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Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses

by Becky Parker

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - arthritis

It’s an occupational hazzard that when you work with horses, sooner or later you will succumb to ailments and injuries of some sort which may have short, medium or even long term consequences and are specific to our industry.

Working with horses + age = creaking gate syndrome, hard to avoid…or is it?


A healthy groom is a happy groom!

In a profession that demands so much physically, it is often heard by even those working with horses “the life of a groom is a young person’s game’. Undoubtedly a higher proportion of the grooms on our books are under 35. The older, more experienced grooms are few and far between but it has to be said they are usually snapped up in no time. As a recruiter, I find it frustrating that we, as an industry, don’t have more of these fabulously knowledgeable older grooms with their frank, honest talking and no-nonsense approach to getting the job done.  They represent how reliable, trustworthy and valuable a good groom can be and show to employers why it is worth investing in looking after your staff so they stay for the long term. Yet as an ex-groom myself I also understand why we don’t always take good care of ourselves.

Being a groom is darn hard work and the hours, exposure to the elements and occasionally, the injuries can really take a toll on the body. In the list of priorities for the day, taking care of yourself appears so far down the priority list it’s somewhere near the earths centre!

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - wear and tear on the bodyI wonder if we applied just a fraction of the endless TLC we provide for the equines in our care to ourselves it wouldn’t make a significant difference to the longevity of our equine careers. In this article, we take a poignant look at the common ailments of the battle-hardened grooms trying our best, where possible, to add some humour and offer suggestions on how to dodge the bullets of gradual deterioration specific to us and which accompany the normal life processes as we grow older and wiser.




Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - fitness vs strength1. Fitness for the job

Equine jobs have the reputation of always being flat-out fast-paced and while this is true for some it is not, in fact, true for ALL horse jobs. For those with a less mucking out and little to no riding while you may be on your feet a lot of the day this is not the same as getting a true workout. Few jobs will involve any cardio workout and I guarantee none will include any stretching at all. Fitness is sadly not made up of strength alone, the one thing grooms can boast an impressive amount of compared to the average office worker! The alarm bells should ring at the point you find yourself gasping for breath after a 200 metre jog back to the lorry park for a forgotten whip, the arm strength failing after one run up the gallops on a keen one, burning legs just walking up the field after checking the youngsters, aching in one area/side of the body more than the other. Sound familiar?



Regularly taking part in a different form of exercise outside of working with horses.

  • Cross training will have immense benefits on your all-round health.
  • For those ambitious riders out there working on your flexibility and core strength is proven to provide significant improvements to the depth of your seat, straightness, posture and ability to keep the heels down. For everyone else it can work wonders to relieve back pain, decrease the chances of muscle strain and lessen overall aches and pains at the end of the day. Popular options are running, swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, cross fit, kickboxing and kettlebells.
  • Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - what or the benefits of counting stepsWearing a pedometer and counting steps is very much a ‘thing’ these days. However, whilst the volume of steps we take a day has its health benefits, it is no indicator of or contributor to fitness. Short bursts of fast walking (even as little as 10 minutes a day) will help stamina and fitness far more than 10,000 ambling steps. You can easily get your daily fast-paced activity by striding out to bring horses in from the field, or when heading to the feed store.


2. Stress

The BGA (British Grooms Association) recently discovered through their Grooms Minds survey that 83% of the grooms who took part had suffered from stress-related mental health problems. A groom’s role can often be high pressured and the responsibility of caring for these beloved and frequently valuable creatures can take its toll. As the survey showed, the very qualities that make a groom good at their job – the OCD tidiness tendencies, the high standards of work, the emotional involvement with the horses – can be just the traits that work against them. Bullying is sadly a problem in all workplaces, not just equine ones and despite what many a forum may have us believe it is not just from employers, fellow grooms are just as guilty of bullying each-other!


Talk to somebody! Anybody is better than nobody! Preferably a human though, great listeners as our equine and canine partners can be, they are not known for their pearls of wisdom advice.

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - stress

  • Always talk to your employer about any issues you are having at work. Whether you feel over-burdened with your work-load or another member of staff is not “pulling their weight” and you are picking up their shortfall, or if you are having personality clashes with another team member, the best advice is to discuss it with your employer soonest.
  • Here at Caroline Carter Recruitment we are all for job longevity but not at the expense of your mental wellbeing. We take too many calls to count from those wishing to share and receive advice in these areas amongst others. We are happy to assist and try to do so in a sensible and balanced manner whenever called on to do so. Do contact us to discuss your current situation and any potential career move. We are always happy to give impartial, no obligation advice to you.


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - balancing the important things in life3. Maintaining a healthy work/life

The horse world can very easily become all consuming. When you live in the middle of nowhere, quite possibly all on your own, or with a bunch of equally obsessed horse lovers you run the risk of becoming a crazy recluse. You smell like a horse, eat like a horse, brush the horse’s hair more often than your own, the yard is tidier than your house and you only ever talk about horses. It’s safe to say at this point you are pretty much married to the job. If you have somehow had time to locate and marry someone, I feel sorry for your spouse.


  • Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - Married LifeBe sensible and be responsible in your decision making. If your income and the roof over your head depends on you getting a job as a groom, don’t assume that it’s fine to get yourself a couple of horses (or more!) and take them with you or livery them locally. Be realistic about what you can manage in a day. Could you really muck out, care for and ride a horse, let alone multiple horses, at the end of a long day on the yard mucking out and looking after multiple horses at work, 5 or 6 days every week?! You can read more about taking horses and pets to a new job here.
  • Make the most of your downtime. Plan ahead and ensure you get regular time away from the yard you work and live at, especially if you have your own horse stabled there and therefore spend pretty much 24/7 there. A change of scenery and time spent with family and friends can be a real sanity-saver when you’re full-on at your place of work.


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - feeling exhausted4. Feeling Exhausted

This can be closely linked to point 2 in many instances. Be it hunting/competition yards/polo/foaling when your mid-season or short staffed there is no denying your working hours can get stretched and the workload a touch excessive at times. However, there is also no denying that the social scene in many disciplines, particularly on the show circuit, can also be a touch raucous. Many of our younger grooms are also at that ‘living life to the fullest’ stage where a night out on the town holds considerably stronger weight than an early night with a cup of tea and an episode of Game of Thrones (more fool them!) In a demanding job such as this, where quick reactions and full strength can be the difference between narrowly avoiding disaster and a trip to A&E, a good night’s sleep is vital. There is also no underestimating the effect lack of sleep can have on your ability to shrug off or address stresses before they escalate into a full-blown issue.


  • If it is your working hours that are causing the issue then organise a mutually convenient time to sit down somewhere neutral to calmly and rationally discuss the matter with your employer or manager. Rather than making your arguments in an accusatory way try to show how extra staff would benefit them/their horses’ welfare…then point them our way. 😉
  • OK, I know it’s boring but be responsible. If you know that you have to be up at stupid o’clock and suchandsuch day for a heavy day at a show, or taking sole charge whilst the team are off elsewhere, don’t go out on the razzle the night, or even 2 nights before. Your job is important, and there will be plenty of other nights for tom-foolery that won’t jeopardise your health, safety and career!
  • For the occasions when a clash between work and a night out is entirely unavoidable there are some great remedies out there for helping you cope the next day. For example, drinking plenty of water before, during and after your night out will help your body cope with everything better, and you can talk to the Pharmacist at the local chemist about suitable off the shelf and over the counter remedies you can buy.


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - staying out of A and E5. A&E Trips

If you have somehow made it past your 18th birthday growing up around horses and are yet to make a trip to A&E I demand to know your secret! When it comes to spending all day every day dealing with 3/4 ton animals with a mind of their own, no matter how careful we are accidents are bound to happen. More often than not we will shake it off, chalk it down to bad luck/lesson learnt and carry right on. Other times it doesn’t end so well. When this happens remind yourself,  it is there opinionated, quirky ways that make us love them right?! Speak to the British Grooms Association about insurance whilst working as a groom.


Minimizing your trips to the local black hole of time consumption can be effectively brought about through a few easy safety precautions and a big dollop of common sense.

  • Gloves are a great skin saver and save many a loose horse from injury.
  • Wear a hat when dealing with tricky horses or tricky situations from the ground as well as on board. You’ve no doubt heard the saying that hat hair is preferable to a shaved and bandaged head sporting umpteen staples. It does happen, and all too often.
  • By putting your safety and those around you above your pride and not getting on any crazies just to save losing face is another top tip.
  • Never being too proud to ask for help with a tricky horse on the ground, be it turning out/lunging a slightly off its head fresh one or bathing/clipping/tidying a baby. What would be a big fight and palaver possibly resulting in a bad experience for the horse and injury for you won’t be time-saving in the end so don’t battle on through fear of piping up and asking for a 2nd pair of hands.


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - muscle strain

6. Muscle Strain

On a similar note and before you think I’m preaching in an overly critical manner, believe me I was always the worst for this hence why I know it’s an issue, poor technique when lifting is THE fastest way to end up broken. Lifting with your legs not your back is plastered all over Health and Safety stickers for a reason, strangely enough. Hauling that hay bale across the yard by yourself because you are stubborn – not wise. Overloading the wheelbarrow then falling on your butt trying to get it up onto the trailer – comical but painful. Impatiently wrestling the soaked haynet you couldn’t be bothered to wait to drain – frustrating and annoyingly damp… my list of examples could go on and on. We are always in such a rush to go faster we constantly shoot ourselves in the foot. When you are injured and crippled you won’t be going anywhere fast and we all know us horsey lot are THE WORST patients.


  • Wherever possible, take 2 minutes longer and go fetch the correct tool or extra pair of hands for the job.
  • Be conscious of lifting things and riding with a better posture engaging the core and legs, not just the arms and back.
  • When injuries do occur, get them checked by a doctor/x-rayed and then actually pay heed to their advice to rest.
  • Use physio exercises to slowly build the strength back up.


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - joint problems7. Arthritis

The black dog of the outdoorsy type, an all too common demon we see plaguing the older generation of our world. An almost inevitable side effect of the toll living an active will take on our bodies yet something we can hope to keep at bay for considerably longer by taking a little care to look after ourselves. Gnarled hands and calcification around old injuries and worn joints are the most common form.


Health experts advise 3 things:

  • Eat Fish or if this is not to your liking take Cod liver oil tablets. For Vegetarians, Flaxseed oil or Vegan Omega 3 supplements made from algae do the same job.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and do not smoke – this is proven to increase your risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. You can read more on healthy eating for Equine grooms here.
  • Allow injuries time to heal properly.


8. Weather Related Issues

As a groom, particularly one based in the UK, we really just can’t win when it comes to the weather. We spend the whole winter (and much of the summer it often feels like) battling soggy feet, colds that lead to chest infections, chilblains, frostbite (or again it feels like it at least!) Then the summer comes and instead we complain about sunburn, sunstroke, dehydration, insect bites, allergies and ridiculously dodgy tan lines!


Keep an eye on the forecasts and dress appropriately for the weather. There is a famous Nordic saying, “there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes”. Be prepared for all weather conditions, particularly if you are heading off to a show.

Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - summer sunSpring and Summer: Keep a bottle of sunscreen on the yard and in the lorry just in case it does make a miraculous appearance.

  • Did you know that the higher the SPF (sun protection factor) does NOT necessarily mean the greater protection you get from harmful UVA rays? Check out the back of sunscreen for the UVA icon – how many stars are shown indicates how effective the sunscreen is against harmful UVA rays. You will find that some SPF30 sunscreens actually provide more protection than a lot of SPF50 sunscreens do!
  • The dry oil spray sunscreens are particularly useful when working with horses – a quick spritz over your exposed bits and you’re good to go, with no need to rub it, along with all manner of dust and grime, into your skin.
  • Supermarkets and chemists are now regularly stocking pocket-sized sunscreen creams, lotions and sprays, from as little as £2! Ideal for travelling light on days out at shows.
  • Top Tip! Save a few £££ on your sunscreen – childrens’ sunscreen is cheaper than adults’ as there is no VAT to pay on it! And it’s equally as effective!


Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - UVA star rating



Autumn and Winter (and Spring and Summer in the UK!): Most grooms can offer super tips for keeping warm and dry in bad weather, and it would be great to hear them all! In the meantime, here are some basics…Maintaining health and fitness when working with horses - keep warm in winter

  • Scientists say that the human body loses most of its heat through the top of the head, so whilst a furry/woolly headband might accommodate your ponytail and current fashion trends, it isn’t going to keep you as warm as a proper hat.
  • Body warmth is more likely to help keep your hands warm than gloves alone. Layering up helps trap warmth against the body and a waistcoat/bodywarmer/gillet can go a long way to maintaining warmth in your arms and hands.
  • Wet clothes can contribute to joint damage over long periods of time. When the forecast is for hours of rain consider taking some dry clothes to change into halfway through the day.

Have a read of my article Keep warm working with horses in winter where I share all my tips and advice on what to buy, what to wear and what to do to help keep toasty in the harsh weather.


Contrary as it may seem at times, working with horses is actually a good and healthy lifestyle! I have always pitied the office and shop workers as I trot down the road on a gorgeous summers day laughing with a fellow groom and friend. Sun shining on my t-shirt clad tanned arms admiring the view as I hike back up the field from turning a horse out, walking further in that brief 15-minute diversion than they will all day. This lifestyle leaves us far fitter, stronger, less prone to illness and better able to bounce back from injury than a great proportion of the population. Few jobs give you the added bonus of keeping such fitness as part of your daily chores. Once experienced it truly is a lifestyle that is very hard to walk away (read escape) from so it is incredibly important to look after the body and mind that allow you to sustain it. I think asking a dedicated groom to put themselves first is wasted breath but at least try to ensure you feature somewhere on the visible horizon of that to-do list.


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*Amazing opportunity to earn IRO £26k pa for a  4 day week outside of the competition season/training days  (Friday-Monday + negotiable additional flexible days) *Two bedroom cottage available *Own horse & pets possible *Partner considered This is a unique opportunity for a live-in or out person to look after 5 ponies ( 3 x 148cm & 1x 138cm + 1 retired) for 2 keen children (14 & 9 years old). The older child is keen as mustard and loves to compete (20cm classes. Aiming for top-level with pony SJ –  all big national shows attended and hoping to go to a few internationals at the end of the year).  The younger child is keen too but very young so the groom will need to be kind and knowledgeable around young children. This employer is looking for someone who is lightweight IRO 9 stones max to be able to hack out with the children and exercise ride as/when. You will be used to grooming home and away with a license that allows you to transport the ponies to shows in an 18t lorry  (Class 2/Cat C HGV license). All usual duties working in conjunction with the existing groom, who will continue working Tuesday to Friday so there will be some cross over but essentially aside from that, this will be a sole charge position. Please call Caroline & Team for more information on 0203 006 5730 or email caroline@carolinecarterrecruitment.com  
Job Description Fantastic job Riding and Teaching in London. Exciting opportunity to join a highly respected, BHS Approved, Award Winning Riding Club. We offer a friendly and unique approach to horse riding in London, as well as having a huge community spirit amongst our staff, our horse owners and our Members. We are looking for an enthusiastic experienced instructor to join our team of professionals. Enjoy daily teaching and riding with our predominantly adult riders, over Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park, some of the best riding country in England. We offer excellent working conditions, pension, paid holiday, further training, and staff uniform. If you are a confident horse rider, with high standards of stable management, have experience in teaching, and are a team player with excellent people skills – contact us!   Accommodation details Live-out   Benefits * Excellent working conditions. * Paid holiday * Staff uniform. * Fabulous riding country    
Job Description A fantastic vacancy has arisen for a ride leader to join our team of qualified and professional staff at a BHS Approved Riding Club. This exciting position requires a confident rider and someone who can demonstrate common sense and good decision making in a position of responsibility. You need to be enthusiastic about your work and enjoy meeting and chatting to different people, as we run a Membership scheme and have over 200 friendly Members (predominantly adults) who ride with us on a weekly basis. We are looking for someone to join our team who has high standards of stable management, a real love for working in this industry and who would enjoy taking regular hacks in some of England’s best riding country across Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park, while enjoying our very special team of 23 horses and some great company from our owners and members. We are looking for a full time position to work 5 days, further training, pension scheme, great working conditions! Please do get in touch if you are ready to ride!   Minimum Requirements Confident rider   Accommodation details Live out   Benefits * Excellent working conditions.(finish around 4.30 p.m.) * 28 days paid holiday * Further training * Staff uniform. * Fabulous riding country
Job Description Friendly enthusiastic reliable groom to work with a small number of competition horses on a private yard in the Scottish Borders. Opportunity to groom at competitions. Willing to take on a less experienced person with the right attitude as training will be given. Private Yard with 4-6 horses. Primary interest is Eventing. Horses have a varied routine with hacking, training, competing and daily turnout. American Barn style stabling, 10 acres of turnout, 30x60m outdoor arena.   Minimum Requirements Ability to handle, look after and turn out competition horses on a small private yard and work as part of a friendly team.  Must be capable of exercising horses with owners and taking sole charge.   Accommodation details Must live out.     Benefits Excellent salary depending on age and experience.
Family showjumping stud and producing yard is now looking for a key new member to add to their team where you will have an extremely varied role – no two days the same! We have the pleasure of owning and producing beautiful and versatile Warmblood horses from our broodmares and offering this year three of our gorgeous stallions to a select number of mares AI.   Our bloodlines include some of the top in the  Country ;- Concorde, Kannan, Voltaire, Zirocco Blue, Cardento, Kashmir V. We are based in West Wales  in a stunning rural location with purpose built equine facilities, lakes and a private fishery spread over three closely located properties. Set in the midst of the idyllic Cambrian Mountains we are graced with beautiful outriding and our horses benefit with hacking out as part of their daily routines.  These quality Warmbloods are or have competed in show jumping competition in this country and abroad or are youngsters coming through Covid restrictions allowing.   Overview We are looking for a new member of the team to share equal responsibility on a rota basis. Reporting to the Yard Manager. The position is a live in or out role. Operational Hours between Monday to Sunday on a rota shift bases. Normal shifts are 8-5pm  5 days per week alternate weekend work is inclusive [ however this can change due to foaling and various activities]   Yard duties including mucking out, feeding, watering and sweeping. Grooming and general daily health care of the horses Tack cleaning Schooling and hacking Lunging/double line lunging Liaising with yard manager on any issues routines and actions needed for horses care Maintaining a tidy feed room Preparing horses for competitions including plaiting Assisting with stud duties, foaling and care Clipping   Requirements High attention to detail Competent riding ability understanding of how a horse works and what could be done to improve its way of going Good horsemanship with kind nature Clipping/bandaging/plaiting to a high standard   Other Skills/Abilities Good communication skills Ability to think on feet and be flexible Team player to fit in and respect current working practices and other team members Confidence to handle youngsters and stallions Show Jumping experience   Wage Negotiable dependant on experience statutory holiday entitlement Pension Scheme in operation with an opt out period Extremely varied role – no two days the same! Full time contract with 28 days holiday, pension and statutory sick pay. 5 days per week which includes alternate weekends ie 40 hour week. Days are usually  8-5pm this can vary during foaling season or out to competitions etc Possible place  for own horse but no pets Driving Licence essential as rural location 
Finally, we see a light at the end of the tunnel that has been COVID 19  Looking forward now and  planning to our future we are now looking for an experienced competition rider to join our team. This Warmblood Stud is the home of Stallions and Broodmares. We have the pleasure of owning and producing beautiful and versatile Warmblood horses from our broodmares and offering this year four  of our gorgeous stallions to a select number of mares AI.  Our bloodlines include some of the top in the  Country ;- Concorde, Kannan, Voltaire, Zirocco Blue, Cardento, Kashmir V. We are based in West Wales near Tregaron in a stunning rural location with purpose built equine facilities, lakes and a private fishery spread over three closely located properties. Set in the midst of the idyllic Cambrian Mountains we are graced with beautiful outriding and our horses benefit with hacking out as part of their daily routines.  These quality Warmbloods are or have competed in show jumping competition in this country and abroad or are youngsters coming through Covid restrictions allowing. This full time, live in or out role will include riding at BSJA shows you must have a strong competition record ideally or the ability to compete to a high level . Our competition horses have all been out affiliated to varying levels.  We need a competent rider. We would require  you to gain good understanding of all the horses to maximise their potential and understand their individual personalities and abilities and be able to work with the team in tailoring their exercise and work plans moving forward. Most importantly to work with our team,  getting the best from our horses. This will include general yard duties as well as guiding and nurturing the team.   The role is 5 days per week and flexibility if we go out to shows at the week days and weekends. We are a mixed yard competition horses (stallions), youngstock, broodmares and general riding horses. We have some very well bred, exciting youngsters for the future.   We are a very busy yard this could be a hugely rewarding role for the right person. Accommodation details – Live in is available  own horse considered        
Job Description Full time experienced Hunt groom to take charge of 6 quality hunters Minimum Requirements A cheerful helpful person who loves the job & understands horses hunting and hunting people. 7.5t licence would be an advantage.   Accommodation details A nice converted barn with lounge dinner,  bedroom, shower fully fitted furniture with parking outside
Job Description Friday-Monday (4 days per week) + up to 30 additional flexible days covering other staff absences etc; based at private yard in Dunsfold; yard will typically have 5-6 competition ponies (showjumpers); standard yard duties + driving 18T horsebox and grooming at a mixture of local, stay-away and small number of international shows; working in conjunction with existing groom, who will continue working Tuesday to Friday.  Accommodation available if required in two bedroom cottage. Minimum Requirements Experienced groom; cat C HGV licence required (for 18T horsebox)   Accommodation details Two bedroom cottage     Benefits 20 days holiday; food allowance when staying away; overtime  
Job Description Surrey Livery Yard & Equestrian Centre near Guildford is looking for an experienced temporary Yard Manager (or 2 part-time managers) or very experienced Head Groom or Instructor/Coach whilst they look for a permanent Manager or 2 Part-Time Managers (applicants for this position may wish to apply for the permanent role/roles advertised separately) You will need to be a Manager or a Head Groom or a Riding Instructor. You will be professional,  organised, cheerful, firm but fair, and will be commercial while placing the teaching or training of staff and liveries and animal welfare at the heart of your role. In addition to being very accomplished at all things “stable management,” you will likely hold a teaching or coaching qualification (BHSAI, BHSII or experienced Level 3 or 4 or equivalent qualifications/experience). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. Local applicants ideal but assistance to relocate for the right applicant. Immediate start for right applicant/s.    
*Own dog welcomed * Riding opportunities *Purpose-built facilities * Stunning location! *2/3 bedroomed cottage available *Families welcomed Salary VERY negotiable for the right level of person. A keen horseman and rider our client has a permit to train his own horses but also enjoys Intermediate Event riding/Hunting/P2P alongside running a highly successful and well-established non-horsey business. Having placed the outgoing Manager some years ago now, our client is looking for someone equally amiable and accomplished (in horse and stable management),  to manage both for home and when away With the help of assistants of course! In addition, you should be someone who can combine these skills with being a  very decent rider (flat/jumper) for 7/8 top-quality horses. This is a position that comes with a lot of responsibility as the employer is very busy with a very fluid itinerary, so someone flexible and adaptable is key to allow for this. The salary on offer will reflect this level of commitment and responsibility plus skills and expertise of course. 🙂 Top location and the best of facilities ie: gallops/x country course/SJ arena/great hacking   Do call Caroline & Team for more information on 0203 006 5730 or email caroline@carolinecarterrecruitment.com
*IRO £29k GBP +/- per month depending on experience *Cost of 1 or 2 flights (neg) covered per contract period * Accommodation, all bills paid, & allowance for transport and visa applications plus health insurance allowance. *Access to camp pools, gyms etc. A private stable, 15 mins from the coast and 15 mins to main shopping malls/city centre is looking to fill a vital Instructor’s role. The centre has a capacity for 60 horses is looking for a head Instructor on a 10 month, renewable contract. Due to extreme heat, the centre is closed in July/August although accommodation is still available as part of the package. The club is situated within a large ex-pat, International community and offers livery, lessons, pony club activities, and holiday courses to the community. Teaching private and Group lessons is also required – the clientele is beginners to intermediate level members of the public. The focus of the role is on the development of young Arabian horses and off-the-track thoroughbreds. Fabulous facilities and opportunities are available to develop the Club but all activities are within the confines of the club and general area. Required Key Skills • Riding • Driving license • First-Aid • Equine First-Aid • Schooling • Teaching • Exercising • Natural Horsemanship • People Skills Required Areas Of Expertise •  Working with children Applicants must be BHS 3 or international equivalent. English is the main spoken language You must be willing and able to work & adapt to living in an international & strong family community while respecting local culture. Package includes accommodation, all bills paid, allowance for transport and visa application, flight out and one return flight per year, health insurance. Year-round accommodation if renewing contract. Depending on candidate and qualification IRO .14000 SAR = £2783.3 GBP per month./allowance 4000 SAR which could cover 1 or 2 flights. Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email info@carolinecarterrecruitment.com
*Social environment *1:4 staff to horses ratio *Dog welcomed Lovely international dressage yard with 12-13 top quality horses, ranging from just backed youngsters to international grand Prix horses is now looking to fill a long-term, permanent position for someone who would like to work in a fun, friendly Dressage environment with high-quality performance horses. Candidates need to be happy to work within a team of very experienced owners (& a Yard Manager/Rider). They have tried and trusted ways of working so this is a job for someone willing to learn these ways rather than to ‘reinvent the wheel’ 😉 Riders currently are international small tour and International Grand Prix and they compete home and abroad. Some outings to competitions will also be a feature of the role on occasions. Exercise riding is optional, but you would need to be a confident and balanced rider. They will receive hints and tips on their riding to be the best they can be but no competition riding or schooling is required. This would be a smaller part of the role, it is a keen and cheerful grounds person that they really need. Please contact Caroline & The Team on 0203 006 5730 or email caroline@carolinecarterrecruitment.com    
*Salary range £20-25K  * Live in or out -Accommodation options are available for single/couple.*Dog considered *Horse considered for exceptional candidates Family yard with 6 show jumping ponies (1x 1.38/1.48) from lowest levels to competing in Europe BSJA  are now looking for a child-friendly experienced  Groom t accompany them on their exciting journeys both at home and away at shows (Uk and abroad.) Riding is optional but you must be a lightweight jockey if you want to ride. The children are 2 daughters (ages 12 and 14 years old). They will be going onto horses in a year or so. For exceptional candidates, a horse is welcome if you have cover for it when the family travels away for show, so too would be a dog but the same would apply plus they have a terrier so you must have a non-combative dog or there could be fireworks! Sometimes the traveling will be 10-14 days away so ideally you would be used to that and embrace it happily when it occurs, you will know in good time to organise yourself. Indoor school in construction, outdoor school, 50 acres. Good facilities fit for purpose. Other staff are also employed to help/cover days off/away days.   Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email caroline@carolinecarterrecruitment.com
Job Description Stud Hand An opportunity has arisen to join the team at a successful, medium sized stud farm based near Banbury, Oxfordshire. This is varied position and would suit somebody who is keen to learn a variety of aspects of stud work. We are involved in all areas of the bloodstock industry from foaling, bloodstock sales and preparation, pre training and reschooling. It is a busy yard with lots of variety and a friendly team of people. Experience within the racing/bloodstock industry is not necessary. Accommodation is provided and salary depends on experience.
*Euros 22-25K neg + accommodation (Package is flexible depending on the experience)  *5 day week *Own horse welcomed Only 80 minutes from Dublin airport and 60 minutes from Belfast airport. Nestled on 1,000 acres of undulating Irish countryside is 1,000 acres of a spectacular, private estate Full-time Equestrian Centre needs more BHS qualified people to join their progressive and forward-thinking team. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who wants to progress in their career in the Equine Industry  and who holds a BHS 3 or 2 and is willing to be supported through exams to stage 3. You will be capable of and willing to muck in and out and of course to teach and coach clients of all ages, from all walks of life. Smart, courteous people is a non-negotiable 😉 Duties include but are not limited to: Teaching and coaching -Maintain high standards of teaching in the yard (escort rides with support from relevant staff, in a safe and professional manner.) Take part in pony camps, private lessons, therapeutic riding and equine-assisted programmes. Assist the Yard Manager with livery needs and help ensure the smooth running of the livery yard. Maintaining high standards of turnout of all horses Ensuring that tack is clean and maintained fit for purpose. Ensure the animal welfare is never compromised. Facilities include:300 new cross-country jumps from knee-high to knee tremblers built by Willis Bros. of Badminton Horse Trials fame* 21 miles of meandering bridleways * Mile-long all-weather gallop * 56 stables * Virtual horse for beginners * 50×30 meter indoor arena with indoor cross-country fences * Tiered seating for 200 plus private dining/viewing room Please call Caroline & the Team on 0203 006 5730 or email info@carolinecarterrecruitment.com    
Job Description All yard duties looking after competition horses, liveries, stallions, youngstock, broodmares & foals as part of a great team of professionals who will guide and help you learn on the job.  We have been training students for the equine industry for over 60 years and try to pass on a broad wealth of knowledge to you all. Minimum Requirements Level 2 Apprentices looking to further their experience and knowledge or PC B Test level or BHS Stage 2/3, but you will be assessed at interview if you don’t have the above, but do have other experience and qualities. Accommodation details Single Accommodation in Shared 4 bedroom chalet with other apprentices / staff.  2 showers & loos, shared kitchen and living room.  Washing machine, tumble dryer, TV, heating, parking, deducted at the Offset Accommodation Allowance rate currently £8.70pd £60.90 per week Benefits Paid for working with quality competition horses, a wealth of knowledge and experience to be passed on to you from qualified staff in all aspects of horsemanship.  Friendly yard, clients and other staff.    
* 8 am – 4.30 pm daily  *5 days a week * Salary IRO £28-£32K neg according to experience and qualifications *Fabulous career opportunity Thriving UK charity promoting the aims of the Riding for the Disabled by providing people with the opportunity to ride and have equine interaction to benefit their health and well-being is now looking for a Centre Manager with a recognised teaching qualification and relevant practical experience, to take overall responsibility. The Centre has helped many disabled children and adults over the years and some have gone on to become National and Olympic Champions in the sport of Para-Dressage, (including Sophie Christensen, Natasha Baker, and Julie Payne). Their volunteers and instructors help children and adults with a range of disabilities get a sense of independence as well as exercise and rehabilitation. The yard has 11/12  staff and numerous keen volunteers. The coaches, in partnership with physiotherapists and volunteers, work with riders who have a variety of disabilities. These include learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, paraplegia, rheumatoid arthritis, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, deafness, visual impairment, and limb amputation. For some, who cannot ride just being around horses has a well-being benefit. Reporting directly to the Board of Trustees you will have good interpersonal skills, previous management experience (people & yard including administrative abilities.)  You will be someone who leads by example whilst working harmoniously with and for others. Reporting directly to the Board of Trustees, you will be able to demonstrate maturity and diplomacy as well as embrace full accountability for the day to day running of the center. Ideally you will be passionate about working in this type of environment and understand both the human and equine challenges faced as well as the fun on offer! This purpose-built centre means riding and horse-based activities can be offered throughout the year. Riders can join groups or have private tuition. Facilities include a 20 x 40 indoor arena and 20 x 60 outdoor arena.  Also a classroom for lessons on horse management. Your remit will include,  but is not limited to the following: General Responsibilities, Estate and horse management Responsibilities, Administrative Responsibilities: General Responsibilities: To carry out the duties of the position in accordance with the Group’s Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety policies, disciplinary legislation and statutory regulations To ensure compliance with all Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection standing orders, confidentiality agreements, financial regulations, management policies and procedures. To be an ambassador for the Group, and represent the interests of the Group, at external events. To represent the interests of the Group in all of its dealings with riders, potential riders, volunteers, Group supporters, Group visitors and suppliers. To actively support fundraising and revenue generation in collaboration with the Hon Treasurer or other Trustees To carry out any other duties within the level of responsibility as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Trustees. To facilitate full and free communication at all levels and among all members of the centre. Safe, secure, effective and
*Amazing accommodation and facilities * Chance to enjoy top-end show jumping & work: life balance *Salary totally negotiable for suitable candidates (£20-£26Kpa neg plus accomm). A position is now available for an enthusiastic, competent, and reasonably experienced Team Groom (not apprentice/trainee position) to join a professional Show Jumping yard and to look after an amazing string of horses with a team of people many of whom we have placed and give us great feedback!  Attention to detail and high standards are important – You must be competent in all aspects of grooming and yard work. Usual duties include but are not limited to: preparing horses for exercise, keeping the horses to a high standard, cleaning tack, mucking out/skipping out, feeding, and turning horses out to the paddock, Some riding is available, (but not a massive amount) and only if you wish. Nonriding Grooms welcomed too . Lunging would be a part of your daily routine, etc. Outstanding facilities include the smartest, most luxurious accommodation (single or couples, luxury indoor stabling, a large indoor and outdoor school, indoor warm water wash-down areas, and solariums. 200 acres of land – much of which is available for hacking/exercising the horses. Pls call Caroline & The Grooms List team on 0203 006 5730 or email caroline@carolinecarterrecruitment.com  
Job Description To supervisor and monitor the Riding Academy Operations, Leading the development and training of junior instructors, horses, and students. Minimum Requirements A bachelors degree in equine studies or equivalent equestrian qualifications. A miniumum of 5 years of experience as a head coach, or equivalent. Strong leadership skills, supervisory skills, and interpersonal skills. Ability to develop comprehensive reports.   Accommodation details No live in provided.   Benefits Transportation and housing allowance is provided in the package.  
Job Description To manage an Equestrian Riding school operations. Including development and implementation of the Riding School’s curriculum in line with the Equine Institution. To lead the development and training of junior instructors, horses, and students. Minimum Requirements Bachelor degree in Equine studies or equivalent equestrian qualifications. Must have comprehensive equine knowledge. Must hold an equivalent coaching qualification to the BHS Accredited Coach. A minimum of 6 years of experience in the required field. Strong leadership skills, team management, and interpersonal skills.     Accommodation details No living-in provided   Benefits Transport and accommodation allowance will be included in the overall package.    
Job Description To deliver stable management classes based on equine science knowledge to riders enrolled in the riding academy program. To support with the exercise program of horses. Minimum Requirements Bachelors degree in Equine Science or international equestrian certifications. A minimum of 3 years of full-time in an equestrian yard of relevant work experience. Broad knowledge and skills in equine science and management Ability to articulate information and deliver teaching effectively. Proficient in English speaking Ability to work and teach to a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups.   Accommodation details Live out.   Benefits Transport, and accommodation allowance provided.  

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