Stable/yard hand required to carry out daily yard duties. To include mucking out, sweeping and general tidiness of the yard in the morning. Putting horses on and off the walker and assisting the yard manager. Tack cleaning, evening stables, feeding and finishing off the yard in the afternoon/evening. Minimum Requirements Equine experience. Hard working. Dedicated. Honest & enthusiastic person required.   Accommodation details One bedroom & bathroom allocated in a 2 bedroom house on site. No bills to pay and includes Sky TV, Broadband/WiFi, full kitchen, sitting room & central heating.   Benefits On site accommodation. Friendly & hard working team to join. Pension scheme.  
Job Description We are looking for a hard working   dedicated person to join us.  We are based within a yard and offer part, full and assisted livery services. We also offer lessons to our clients but we do not require an instructor.  We are a small team looking for an extra member of staff to help with the day to day routine, some riding is available depending on experience.  Flexibility on hours and days.  We are ideally wanting someone to cover at least one weekend day and 3 days in the week (possibly more) and freelance. Minimum Requirements Ideally you will of worked with a mixture of horses previously. Friendly and cheerful. Punctual and flexible Self motivated   Accommodation details No accommodation offered   Benefits    
Job Description We are  looking for an experienced competition groom for the 2019 season and beyond, who can help take over the management of this 20 horse yard. We are looking for someone diligent and highly reliable, capable of running this yard and supporting the rider and his team both at home and at events. A friendly face who is welcoming to clients and treats every horse as an individual is a must. High standards of turn out, competition preparation and stable management are essential. An HGV license is a bonus Minimum Requirements Substantial experience at an eventing yard or similar are essential. Academic qualifications are welcome but not essential.     Accommodation details Smart, shared accommodation, own bedroom, on site   Benefits Pay according to experience including pension, holiday pay. Own horse a possibility.  
Job Description full time position on a family competition yard along with vet referral rehabilitations.       Minimum Requirements Experience in turnout and care of the competition horse, experience with general yard duties. Enjoys spending time with children and ponies.   Accommodation details None   Benefits Own horse welcome.  
Job Description Experienced groom with or without stud work experience wanted to come and join our small friendly dedicated team. We are currently looking for a permanent stud hand to assist with the daily care of mares, foals and young stock. This position includes all general yard work (mucking out, bringing in and turning out, groom, general yard maintenance) as well as your standard stud duties. A big part of this position is preparing yearlings and foals for the sales ( Tattersales & Goffs) therefore the candidate must be confident in handling young stock. We also have several foals on the ground each year so there is the chance to help and assist with foaling and to assist with weaning. Minimum Requirements Atleast 2 references from previous employers. Uk manual driving licence.   Accommodation details Purpose built shared accommodation with own private bedroom. All bills and utilities payed for by employer.   Benefits Accommodation provided free of charge. 22 days holiday per annum + bank holidays Overtime Every other full weekend off or every sunday off.  
Job Description Long term, live in role on a small, friendly private yard available from January 2019 We are looking for a full time experienced Groom capable of schooling and keeping fit our 3 geldings, so that they are ready to hunt and compete when our daughters are at home.  Our oldest daughter (19) is at University & our younger daughter (16) is at boarding school. Our daughters compete mainly during the Easter and Summer holidays 🙂 We will want to see you ride at interview 🙂 Our horses are 15h, 16.1 and 16.2. This is a position where you will be very well treated and also supported by the other great people who work for us on the Estate.  We remain in very close contact with our 2 former grooms who will be only too happy to confirm that we are good and kind employers. In an ideal world, we hope to employ an experienced lorry driver allowing them to drive our 7.5 tonne horsebox or perhaps someone who has a trailer licence. All yard duties and the ability to clip, plait, trim and pull manes/tails to a good standard is a requirement. Accommodation & General details Lovely private ground floor flat – with one double bedroom – which is furnished & fully equipped is provided free with the position, together with a generous and competitive salary paid  according to age and experience. Please note we have a Shoot so I am afraid no cats are allowed but we would be happy to welcome a well behaved dog and your own horse.  
*Professional but fun environment *Beautiful yard *IRO £350pw negotiable An experienced live out Groom/Rider is required to join a happy team at a private family yard in the Stow-on-the-Wold / Chipping Norton area. The family enjoy Eventing, Hunting, Show Jumping, and Riding/Pony Club activities. The family children and grandchildren ride and spend time at the yard and there are a few select liveries stabled at the yard too. The ideal applicant will be a team-player with previous experience working as a Groom/Rider, be light enough to ride the smaller horses/ponies and will need to be capable of sole charge when necessary. You will be working under a very experienced, friendly Yard Manager to help maintain the high standards of the yard. Lots of ‘fun and frollicks’ to be had alongside real professionalism! Please call Caroline Carter and The Grooms List Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Riding opportunities exercising possibly some schooling *Beautiful environment 🙂 COUPLES OR SINGLES WELCOMED 🙂 Beautiful, high end livery and dressage yard close to London requires live in or out grooms/riders to join existing team. The job will include all normal yard duties, caring for around 5 horses per day. Ideal candidate should be a confident rider. Riding is mainly exercising and lunging with some schooling. The candidate should be good at dealing with clients and have very high standards of care. A range of horses to be managed from fit competing dressage horses and eventers to hacking horses. Some well behaved stallions on the yard too.  Good communication skills and ability to get along with liveries and team essential to join this efficient but relaxed yard.
Job Description General yard duties including mucking out, grooming and taking care of top level event horses.  There will be training on the job for skills such as mane and tail pulling and clipping, and opportunities for the right candidate to travel to competitions. Minimum Requirements Candidate must have some experience of working on a yard.  Above all must be hard working and enthusiastic.   Accommodation details Shared accommodation provided, on site.     Benefits Fantastic opportunity to gain experience at a top yard, working with knowledgable efficient and skilled people, and an exciting team of talented horses all striving for the top.  Additionally, own horse welcome and training with 4* rider and UKCC Level coach provided as part of the programme. Aged 16-17 years an apprentice is paid £3.70 per hour (April 2018-April 2019) Aged 19 and over an apprentice in the first year of an apprenticeship can be paid at least £3.70 per hour Aged 19 and over an apprentice in the second year of an apprenticeship must be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for their age. An Apprentice Groom can be paid a higher hourly rate, but this is at the discretion of the individual employer.  
Interesting part time role (approx. 4hrs per day) for a reliable, trustworthy Freelance groom to join an existing Team to help look after 1 horse and 27 sheep. Freelance cover is required in the mornings (approx 5 days a week) and can be coordinated with the current yard-staff to be flexible around existing commitments. Duties to include: Daily management, grooming, feeding, welfare  of the horse Looking after/ managing/ feeding of sheep Yard management  – must be kept clean & tidy If candidates are suitable then there is the opportunity to drive a tractor i.e. for harrowing the school and possibly some topping and harrowing of the paddocks in the Spring but this isn’t a hard requirement as it can be covered by existing grounds-maintenance Team. This position would suit local individual; looking to pick up more Freelance hours going into Winter. Unfortunately no dogs allowed due to the  sheep (Ewes and lambs at foot) Good rate of Pay IRO £10-£12 per hour based on experience. Start date ASAP.    
Job Description Looking to use your skills and experience, collaborate with a talented team and make a real difference to equine welfare? Main purpose of job To lead and motivate a dedicated team to: deliver excellent equine and stakeholder (supporters, sponsors, visitors, re-homers etc) care enable the rescue, rehabilitation and (where possible) re-homing of equines and improve the lives of a range of off-site equines in need To manage as an efficient and effective sanctuary, minimising costs and maximising income, whilst maintaining best practice standards To ensure all animals on site and in foster care are cared for in accordance with policy and procedures and current animal welfare legislation Key accountabilities The manager will be responsible for managing the sanctuary, the welfare of all employees, volunteers and animals; security and maintenance of buildings and all property belonging to the Sanctuary and for the health & safety of all persons on site or working at the Sanctuary’s  events off site. Develop and maintain a happy and efficient team, dealing openly and promptly with personnel issues when they arise Ensure the team is recruited, trained and mentored to provide excellent animal and customer (stakeholder) care and understands the operational requirements of the sanctuary Support the team through change and plan an effective strategy for the sanctuary in line with the 3 Year Plan. Work with the Welfare Coordinator to optimise the rehoming operation, both at the sanctuary and through off site homing schemes and short-term fosterers, in order to maximise the numbers of animals helped Work with statutory Health & Safety rules, ensuring the safety of all persons and animals on site at all times Ensure compliance with all other legislation pertaining to the work of the sanctuary and its policies Regularly review, and seek continuous improvement in, operations, systems and procedures to maximise effectiveness at the sanctuary Set annual budgets and ensure the sanctuary achieves its budget targets while delivering a high level of animal welfare Manage the centre finances efficiently and promote an environment of cost awareness Uphold best practice in team, customer, animal and financial management, ensuring accurate paper and electronic records are kept, Support and organise, as appropriate, income generating initiatives Identify, manage and mitigate business and operational risk Other duties and responsibilities Oversee and promote new initiatives, ensuring these are adopted by the sanctuary team and results are maximised Liaise with the trustees to deliver the advertising and PR for the sanctuary. This includes all media and on-site POS Ensure the site, facilities and equipment are maintained and presented to a high standard Enable the development of volunteers and the assistance they provide for the sanctuary Contribute to projects and meetings, travelling off-site when required Positively maintain and promote good relationships within the sanctuary, across all other charities, welfare bodies and foster homes Positively develop and maintain links with appropriate external organisations/businesses and to enhance the image of the sanctuary Organise and/or attend targeted events which maximise awareness of the sanctuary locally Manage the tender process and
  High end livery yard is looking for a full time groom/rider to join existing professional team in North London . You must be able to ride and ideally have previous livery yard experience .  If you haven’t worked on a livery yard before you will need to be able to demonstrate good people skills and be happy to liase with livery clients as a routine part of the job. You will have responsiblity for 6-7 horses on a daily basis, (3 Full Liveries and 3-4 Part). Excellent facilities based within 250 acres of beautiful private countryside to ride over. Exceptionally friendly yard close to local amenities and public transport with central London being just 30 minutes away, (only 10 miles from Marble Arch in central London.). Regular social events organised for whole team to enjoy. All year turnout and staff who manage the paddocks and all forms of maintenance. Accommodation either own room in cottage with one other groom (overlooking fields :)), or own 2 bedroom new mobile static home with full central heating, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and diner.   Either option all utility bills are paid for . Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
A hugely exciting opportunity has become available – this would perfectly suit someone who wishes to combine their own equine enthusiasm with assisting a determined and vibrant woman to achieve her goals and ambitions. Our client is a powerfully motivated and dynamic young lady, who sustained a spinal cord injury which has left her wheelchair dependant. She has an attainable goal to compete in para dressage and requires a team of experienced and competent people to assist her with reaching her target. Our client has 9 horses of varying ages and development in their own equine schooling. This role will include schooling and competing eventers and dressage horses as well as all stable and yard duties as part of the team. Our client is a confident, bright and vivacious young lady who requires no personal care, but there will be a small element of general assistance around her home environment and to assist in her rehabilitation. An ability to empathise with our client’s situation whilst maintaining a professional outlook; coupled with a positive, mature approach to living life to the full with a passion to support our client to attain her goal is paramount. Our client would love to hear from those who possess a strong determination to achieve and to be the best in the world. A healthy salary reflective of the dual nature of the role awaits successful candidates – salary range from £20,000 – £26,000 per annum, dependent on experience. You are expected to have experience working on a yard and to be a competent dressage rider. You must have competed at a minimum of either medium level British Dressage or British Eventing Novice. You must be a member of BD/BE. This role will be full time (min 42.5 hours), 5 days per week, which will include weekends. Some flexibility will be required regarding exact times, due to the nature of the role. The role will require some overnight stays away from the home base (this could include internationally), due to competitions, training and extra-curricular activities which our client will be undertaking. There may be potential for future lodging for both person and horse! This position requires a fully enhanced disclosure request from the DBS. You must also have an up to date passport, a full driving licence and your own car. We are a friendly, forward thinking company who help our clients recruit their own personal assistants. You will be employed directly by the client, however, work on the client’s behalf handling day-to-day employment matters. Closing date for receipt of completed applications is 17 December 2018. We anticipate interviews will be held the first week of January 2019.
Job Description Instructor to teach riding lessons and to be the responsible trek leader and take out treks Responsible for day to day running of yard Good team leader to work with an existing small team Working with children & adults Good rider /back & break youngsters Highland Pony Stud work/ handling breeding stock and youngstock Showing M&M Good communicator     Minimum Requirements AI Driving Licence Non – smoker 2 References must be supplied with application   Accommodation details Small cottage on Estate   Benefits    
Job Description Experienced Competition Groom required for mixed yard of dressage and event horses. We are looking for someone who is able to travel to and groom at BD and BE for horses from 4 year olds upwards, at national and international competitions. Candidates will have extremely high standards of turn out both at home and away, be super organised and able to manage their time effectively. You will need to be a competent rider, able to hack large, fit horses, including stallions plus help with fast work on the gallops and assist with the backing and educating of young horses in the arena. All usual yard duties are included when at home from mucking out to clipping. We are a small team and all muck in (and out!) together so you must be happy to work as part of the team and have a good sense of humour! The yard and horses are kept to the very highest of standards so attention to detail is a must, and as we hold clinics from time to time candidates must be tidy, happy and comfortable communicating with the public.   MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Ideally 2 years experience in a similar role. References will be required Must drive up to a 7.5t horsebox, HGV would be an advantage. Accommodation details Cottage available on site.   Benefits Top class facilities, lovely horses and a super working environment. Travelling to competitions up to FEI level Attractive package available  
*Top Class Horses.  * IRO £25K PA *2 bed house with wood burner and council tax paid *Couple welcome *Pets welcome *Chance to train and compete with the best! Experienced, enthusiastic, and motivated Rider (willing to groom also) required. This is a role for someone keen to work and compete with top class show horses, hunters, and young stock. These horses and their owner compete successfully at the highest level. Proven riding and schooling ability essential. This is a wonderful career opportunity for a capable and motivated individual. Candidates must be happy to work as part of a team but also have the ability to take sole charge when required. Ability to drive 7.5t + ideal. 10 middle weight hunters to Groom on the yard. Owner and one other all pitch in. Please contact Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email us on
Job Description Groom/Au Pair required for International Showjumping Stable based in The Netherlands.   Job involves stable duties in the mornings and helping look after our 3 year old daughter in the afternoons and travelling to National and International shows with us. Minimum Requirements Some experience working in a stable Some experience with children, either babysitting or childcare   Accommodation details Shared appartment   Benefits Nice friendly young team Travel to nice shows, including Spain, Portugal  
Job Description We are seeking an additional member to join our team for the 2019 breeding season and yearling preparation including general yard duties. Minimum Requirements We are a small team so previous experience handling mares, foals and youngstock is required.   Accommodation details Possibility that accommodation could be provided if necessary.   Benefits    
*Up to £400pw + accom *S/c accommodation available * Partner, horse & dog welcomed *Riding or non riding This is a fabulous opportunity to work with someone who is somewhat of a legend in the equestrian world. Whilst not a position for a ‘newbie’ by any means, there is loads to learn from this Yard Owner and rider. Experienced Groom required for a yard who produces quality young horses for sale to professionals and who do a bit of hunting too. Very high standards and traditional values will be totally appreciated and will ensure you will fit in well to this environment. Grooms who will ride preferred but optional as grooming is the priority. The horses to be ridden are young and full on so needs to be a very competent and experienced person to sit on in a variety of situations. No stallions kept. There will be 6/7 horses stabled and some field kept youngsters also requiring handling as a bare minimum so you will need to be confident and experienced in this regard also. This is a lovely but quiet location so self sufficient person with a car a must. Please contact Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email us at          
* Various options for very nice estate properties available as accommodation *Negotiable remuneration from £400pw+accomm *5/5.5/6 day week neg.  *Dog/partner a possibility *HGV  license required Additional,experienced Groom/Rider required to join a team for family that hunts approx. 2 x pw in season (with Portman and other hunts) and events to BE90/100 . Must be capable of all usual duties to a very high standard. Must be meticulous in terms of attention to detail yard and horse management. others . Best Estate hacking, horsewalker. Fantastic facilities. Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730  or email    
*Up to £25K/£480pw  *Based near a large equestrian centre so lots going on! *Live in or out *1.5 bed cottage 🙂 *Own horse and dog welcomed Experienced, reliable, flexible and self-motivated child friendly groom required for a private family yard with ménage and excellent hacking. Lots of riding including opportunity to hunt. (Lightweight rider 10 stones max). HGV preferred but not essential – you could be put through test for those without. Working as part of a bigger household team in a busy and intimate household (but not a ‘formal’ house), you will have TOTAL responsibility for 2 horses and 3 ponies with back up from a part time groom. Employer very hands off so you will need to manage children and their pc activities etc. so must be experienced in this area. Duties include  : Mucking out and all general yard duties Riding, schooling to include jumping, lunging Turning out horses to a high standard clipping, plaiting and tack cleaning for hunting, competitions and PC rallies Liaising directly with vets, farriers and physio, feed and bedding suppliers etc. 2 dogs/1 cat/sheep/chickens all kept so must have relaxed approach to helping with these too. In the summer it’s all about the kids (only 2 out of 4 now ride) so you must actually like working with kids for this one! Focus is on all being in a safe, cheerful, fun atmosphere. Accommodation is a cottage which is roomy and light 1.5 beds and best for a single person but plenty of space for guests etc. Local live out fine too. Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email      
*Horse welcome (free livery) *Opportunity to do some Dressage competing *Must be used to teaching formally and informally * £28,090.40 pa plus free livery *5 day week Would consider a Working Couple with job JL33970. This is a role for a true animal lover where complete ridden and on the ground horse care is provided by two people so clear lines of responsibility are required but also an ability to work in harmony with others. You will have sole charge of the yard and work alongside the families Groom/Exercise Rider when they are on duty with you. 🙂 The Family are very sociable so you will need to be sociable with people as well as good with the horses and families friends/relatives and the farms other animals . This beautiful farm based family yard is looking for a Rider/Instructor to be responsible for all general yard duties, caring for 6 horses/2 dogs and cats/donkeys.  The family compete at Dressage currently to Elementary level and hunt in season also. Looking for someone who can ride and teach daughter and help them do better at competition and teach friends as/when. Qualifications not required but ideal. Do not need to be an advanced Dressage Rider just a good level and able to ‘coach’ in a useful and friendly manner. 1.5 days a week off but could arrange odd weekends to alternate a weekend off once in a while. The Rider is in charge of the well-being and general state of all horses and donkeys. The Rider is responsible for the general state of all equestrian facilities, for example the stables, metal barn, arena, paddocks etc. The Rider supervises and plans the work with the Groom. The Rider is responsible for assisting and training/teaching the family, as long as all riders that are ‘approved’ by family. Trailer license ideal. DUTIES Stables and Tack Run the yard, make sure that everything is in working order, if not, inform and get it repaired As/when required and time allows Muck out stables and clean water drinkers Tidy tack room, rug room, staff walkways, wash stable walls, de-cobweb, clean drains Clean tack & wash rugs, boots and bandages –      Caring for animals : Groom, feed, bathe and worm them Administer necessary supplements and medications Transport them Provide routine and emergency healthcare when necessary Clean hoofs, clip withers and legs, trim whiskers and clip the donkey’s hair –      Working with horses Prepare the horses for work and exercise them Train and exercise the horses through organised training plans Give horse riding lessons to family and friends when required Compete selected horses in accordance to plans –      Arena, fields and muck heap: Arena: harrow once a week, clean arena mirrors, and pick up droppings Paddocks and fields: maintain, pick up droppings, clean water troughs, check fields making them safe for animals Maintain muck heap, pile, keep in working order and dispose of when necessary –      Administration: Manage health records of all animals Manage work and training records of all animals Order supplies
*Horse welcome (free livery) *Lovely accommodation (no charge) *Exercise riding *Weekend time off will have to be negotiated with in the team Would consider a Working Couple with job JL33973. This is a role for a true animal lover where complete ridden and on the ground horse care is provided by two people so clear lines of responsibility are required but also an ability to work in harmony with others. You will have sole charge of the yard and work alongside the families Rider when they are on duty with you. 🙂 The Family are very sociable so you will need to be sociable with people as well as good with the horses and families friends/relatives and the farms other animals . This beautiful farm based family yard is looking for a Groom to be responsible for all general yard duties, caring for 6 horses/2 dogs and cats/donkeys. You will also be required to exercise the horses sometimes on your own, but also with others. Flexibility is important too as you may be required to feed the cows on the herdsman’s days off. Trailer license ideal. The family compete at Dressage currently to Elementary level and hunt in season also. Responsibilities include: – Stables and Tack : · Muck out stables and clean water drinkers · Tidy tack room and rug room, staff walkways, wash stables walls, de-cobweb and clean drains · Clean Tack & wash rugs, boots and bandages. · Take bins out – Caring for animals : · Groom, feed, bathe and worm them · Making feeds, administering necessary supplements and medication · Assist in transporting them · Provide routine and emergency healthcare when necessary . Two cats – their feed, health and well-being. · Clean hoofs, clip withers and legs, trim whiskers and clip the donkey’s hair – Working with horses : · Prepare horses for work and exercise them · Cool down horses and provide post-exercise care · Groom at competitions and outings · Ride and exercise horses when needed – Arena, fields and muck heap : · Arena: harrow once a week, clean arena mirrors, and pick up droppings · Paddocks and fields: maintain, pick up droppings, clean water troughs, check fields making them safe for animals · Maintain muck heap, pile, keep in working order and dispose of when necessary · Check fields and make them safe for horses, reporting to Rider · Clean water trough – Admin  · Check feed and hay deliveries · If the Rider is absent, assist with farrier, vet and osteopath · Develop own plan with Rider for days in sole charge · Weekly reports – Machinery and Tools : · Maintain in good working order the quad and its trailer, the poo vacuum and the horse trailer, repair when needed and service it when necessary · Fill up the quad when necessary and keep machinery clean. Please contact Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email    
*Dog and horse considered * Package negotiable for right person up to £400pw * No utilities to pay *5.5 day week *2 bed s/c flat available (not shared). Our client has completed many four-star Eventing competitions with wins & several top 10 placings and six national Dressage titles to their name. A capable head of a small but elite team of Event and Dressage Horses with an excellent reputation and public profile is now required. If you are a passionate, conscientious, capable professional capable of sole charge with dedication and attention to detail to the highest standards we want to hear from you! This amazing opportunity would best suit someone who at least has Eventing experience but  Dressage experience welcome also. Experience in a professional yard and at competitions ideal. Organisational skills key to be able to combine the highest standards of horse care along with the ability to organise the daily logistics with the horses. Great facilities 62m x 23m Outdoor arena with full length mirrors 11 – 18’ x 12’ brick stables in a court yard Monarch covered Walker Monarch lunge pen Plenty of turn out paddocks plus 6 acres dedicated for riding / jumping! Good hacking . Great location. Brand new accommodation on site modern heated tack room and wash bays with solarium Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email    
Job Description These roles (2) are on a busy professional dealing yard and would suit keen and enthusiastic apprentices who want the opportunity to develop their horse care knowledge and riding skills.  There will be lots of opportunity to ride different horses and ponies and the yard is very well equipped with an outdoor arena, a full set of show jumps . There are around 20 horses on the yard at any one time of which 14 – 15 are for sale or being produced for sale.  There are others which are here to be backed and/or schooled. The employer has had horses all her life and worked in a large dealing yard where she learnt her skills.  There are two vacancies and these could be either riding or non-riding.  Ideally one would be a lightweight rider capable of riding ponies. Minimum Requirements GCSE grades A – D /9-3 (strong applicants with lower grades will be considered so long as they are committed to working to achieve Level 2 Functional Skills in these subjects during the apprenticeship). The main requirement is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.  Basic horse skills would be very useful     Accommodation details No accommodation at the moment although this is a possibility in the future.     Benefits Opportunity to bring your own horse (a modest livery charge will apply) Lots of opportunity to ride. Visits to clinics with external professionals in the area, hunting and jumping the horses (subject to ability) This is a job which almost always finishes on time at 5.00pm      
Job Description This is an amazing position for a show jumping rider to work learn and train on an Educ8 Apprenticeship with an international show jumper and producer on his yard in Kent.  The ideal candidate will already have experience of jumping at a minimum of 1.10 competitively with British Showjumping and must have video available to view. The role is primarily a riding groom role but will also involve all the usual yard duties.  Opportunity to travel to Vilamoura Sunshine Tour and lots of major UK shows throughout the year (subject to ability). This employer has become the south east’s leading provider of both British bred, Irish bred and continental horses for both pleasure riding through to performance horses for eventing and show jumping. They have invested in a brand new 50m by 21m school, made from top quality sand and fibre mix, along with a new 18m lunge circle and upgrades to their cross country course so there are excellent facilities here. Applicants must be jumping 1.10 minimum and have a minimum of 2 years competition experience with British Showjumping. Ideally should have GCSE maths and English Grade A – C/9 – 4 (strong applicants with slightly lower grades will be considered if prepared to work hard on continued maths and English study to Level 2) Accommodation details Static caravan, fully heated etc.   Benefits Subject to ability, there is lots of opportunity to ride and travel the UK and abroad competing  with this very busy show jumper.  
Job Description Lovely Permanent or short term position taking care of CSI5* horses at home and at shows for a competitive Olympian  Rider. Minimum Requirements Looking for a passionate, dedicated, meticulous  individual with experience. HGV license , managerial skills , team player must be calm and organised 🙂 Italian or french speaking a bonus .   Accommodation details Is provided on site . free wifi , comfortable  and close to town so all convenient .   Benefits depending on qulification and experience  
*£10/£12Ph neg *Fun, busy family yard with lots of animals  🙂  *18-25 hours pw Live out  Groom/Rider  needed to cover full time groom’s 1.5 days off (and holidays if possible). To include some weekend work ideally a Sunday.  Between 18-25 hours per week routinely, some flexibility ideal. Must be an experienced rider to ride out fit, well-mannered horses. Should be willing to do usual mucking out, tack cleaning duties etc. Self-reliant, self-motivated, capable of sole charge a must. A very animal orientated family so essential that you are happy to be around and help care for dogs, chickens, geese and a cat as owner away from home regularly. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203006 5730 or email
*Live in or out (nice accommodation on site )*Salary up to £28K pa *Racing hours *3 days off per fortnight *Will consider seasonal or permanent applications This rehabilitation and pre training yard with fantastic facilities requires several keen RIDERS with basic, correct flat work  but also proper experience gained in any discipline involving thoroughbreds along with rider fitness and confidence to site astride horses who have may well have been racing. You will have an opportunity to learn new skills and receive further training if required. Working with a dedicated team you will receive excellent pay and a warm welcome from enthusiastic professionals . A key part of any young thoroughbred’s education is when they are being backed. At this yard, the process is tailored to the individual needs of each horse.The facilities and peaceful setting ensure the best possible start, with lunging and long-reining integral to the young horse’s training programme, before progressing to faster paces and cantering on the grass or all weather gallops. Racehorses also enjoy a well earned rest from the rigours of training, to recover from injury, or for pre and post-operative care at the facility. There will be some yard work, time allowing and you would be expected to ‘pitch in’ but the yard has specific yard workers to do the bulk of this, so the priority for this role will be riding. Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
🙂 Located West Gloucestershire/Wye Valley. Only 5 miles from Monmouth! 🙂 * 5 days a week + iro 35hrs a week *Should be capable of sole charge *Partner welcomed also ‘shoot friendly’ dog *Up to £400pw depending on experience +foc accomm+utilities Our client is looking for a flexible, live in Groom/Rider to look after 3 horses and a pony for approx 35 hours a week. Horses are hunted twice a week throughout the hunting season and do other events through the summer. All usual grooming duties plus clipping ideally. Capable and experienced exercise rider necessary. Horses are kept to a high standard and someone fastidious and  observant essential . Some other general ‘person Friday’ duties (time allowing) included eg: house and dog sitting. Family has 4 dogs. Other duties include field maintenance, tidying up yard areas, occasional dog sitting etc. Family yard with nice facilities. Flat which is a two floor, one bedroom but very spacious and recently converted. Fully insulated with heating and a Wood burner . Wage depending on age and experience + accom.+ all electricity paid and all utilities apart from phone . Wood burner in accommodation so wood available from log store. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email      
Job Description Groom/rider required by renowned and long-established co-educational school and equestrian centre. Either full-time or part-time working throughout the year to cover maternity leave. We would also consider part-time during school hours. Weekend staff also required. This School/ Equestrian Centre is a vibrant yard, mainly dealing with children and is part of a School community.  It is a 35 box yard, set in the centre of thriving an bustling village with 2 sand schools, a training cross-country course and on-site hacking. Due to impending staff maternity leave, we are looking for a competent, friendly and reliable Groom who is energetic and motivated, to join the team working in our busy Livery Yard and Riding School. We would welcome applications from those looking for either full time or part time working. Please state your preference in your application. Full-time work involves a five-day working week which will include one weekend day. Experience is preferred but not essential and we are committed to the continued professional development of all its employees. Only applications submitted on the School’s Application Form will be considered. Please download the application form under ‘More Information’ below. Details of how to submit your completed application form can be found at the bottom of the application form. Applications will be considered as they are received. We are committed to the protection and safety of our pupils. The successful applicant will be subject to a DBS check.  
*5 day week *Salary IRO £21,500-£25,000 neg.depending on experience *Dog a possible Experienced Groom to work within a growing team to manage a performance horse stud reporting to the Stud manager and the ridden yard manager. Immaculate, high end yard with 80 – 100 horses, boasting the best bloodlines in Europe. The yard has their own breeding programme, handling young stock through to international showjumping and dressage competition horses. You should be comfortable working with TB’s within a team but capable of using your initiative where required. Duties include : Handling young stock, mares and foals Mucking out and general yard duties Hand walking Holding horses for farrier as required, including help with youngsters Treating minor wounds, changing dressings and giving some medications as required Travel to other privately owned studs both nationally and internationally Monitoring condition of horses in fields, checking water, fencing etc Packing and unpacking lorry ready for travel Basic first aid and care Experience in foaling down and lactating and pregnant mares 5 days per week (on rota). 8am to 5pm and as required during the foaling season.28 days holiday (including bank holidays).Initial one year contract & probation period of 3 months. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
*Accommodation available *5 day week *Sensible hours * Some riding possible  *Dog a possibility Interesting role, recommended by those who know it! Experienced Dressage Groom (home and competition grooming required) for Intermediate 1 level rider aiming for Grand Prix. 5/6 liveries also on site  Cheerful happy team to work alongside. This yard breeds performance horses too, so young stock handling experience useful . The position entails usual yard duties plus must be able to communicate well within the team and with the liveries. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Salary 8.5 Euros/negotiable dependent on experience with no food/accommodation or utilities to pay. You will need some experience grooming competition horses One of the Most Professional SJ yards in the world – Learn your trade with the best and secure your Grooming future with a hands on job. All you need is a passport and an adventurous spirit! Enthusiasm and dedication to work along side the best horses, riders and horse people.This opportunity would be GREAT FUN and a second to none experience which would guarantee your career anywhere you chose in the future both home and abroad. A rare insight into world class horses, world class facilities and a truly remarkable experience for any groom seriously interested in getting to the top of their game. Whilst there are considerable opportunities for advancement and promotion possibilities if you wish to remain in Germany. Please call Caroline or Beckie on 0203 006 5730 or 07747 686118 or email
*Salary IRO 1800 euros * All accommodation and food provided *Seasonal position with far reaching CV improving benefits! This world class service station and stud is looking for experienced stud hands for the forthcoming season to be based in Muhlen, Germany. Some prior experience important as some serious unmatched warmblood breeding stock is involved in this operation names such as  Balou du Rouet, whose offspring’s prize money makes millions plus Sandro Hit plus stallions Fürstenball, Vivaldi, Bordeaux, Foundation, Vitalis, Sir Donnerhall I and Diarado were amongst the leading group of all German stallions according to the German FN’s 2016 predicted breeding value statistics. Last year stallions from Mühlen once again dominated the Oldenburg Elite Mare show and of the twelve mares presented, seven of them were daughters of this yard’s stallions, including the winner Candy OLD by Sir Donnerhall I. The list goes on and on and on! 🙂 Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730 or 07747 686118 or email  
*5 day week * £350pw plus s/c accommodation with no bills * Pets welcomed *Low level competing opportunities available if interested and capable Live in or out Groom/Rider position available on a yard with interests in Dressage and breeding quality Event horses. Working alongside one other,  you will need to be capable of all duties to a good level and happy to work on your own and with others. 10 horses kept including Grand Prix Dressage horses and young stock Eventers being prepared to go to professional rider. Youngster to compete (4/5 yrs), but this isn’t compulsory. Young stock handling experience useful. ***Interviews taking place after 21/9/2018** Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Top facilities *Lots of variety * Lots of riding  *Horse welcomed Family run Hunting/P2P yard in Gloucestershire has a super opportunity to work with quality hunters and pointers. This post will suit anyone with a passion for hunting and P2P racing. Successful applicant must be a lightweight and confident rider with quiet hands and an independent seat. Essential to be able to work with fit thoroughbreds and quality hunters. Family yard with dogs, horses and general farm life so flexibility to chores essential but #loasdsafun 🙂 Must enjoy working with hunters & fit but well behaved racehorses Ability to handle young stock ( yearling, a two year old and a mare in foal) Will enjoy mucking in with general farm and family life (e.g. helping with school runs, dogs, chickens etc.) Must be confident sole charge /managing role taking responsibility for dealing with vets, farriers and feed orders; identifying veterinary problems such as leg issues and early signs of colic; and enjoy sharing feeding and training discussions with the family. Ability to drive a trailer essential.  Ability to drive a lorry preferred but not essential. NB:If you take a horse £50 per week will be the livery charge which will include Stable, use of facilities, hay and straw plus turn out. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
* Small dog welcome * Very fair wage negotiable Enthusiastic and experienced live out groom/rider sought for lovely family hunting yard in a beautiful part of the country. All usual groom and yard duties to work alongside two other cheerful members of staff who recommend the yard and themselves! Regular hunting in the season, and low level competing in the summer. Good rider essential to cope with large, fit horses, happy to take instruction, and able to turn horses out to the highest standard. Experience required in cleaning tack, plaiting, clipping. Friendly team but should be able to work on own initiative when required. Please call Caroline Carter & the Grooms List Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
*Riding * Homely, warm accommodation *Family, fun atmosphere  Groom compulsory (!) /Rider (optional)/Instructors (optional).  Salary range up to £366 pw plus accomm. High level, pretty, family run livery yard is looking for a few more team members. Friendly, fun & inclusive environment with staff members and clients staying in touch for years! 14 miles North of central London, this friendly, fun, high level & family run livery yard is looking for a team player who enjoys the world of high end livery. Very inclusive environment.  Some riding available type/amount depending upon your riding experience. Attention to detail is paramount. Staff will need to be capable of treating clients’ horses as their own. A good level of care and focus with a “no problem” attitude is desirable. All usual duties required. Accommodation is shared with others in purpose built houses and all bills/accommodation costs absorbed by the yard. 5 day 6 day alternate weeks Facilities include: 2 – 60 metre by 20metre arenas 2 – 40metre by 20 metre areanas x country course covered horse walker 64 stables all automatic water drinkers in each box all stables with rubber flooring 2 standard size arenas x-country course horse-walker Please apply and call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  

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