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A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wishlist…

What an equine Groom wants!

Last week we took a sneaky peek at an equine employers ‘wish list’, this week we thought we would do the same (only fair!) to give those employers who might need it, a gentle nudge towards a better understanding of what grooms are looking for when they make a job move. New Years Resolutions for Equestrian Jobseekers - caravan

It is surprising how often we come across bewildered employers wondering why they are still groom-less months down the line. Apart from the fact that the reality is that good grooms are in really short supply, often on further investigation into the job vacancy details the reasons can be somewhat closer to home.

Most employers these days understand that no matter how beautiful your yard is and lovely the horses are, if your accommodation is a shoe-boxed sized mice infested caravan with no central heating (dramatic emphasis!) you are unlikely to attract the kind of groom you are looking for, or indeed any groom, with or without 3 horses, 4 dogs and a magpie (yes, really) in tow!

Our team compilation of an equine grooms ‘wishlist’ is not designed to be an exhaustive list by any means, but it does pretty much cover the spectrum of what myself and my experienced team have heard over the years, I hope it helps.




A Sneaky Peek at an equine Grooms Wishlist…

by The Grooms List team


A Sneak Peak at an equine Grooms Wish List - A Positive Work EnvironmentA positive work environment…

Any experienced groom knows that the make or break of a dream job is how well they are likely to get on with their boss and the team they are working with.  At an interview, a potential new employee should be keen to chat to any existing staff you have to learn the most about how the day works, the horses and what you are like as an employer etc. Amongst other deal-making or deal-breaking points, they should want to see that this is a happy yard, with smiley people who enjoy working together and chat easily and openly with each other, with no tense undercurrent or atmosphere.

They will also want to spend time with you so, if possible, don’t delegate the interview process – please do try your level best to meet any potential new employee and ideally spend time with them before you offer them a job. We always advise job seekers not to accept a job without this opportunity, otherwise, in our experience, it rarely ends well. Of course, if you are a larger organisation this is less practical but as much meet and greet time, and time spent getting to know everyone, is never time badly spent.


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Work Life BalanceWork : Life balance

‘Reasonable’ working hours, accommodating requests with regards to time off within statutory holiday entitlement, at least and enough staff for the number of horses on the yard can make a real difference to the appeal of a job.

These days, the  obvious preference will always be for a 5 day week. This is especially the case if the job seeker has responsibilities outside of work or, understandably, just wants to take life a little easier. 5 day weeks and as regular as possible hours are hugely desirable and can really make a difference to the number of applicants you will receive for your vacancy. A 5.5  day week is a compromise for sure and not uncommon, but a real ‘job filling attribute’ is always the 5 day week!

Now don’t shoot the messenger but, it has to be said, many employers still insist on a 6 day week and some, not infrequently, expect their staff to work every weekend, and every Bank Holiday including Christmas and New Year ad infinitum! In the days of Downton Abbey, this was generally accepted but not so much these days. Job seekers will often ‘swerve’ such an all-consuming commitment in favour of a position which offers time away, to keep fresh and healthy, and to be free at least sometimes at the same time as friends and relatives.  Now, we know in certain disciplines eg: hunting and some of the more full-on competitive yards, 6 day weeks are ‘de rigueur’ during the season. However, there is often flexibility and downtime out of season and that needs to be highlighted to applicants in your job vacabcy adverts, discussions and borne out when they speak to other employees on your yard.

Some employers still want all-year-round 6 day, full-on weeks, which will inevitably take a toll on employees and will make a lot of grooms reluctant to get involved, in favour of jobs offering some respite and flexibility.  ‘All work and no play’  seems to result, all too often, in physically and mentally exhausted individuals who cannot always give their best in the medium and longer term.  We see time and time again the consequences of this arrangement, which negatively affects the Groom, the employer and their family, the horses, visiting farriers, vets, liveries etc.

Some employers tell me they have no choice other than to offer a 6 day week as getting day off cover can be difficult. We have a good selection of Freelance Grooms only too happy to step in and help their fellow grooms under such circumstances!  When you buy a subscription to The Grooms List don’t forget you can add up to 3 vacancies at once – why not advertise for both at the same time? Why not also take a look at our comprehensive list of Freelance Grooms that could bridge that critical gap for days off/holidays etc.

Cautionary note: Increasing numbers of grooms seem to come out of permanent employment in favour of working as a Freelance Groom citing one of the main reasons being to be able to dictate their days/hours. The writing might be on the wall if we don’t, as an industry, address this sooner rather than later.


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - A fair wageA fair wage, a legal employment contract, pension and payroll.

It’s important for employers to be mindful of the difference between a legal wage and a FAIR wage, i.e. a wage that reflects the groom’s skill and experience.  For example, an experienced groom going into a Head Groom’s role these days can command a wage of £400 per week including accommodation and bills. Anything less than that and you could find your job vacancy details are non-competitive for the top grooms, who rightly know their worth these days. That being said there are a lot of less experienced, not so good job seekers trying to earn the same! Clearly, you need to be mindful of that in your interviewing processes. Most employers these days are well aware of the obligation to pay a legal wage but if you need a quick refresher please click here.

A contract of employment is an agreement which governs the employment relationship between an employer and employee and is a must these days. Although there is no legal requirement to issue a written contract of employment, there is a legal requirement to issue a “written statement of particulars of employment” within the first two months of employment. This non-negotiable document provides a legal framework so all parties understand and agree to their obligations. It provides security and peace of mind to all involved, and who doesn’t want that? Do check out these useful links:

As an employer, it pays in all the obvious ways to be on top of your obligations as an employer in all regards, and the regulation of this is becoming tighter each year. All employees these days are buoyed by an employer who is on board with this and increasingly swerve and highlight those who are not. If you need to know more or want a refresher do check out requirements concerning pensions and on payroll processes.

A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Somewhere nice to liveAppropriate accommodation…

Most Head Grooms would be looking for 1 or 2 bed private cottage/house/flat with some form of garden space. Many want their own space away from, but near to the yard. Shared accommodation can work but it depends on who you are trying to attract to your vacancy. Some younger grooms seem to prefer to share accommodation but experience tells us you can’t always generalise. Not many grooms these days seem to want to live in the employers home or with shared facilities, it can be a real ‘turn off’ when it comes to maximising applications for a job vacancy.

If you are looking for a groom with some proper paid experience under his/her belt it is inevitable that your ideal candidate is not going to be a school leaver or college graduate, and that your candidate is going to come with additions, be they in the form of a partner, pets and sometimes, (shock, horror!) even children 😉. It cannot be expected that grooms remain “lone rangers” travelling light all their lives. Therefore, if you are looking for an established, experienced groom, if it’s at all possible it’s a very good idea to at least consider providing some flexibility with accommodation. We know it can be easier said than done in many, many instances but it really does help to give you the pick of the best available grooms. Providing a groom is in a stable long-term relationship and their partner will be able to find full-time work in the area, childcare covered etc., allowing them to live in your accommodation can, in fact, be a positive thing. It most likely suggests they are in a mature, secure place in their life where they are likely to want to settle long term. Some employers unexpectedly end up employing the partner too, and it can be a very useful and happy arrangement!



A Sneak Peak at an equine Grooms Wish List - to be able to bring their own horse and pets

Pets welcome!

At the end of the day, the reason most young people become grooms is because they are animal lovers. As the years go by it is inevitable they will begin to collect a few of their own, (yes we know some do go to extremes!) Many grooms like to make their new role their home and taking their fur-family with them is essential for security and/or companionship. Some job seekers travel a long way from friends and family, and we all need them to be happy; with ground rules and boundaries in place, it can work really well.

For many ambitious grooms, owning their own horse is also the only way they can fulfil their own competition aspirations and even have the opportunity to receive training on the job. Allowing an employee to keep their own pets and/or horse can really increase stickability in your job role and improve your relationship no end. We hear many employers reluctant to take a horse because they have experience of previous grooms neglecting the employer’s horses in favour of the groom’s own, or just skimping on the job generally for the same reason. However, we know lots of prospective grooms who absolutely do not do this and have a proven track record of getting that balance right. Again, ground rules need to be agreed up front so expectations are clear, and so this issue need not arise at all.

In our experience, with the right individual, it is a case of “if you give a little, you get a lot back in return”. The grooms who seem to do the least amount of clock watching are those with employers who do not turn a blind eye to their groom’s needs and are empathic enough to structure legal win:win employment arrangements that pay back in spades. If you do find issues arising despite clear communication and instruction then you have the wrong groom and it is probably time to have a rethink!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Perks of the jobJob perks…

This is a very individual thing for each groom but it is essentially just the opportunity to do whichever part of the job they enjoy the most with some frequency. It can be a number of things, but most commonly this is riding, which could be a little exercise riding, schooling, lessons or often just hacking out, even if it is only a few times a week. It might also be Competition grooming, be it in the UK or abroad. This gives variation to the job and the chance to see what all the hard work at home is for, and a real sense of satisfaction when the horse and rider do well. The odd day out hunting for hunt grooms is also a major bonus and sure to keep team morale high.

When managing people and motivating them it is vital to find out what each individual values in terms of job perks up front and to provide just that; if you can’t provide it, well, you have to ask yourself if is this is a sustainable and positive long-term arrangement for everyone. If not, it may be that you need a rethink to ensure a sustainable, long-term, positive working relationship. Job satisfaction is everything for the majority of grooms as, let’s face it, if they were a groom for the sake of just having a job and the money there are much easier options available. Also, it’s no fun having a dissatisfied, disgruntled employee knocking around the place, for you or your horses, team etc.!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Career GrowthOpportunity to progress…

Linking to our last point, to motivate employees our job is to find out what each individual hopes to achieve, and provide just that. It isn’t a case of one-size-fits-all or indeed just offering what we feel they need to develop although, of course, that has to come into the equation.

For younger grooms, providing some opportunity to gain qualifications/move up the ranks within the team/receive riding tuition/space on the lorry to take their own horse to shows can really encourage them to stay with the team long term. If you are sure of their loyalty putting them through their HGV can benefit all parties. For all grooms, ensuring they stay on a competitive wage as the cost of living rises and/or considering yearly, seasonal and/or sales related bonuses can give your job role that added appeal.

Regular communication to ascertain what opportunities an individual will value, and checking in over time that everything is on the right lines avoids us making sweeping generalisations, which are dangerous because it allows us to think we’re doing the right things, when, in fact, we’re not. Look out for easy-to-spot signs of ‘disgruntlement’ for clues you might not be on the right lines!


A Sneak Peek at an equine Grooms Wish List - Feeling ValuedFeeling valued…

While money and perks are all well and good, the day to day bread and butter that will entice grooms towards you and then keep them with you is the feeling of being a valued member of the team. Small things like remembering to say please and thank you, even when you are stressed, acknowledging birthdays and Christmas, or just a job well done if the yard is looking particularly smart, a horse is turned out immaculately or a horse a groom rides regularly is feeling extra well. Noticing and acknowledging hard work, even in just the smallest of ways, is always appreciated by all of us. That being said, again the one size fits all approach isn’t always appropriate! It  has to be said, some people enjoy public praise, others cringe when made the centre of attention and might appreciate just a quiet word of thanks. When you are managing others your job is to find out what makes the greatest impact for each individual, and provide just that.

Communication is key – we all like to feel special once in a while. Do schedule in some quality time to give and receive feedback and to just, well – er – bond!


Before setting out on your search for a new groom, be clear in your mind what the most important points are for you. Know what you are willing to compromise on, by how much and at what point in proceedings. Be clear on what points are non-negotiable from the start but give that some really serious thought. We would always strongly recommend that potential employees go for, at minimum, a two day trial before anything is set in stone as this gives both parties a chance to see if the arrangement is likely to work out for them. For more information, see our article What is a job trial and why should I attend one?  

Final word: There is much bad press out there about the working relationship between grooms and employers and we don’t buy into the “them and us” approach as if we are from two different planets. We hear the good and the bad and there is still a great deal to be positive about! Quite often, the whole recruitment process could be simpler and quicker if both parties just took a step back and looked at things from the other sides point of view, and The Grooms List by Caroline Carter Recruitment do a lot on a day to day basis to facilitate that. Have a look at our article 5 Tips for a Successful Employer:Agency Relationship to see how we can work together for a successful recruitment drive.

With the right groom:employer mix you will be working alongside your team, sometimes quite literally, towards shared common goals.  The world we live in is constantly changing and so too is the equine industry. We should all do what we can to go with these changes and embrace them so we can all get what need to fully enjoy our lives with our horses in this modern age… if only job seekers would answer their phones to prospective employers, (that’s providing you are trying to call them outside of working hours of course!)😉

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*Beautiful Location *Exceptional accommodation * IRO £350 PW + accomm. Experienced Groom/Rider required to work alongside very experienced Yard manager on this beautiful family estate. Must be capable of sole charge on occasions but also capable of working well within the team and alongside the Yard Manager. Activities include Hunt/PC/RC/Eventing/SJ.  Personable individual who is child & VIP livery friendly is definitely high on the list of attributes along with  GSOH, ability to be enthusiastic, hardworking, happy to help maintain high standards of the yard. This is a Grooming/riding role which demands exceptionally high standards. Lightweight competent rider a must. Lots of ‘fun and frollicks’ to be had alongside real professionalism! Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730 or 07747 686118 or email        
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Job Description We are looking for an experienced competition standard groom with excellent stable and horse management skills for a live-in position to care for in-patients at our Equine Veterinary Hospital in the Cotswolds. Great opportunity for someone wanting to learn in a friendly and professional environment. Full training given in aspects of Veterinary Nursing. Minimum Requirements Three years grooming experience   Accommodation details Self-contained, one bedroom flat within the Clinic   Benefits Training given in aspects of Veterinary Nursing.  
Job Description: Head Groom position in top International Eventing Yard Looking for experienced Head Groom to start at the end of this season. The position is for someone to be a travelling groom as well as to look after the daily management of a top class string of horses aiming at 4star and Championships next year. 10-12 horses from 4yrs to 4star.  Excellent rate of pay. Opportunity to travel to the top events. Compact, easy to manage yard, working alongside existing team. HGV license. Accommodation onsite or possibility of renting locally. Potential for own horse. Good attitude and ability to work well with others is essential!!    Minimum Requirements Previous Head Groom Experience. HGV license. Potential to take test over the winter if the candidate is already a confident driver of a 7.5tonne lorry. Turnout to a very high standard, and excellent time management skills. Good positive attitude and ability to work well with others.  Ability to take the initiative and manage on their own, organising farrier, feed, staff cover etc.   Accommodation details Accommodation onsite, or there is the potential to rent somewhere very close in the village beside the yard.   Benefits Excellent pay. Travel to the top events and aiming at Championships next year.  
Job Description Racing yard with many exciting horses to run for the 2018/2019 season is now looking for work riders and yard staff required to join their young and vibrant team. Yard staff will be required to muck out, put horses on and off the walker, brush horses over and carry out general yard duties. Full time work riders will ride 3/4 lots a day and come back in the afternoons to look after 4/5 horses. Minimum Requirements The successful yard staff applicant doesn’t necessarily need previous experience with racehorses but experience handling horses is essential. Successful work rider candidates need to have previous experience riding horses, preferably racehorses.     Accommodation details We have both individual and shared on and off site accommodation.     Benefits Competitive wages, pool money and many staff outings throughout the year.    
Job Description Well known horse owner and TB racehorse trainer from Cambridgeshire requires a lightweight person to be able to ride racehorses and to do all general stable duties to a good standard. Minimum Requirements Up to 10 stone.     Accommodation details 3 Bed shared cottage with all amenities available   Benefits Good rates of pay and company pension.  
*Live in or out *IRO £350/£400 *Beautiful cottage accommodation (without charge) *friendly dog considered Groom required to work within a motivated, and energetic team to a very high standard on this international dressage yard. Of course you must be a team player and as this is essentially a non riding position (maybe some hacking), so really would suit someone who enjoys the Dressage environment and working with the best of horses and facilities. Training can be given for those keen and excited to learn all about this exciting discipline in a world class establishment. Purpose built International Dressage facilities:Indoor/outdoor schools, washdowns, walker, lots of well kept post and rail turnout paddocks etc Pls Call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Job Description Experienced groom with or without stud work experience wanted to come and join our small friendly dedicated team. We are currently looking for a permanent stud hand to assist with the daily care of mares, foals and young stock. This position includes all general yard work (mucking out, bringing in and turning out, groom, general yard maintenance) as well as your standard stud duties. A big part of this position is preparing yearlings and foals for the sales ( Tattersales & Goffs) therefore the candidate must be confident in handling young stock. We also have several foals on the ground each year so there is the chance to help and assist with foaling and to assist with weaning. Minimum Requirements Minimum 3 years experience on a professional yard. Atleast 2 references from previous employers. Uk manual driving licence.   Accommodation details Purpose built shared accommodation with own private bedroom. All bills and utilities payed for by employer.   Benefits Accommodation provided free of charge. 22 days holiday per annum + bank holidays Overtime Every other full weekend off or every sunday off.  
*5 day week * Some riding possible * On site accommodation available *Dog a possibility   Interesting role! Dressage Groom required for Intermediate 1 level rider aiming for GP and 5/6 liveries. Home and competition grooming required. This yard breeds performance horses too, so young stock handling experience useful too   Team player keen a well as ability to work unsupervised to high standards.The position entails usual yard duties.   Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Job Description Private yard is looking for an experienced Stud Groom to work with Arabian broodmares and youngstock. No stallions. This is an exciting opportunity to work alongside the yard manager and assist in the development of the stud side on a private estate. The candidate must be experienced in all aspects of stud work, foal watch, foaling down and aftercare, handling youngstock and AI. Experience or interest in showing Arabian youngsters preferred but not essential.   Minimum Requirements Minimum 3 years on a stud At least 2 references Must drive   Accommodation details 2 bedroom unfurnished house with garden   Benefits Good working environment and hours Small, friendly team Opportunity to ride, hacking, schooling, jumping if wanted  
🙂 Fantastic 3 bed estate cottage available with own garden 🙂 *5/5.5/6 day week neg.  * Excellent totally negotiable package from £400pw+ 3 bed estate accommodation * Lots of riding including opportunities to hunt  if interested *Dog/partner a possibility Experienced Groom/Rider required for family that hunts approx. 2 x pw in season (with Portman and other hunts) and events to BE90/100 . Must be capable of all usual duties to a very high standard. Must be meticulous in terms of attention to detail yard and horse management. others . Best Estate hacking, horsewalker. Fantastic facilities. Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730  or email    
Salary 8.5 Euros/negotiable dependent on experience with no food/accommodation or utilities to pay. You will need some experience grooming competition horses One of the Most Professional SJ yards in the world – Learn your trade with the best and secure your Grooming future with a hands on job. All you need is a passport and an adventurous spirit! Enthusiasm and dedication to work along side the best horses, riders and horse people.This opportunity would be GREAT FUN and a second to none experience which would guarantee your career anywhere you chose in the future both home and abroad. A rare insight into world class horses, world class facilities and a truly remarkable experience for any groom seriously interested in getting to the top of their game. Whilst there are considerable opportunities for advancement and promotion possibilities if you wish to remain in Germany. Please call Caroline or Beckie on 0203 006 5730 or 07747 686118 or email
*Salary IRO 1800 euros * All accommodation and food provided *Seasonal position with far reaching CV improving benefits! This world class service station and stud is looking for experienced stud hands for the forthcoming season to be based in Muhlen, Germany. Some prior experience important as some serious unmatched warmblood breeding stock is involved in this operation names such as  Balou du Rouet, whose offspring’s prize money makes millions plus Sandro Hit plus stallions Fürstenball, Vivaldi, Bordeaux, Foundation, Vitalis, Sir Donnerhall I and Diarado were amongst the leading group of all German stallions according to the German FN’s 2016 predicted breeding value statistics. Last year stallions from Mühlen once again dominated the Oldenburg Elite Mare show and of the twelve mares presented, seven of them were daughters of this yard’s stallions, including the winner Candy OLD by Sir Donnerhall I. The list goes on and on and on! 🙂 Please call Caroline on 0203 006 5730 or 07747 686118 or email  
*5 day week * £350pw plus s/c accommodation with no bills * Pets welcomed *Low level competing opportunities available if interested and capable Live in or out Groom/Rider position available on a yard with interests in Dressage and breeding quality Event horses. Working alongside one other,  you will need to be capable of all duties to a good level and happy to work on your own and with others. 10 horses kept including Grand Prix Dressage horses and young stock Eventers being prepared to go to professional rider. Youngster to compete (4/5 yrs), but this isn’t compulsory. Young stock handling experience useful. ***Interviews taking place after 21/9/2018** Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Job Description *Good salary package *Single accommodation *Plenty of riding Groom sought to work as part of a team of 3 for private, family yard/stud.  Well schooled hunters and homebred Competition horses to bring on. Our youngest son is competing on one (very special!) homebred at Open PC Eventing and Tetrathlon as well as BE Novice. Also small, high quality TB stud with 5 broodmares (including homebred Group 1 Winner) & their foals, yearlings etc. Must be able to ride well and confidently as well as plait and turn out to a high standard.  Driving licence and sense of humour essential! Lovely self contained 1 bedroom flat on site. Excellent terms and conditions for the right candidate. 20 mins Newmarket/Cambridge.  Essex, Cambs, Suffolk border. Minimum Requirements. Good competent rider. Driver.   Accommodation Spacious self contained 1 bedroom flat on site  
*5/5.5/6 day week neg. * Excellent totally negotiable package from £350pw/£400 *live in or live out * Lots of riding including opportunities to hunt if interested *Dog/partner a possibility. Permanent/temporary or seasonal Grooms required soonest for a very smart, well situated family yard run to professional standards. During the season the horses hunted approx. 2 x pw (with Portman and other hunts) and outside the season also other RC/PC/Eventing activities. Must be capable of all usual duties to a very high standard. Must be meticulous in terms of attention to detail yard and horse management. Best Estate hacking, fantastic facilities. Please call Caroline & Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
 North Shropshire/Cheshire location JL29027 Shropshire Cheshire Borders – Experienced Part Time Groom/Rider Required. (Hunting Family yard).   *Part time,flexible days and hours *Freelance Grooms welcomed *Generous hourly rates based on experience   Farm based, friendly,family hunting yard with 8 horses who are hunted 3-4 days pw in season require a part time Groom to assist Yard Manager (who is keener on ground based duties these days).   Duties will include riding out horses and general yard work. Good facilities with a horse walker and menage and well equipped yard.   Please call Caroline & Team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
*5 or 5.5 day week neg * Dog and horse welcome **£350-£400pw neg Groom/Rider with previous performance horse experience and an HGV (or 7.5t and willing to take HGV) required to manage yard and horses for busy adult owner/rider who enjoys Eventing/Dressage/SJ. Must be willing to Groom home and away and be capable of sole charge and some working with PT others. All duties required to a very high standard. Just 4 horses kept, so a manageable number of horses. You will be a knowledgeable rider able to bring on a 17HH young horse who is currently 4yo  and is needing to be produced slowly for Dressage (as a start to his career). Some opportunity to get him out to low level competitions as part of his education. Facilities include an outdoor school with mirrors and a walker, indoor school and xc training facilities available. Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 0065730 or email
*3/4* Eventing * Own horse welcomed This is an excellent opportunity for a competent No 2 to step up. Our Client is a talented Event Rider looking for a budding Head person with team player attitudes. Also must be a competent exercise rider. With enthusiasm, initiative and ambition to go to the top as a senior Groom. You must be used to manage performance horses. Role includes managing apprentices/being the right hand for this talented 3 and 4 * Eventing rider.  Chances to Groom home and away, all major Events attended plus training plus, plus. Please call Caroline and Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
An opportunity has arisen for a Short Term Placement (October to the end of December 2018) on a lovely, friendly but professionally run family Hunting and showing yard. This is a live out position, close to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and you will work alongside one other to perform all usual Grooming and yard tasks (muck out and do general yard duties and requires someone confident at handling horses on the ground). You should be also willing to exercise ride. Some experience is obviously necessary. You would have every other weekend off and when not having a weekend off will the day off would be on a Friday. Do call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
Position available for a knowledgeable senior Groom and Rider on this Beautiful family Estate situated 5 miles west of Morpeth Senior Groom required to head up this small and happy team top level care provided for beloved hunters and pointers. Would consider someone “stepping up” but you will need to be ready to do so! Must ride very well and be confident handling exercising well behaved , but nevertheless young fit TB’s. Previous performance horse management and riding experience is vital. Must be capable of all duties on and off the horse to obviously include a high standard of turnout and competency clipping. Previous experience in a similar role would be preferable. The ability to drive a 7.5t lorry would be beneficial but not compulsory. Accommodation details A beautiful, spacious 1-2 bedroom flat with biomass heating (so lovely and warm) is included. Benefits Own horse, dog and partner are welcome for this lifestyle opportunity. Please call Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email    
Beautiful “boutique” thoroughbred Stud between Essex and Newmarket is looking for an experienced Stud Groom/Manager. You should be capable of all usual duties plus able to manage a small team. You will be able to demonstrate that you are a self-starter and totally capable of sole charge as you will be responsible for all aspects of day to day management. 8 Mares kept and covered every year and foals taken to sales and owner races some. Yearling prep and sales experience required therefore. Stud may take borders in the future. We would describe the operation as ”mid pace” commercially ie expected to turn a profit but not hugely commercial. Couple considered but 1 child max.due to configuration of the 2 bed/2 bath cottage (own garden). Clean driving license essential as will be required to drive tractors etc. Please call Caroline& the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Salary range from IRO £18-£23K * shared apartment *Dog welcomed Professional Stud with impeccable track record breeding Arab horses is looking for a  Stud hand , ideally with some experience and love of the breed. You will work within a friendly and positive team to enjoy all  of what they do, keep happy horses and to help achieve the vision of driving the stud  forward to achieve good results in a proper way for the future. Small family stud 27 acres & 21 stables in  a lovely part of North Yorkshire. Experience with broodmares, Equine First Aid, Foaling/Foal Watch, Stallion Handling, Veterinary Experience, Young Stock Handler all ideal . Please call Caroline and the team on 0203 006 5730 or email  
Intermediate event rider/Hunting client is looking for a live out, experienced 2nd in command Groom and ideally a decent rider (flat/jumper).  7 quality horses. Grooms work alternate Sundays and have Thursdays off, but of course there is flexibility. Top location and facilities ie: gallops/x country course/SJ arena/great hacking Do call Caroline & Team for more information on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Salary very negotiable IRO £350/£370 * 5 or 5.5 day week neg *Live in or out *Dog can be accommodated Experienced and capable temporary grooms required. Must be willing and capable of high standards for all usual duties. Mucking out straw/shavings beds , grooming, clipping and turnout, tacking up, cleaning tack, keeping yard tidy and handling sometimes highly strung competition horses. Experience of working around stallions and young stock would be an advantage. Team player a must. Care of some field kept horses as required. Experience of sole charge and show grooming a real bonus but not essential. If live in, own bedroom and bathroom with a kitchen and living room that is shared with the 2 other grooms. There is sky TV and wifi.  Lovely convenient location, great for shopping and small villages, and transport up to London or city of Winchester and Southampton and Portsmouth all within 15 min drive. Please call Caroline & the Team 0203 006 5730 or email  
🙂 Opportunity for stud hand to step up 🙂 *£20,000-£23K and 1% of sales*Roomy 2 bed house *5 day week outside of season TB stud looking for one person or possibly 1.5 🙂 to run a small, successful but low key family operation sole charge. 4 mares kept and generally 3 foals in the season. Some yearling prep required but consigned, so no need to attend sales. Must have genuine TB foaling/aftercare stud experience. All usual duties plus helping with vet/stud duties/tractor work/maintenance/tractor driving/field maintenance etc. This position requires a flexible individual who must like dogs as owners dogs will be left in your care on a not infrequent basis! Do call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email
*Top Remuneration IRO £40K+ according to experience*Annual bonus *Private healthcare *Pension *Lovely Family accommodation available if required *Successful commercial stud * Great career opportunity We have a position available that would suit someone who is currently a Stud Manager/Stud Groom or who has the ability to take that next step. This is a position which would suit someone with ambition as owners are commercially minded and run their operation as such. Good track records with much success at yearling sales etc. All the usual skills are required plus you must be willing and able to manage a small but capable team of  Stud professionals.  All previous Stud Managers have been in this position for very good periods of time so this would demonstrate a rewarding and happy environment . Willing to wait for the right person. Looking for someone to start after the Tattersall’s yearling sales in October as most likely applicants will be in the middle of yearling prep etc. until then. If you feel you are ready for that next move and interested in a totally confidential discussion then please do contact Caroline and the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email with a full CV to  
Job Description Live in job vacancy in South Wales, 20 mins from Swansea. We are looking for someone who has worked with horses for some time, an experienced, independent person with references and their own car. Large luxury static two bedroom home, with a small garden suitable for a dog. Our horses vary from rescues to our small group of lovely riding horses, suitable for dressage / hacking / shows if someone was interested. However, riding is not essential and isn’t a requirement of the job. The work is mucking out, feeding, turning out, and being able to identify if a horse/ pony was unwell with lameness or colic etc. A free stable is available to the right applicant, use of the school, and a lorry, should that be of interest. Also, further stabling may be available if someone wanted to use it for their use for schooling or bringing on a horse (if they wanted to use that in  their spare time) We can hack to many beaches, and directly onto the famous Cefn Bryn network of miles of bridlepaths – little or no roadwork necessary . We are close to the famous equestrian centre Crickton Livery in Llanrhidian, where there are clinics throughout the month with famous instructors in all disciplines from dressage to eventing and the best surface in their enormous school. We are hoping to find a person who will fit in with our busy life and would enjoy the challenges of restoring the confidence to some of our extremely nervous rescued ponies as this is the most important part of our life. We are a sanctuary and you can see further details on our website and Facebook Page.   Minimum Requirements Previous experience working with horses References required Some basic DIY skills would be preferred but not essential e.g. Fixing a broken fence rail     Accommodation details Luxury two bedroom static caravan based within our home in Gower, Swansea   Benefits Location on the Gower, surrounded by beautiful beaches and award winning countryside with access to a huge network of bridleways right on our doorstep Own horse welcome Well behaved pet welcome Plenty of riding available on our horses, with the opportunity to compete Go riding on the beach! Good salary

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